Tuesday, April 14, 2009


This is the picture of the hostage situation here yesterday!!
Above is a picture of a neighbor woman in the pink top, who although she only lives about six houses down none of us know her. The woman she is helping out in the long black skirt is my dear friend and caregiver to me, Wanda.
I have never seen so many rifles in my life the two on the left have them in their hands and sitting on white squad car!! I still can not believe this happened my self. Thus, I can not even imagine what that poor wife, Erin, she is Wanda's secretary, the unknown neighbor woman and Wanda went through. Wanda told me this poor Erin stayed perfectly calm and just followed the "whacko" husband's orders!!
I will continue to pray for them all, especially the little eight year old boy, although I would think it would be a big relief to know his mother and him will not be harmed any longer, but yet this was his father!!
Love and Hugs!!


Carolyn NC said...

So glad everyone is safe!

Mel said...

Scary stufff. So glad to hear that it sounds like things are going to be okay.

Nancy said...

Can't imagine going through something like this and not having nightmares for months on end. I hope she recovers quickly from it.