Saturday, April 11, 2009


I got up very early, after little sleep and could not stand not picking up my linen to continue construction on the "Victorian Doll's House"!! Well, I promptly fell asleep!! Thus, I was awaken for supper and was still quite tired!! I am barely being able to even "skim" my emails as my legs just will not tolerate any length of time on the computer again!! And, before I could even do that I fell asleep again!! I am guessing it was while I was "snoozing", those darn frogs came over to hunt "Easter Eggs" with Mi!! But, being Mi was not able to go to the big "Caine Easter Egg Hunt", they are occupying their selves in my "Stitching Sanctuary"!! Mi is going back to her "pesky" habit of grabbing one of my charts and attempting to tear it or chew it again!! I swear Max teaches her this every chance he can get as she simply would never do this on her own!! She never destroyed on thing, even when she was a brand new baby!! As for those darn frogs, I have a real bad suspicion they got my "itchy" fingers over one more space than they should have and as you can see from the picture I could stand to loose the entire roof area of this house!! I will be trapping some frogs here directly after finishing this Blog entry!! I actually thought I was making very good progress!! I absolutely have to finish making a schedule for my rotation so I can assure each piece gets a fair chance. I am either going to put days for "Victorian Doll's House" and nights for some thing else!! OR, I should assign each day a different project and each evening a different project and get some finishes out of my last year series of monthly tea pots by Just Another Button Company and this year's tea cup monthly series!! And, then I have plenty of others sitting here ready for an assigned day!! I just do not feel I can give up this doll house any too easy for only one time period each week!!
I have had many of you ask what this Victorian Doll's House will look like when it is finished!! I have been hesitant to do this as this was Kathy K., in California, project originally and I felt it was up to her if she wanted to show this doll's house or not!! Kathy did contact me today and told me she would be most pleased to release this picture. In fact, she was attempting to do it her self today, but she ran into malfunction of some of her equipment that would not allow her to "download" it!! Thus, I "attempted" to scan the picture of this doll's house, but I did not have much success either!! Perhaps, the frogs are playing with this also!! Sounds much better than I messed it up again!!

I guess if you look at the two pictures you can at least get an idea of what this doll's house is going to look like!!
Mi could not attend the annual "Canine Easter Egg Hunt" today as Max had another horrible day with his dialysis and needed time to recoup from it!! Mi, has been promised a nice Easter basket with many goodies when she wakes up tomorrow morning!! Easter Bunny has orders to "please wrap" all Mi's things in tissue paper, as nothing delights her more!!
I have the very hard task now to run off the frogs, perhaps I can convince Easter Bunny to drop them off in some child's Easter Basket who can not stitch!! Then, I have to figure out if I am indeed off and where I am off if so!!
Thus, I am off to "hunt" stitches!!
Don't forget the "Amid Amish" registering on each day's Blog until 8:00 p.m. April 15, 2009!! Details are in my Tuesday, April 07, 2008 Blog!!
Love and Hugs!!


Cynimin said...

Hi, I really love this house! What is the designer or company you got it from? I have a real victorian dollhouse that would look so nice next to this picture.
Hope your legs are getting better too!

Meari said...

That dollhouse is going to be stunning when you finish it, Deborah. :) Sorry to hear the froggies came a courtin'