Tuesday, April 7, 2009


ABOVE, is AMID AMISH, I believe it is called!! It is far too long a story!! This is one of my quite early projects as far as my realizing there was more to the wonderful world of stitching than KITS!! And, my LNS convinced me to take the last of her light blue Aida and that she would get a third piece, that absolutely would match, and all would be well!! Unfortunately, it was not well, as the new stock of light blue Aida was no where even close!! Remember, "close only counts in horseshoes"!!

These two pieces were also unearthed from the two large bins that were found this past weekend!! They are proving to be quite the treasure chests!!

I have only lightly skimmed the Board posts from today, however, it appears this chart, or I should more correctly say "charts", seem to be a big topic of conversation again!!

I do not know what in the world happened to the third section, but I do know I finished it and it does exist as far as my best guess goes. I have no idea where it possibly could be!! I even am questioning, that being consistently reminded I had an awful temper in my earlier days, if it will be found in one big piece or several smaller ones!! These two sections "scanned", as I am in no mood to attempt photo tonight, are finished in perfect condition. They could be finished in some way and feasibly used!! BUT, not in my home as I do not want to be reminded of the anger attached to these pieces for me!!

THUS, I have previously promised the three magazines the charts came from to another member of this Group a couple of weeks ago!! As soon as I finish going through my magazine archives these three magazines have a new home!!

HOWEVER, these two pieces WILL BE HOMELESS within the next few weeks of my clearing out my clutter!! Now, some one else may feel different seeing these two pieces and may wish to "ADOPT" them!! I suppose the only fair way to do this is BEG some one to take them!! HOWEVER, if more than one person has the perfect place for these we will leave Miprezious draw a "Milkbone" with a name attached to it!! Since, every one will remember IRS DAY, on APRIL 15, 2009, Mi will accumulate "Milkbones" until 8:00 p.m. that evening!! Any one having the perfect place for these may tell us about it on this Blog any, and/or all, day/days until the deadline. Each evening, I will take people's names from that day's Blog and attach them to a "Milkbone"!! So, enter once or each day there is a Blog, just to make things interesting and see which of us is truly the most bored to check each day until 8:00 P.M., WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15, 2009!!


ABOVE, is a LIZZIE KATE chart, "WORK, PRAY, TRUST"!! I was frantically trying to put some thing together that could handle the usual state of disarray found all the time at the Veterans Administration Hospital adjoining the University of Iowa Hospitals!!
Stating the "Waiting Rooms" are unclean is being quite kind!!
I think it would be an extra special "Thank You" momento for the Minister who originated my brand new handicap ramp and the fund raiser for me to pay to make my home as safe as his church group could possibly make it!! The handicap ramp alone building material's were between $2,500-$3,000!! And, due to the short length of ground available for the pitch in the existing doorways it finally took a paid Contractor to do most of the planning and building of the ramp!! I do not attend, nor ever have, this particular church!! I do not even know how the entire project originated for me!! Thus, I would like to give this Minister some kind of stitched piece done by me!! Since every one is pretty much aware of my non-existant speed rate yet of my stitching I knew I had to keep the chart quite simple.
I have never attempted to stitch in my van before, with the exception of plastic canvas. I thought I would at least give my stitching an attempt on the way out to Iowa City to try and keep my mind clear and not centered on the excruciating pain I have while traveling any distance!! It was vital I try to take on only the very minimum of morphine until we were again on our way home!!
Well, my plan sure worked well!! I only had FOUR stitches in when we came upon the Interstate exit straight into the hospital. Eunice did make the trip with us strictly to assist me!! Max and her still have a very long way to go before they will resume the same level of friendship, if it ever can be achieved again!! At this rate, I will convince myself I have real speed built up again while stitching from my "stitching nest"!! But, as I am always quick to say, "I am truly blessed to be stitching, so no complaints from me"!!
And, during our one continous "hurry up and waits" I did get a bit done on this!!
Any ideas for a super extraordinary finish to make this gift truly awesome?
As for today!! It is about 2:00 a.m. presently!! We began our day at about 4:00 a.m. this morning!! I had to be fed, bathed, morphined, and prepared for our day straight from "Hell"!! Hope, the word "Hell" does not offend any one as I am extremely tired, unable to even rest, thoroughly disgusted with the way we treat all our men and women Veterans, most very fed up and repulsed by the way the VA medical community acts like they are superior to every one else as they have M.D. or even R.N. after their names and am personally in some of the most excruciating pain I have ever been in thus far in my entire seven years of having this illness!! I believe we rolled into our home driveway about 9:00 p.m. We did stop at a Perkins Restaurant just before you get back on the Interstate for the almost two hour drive back home. I was so physically and mentally exhausted that I literally was leaning over my dinner sleeping on two different times that Eunice and/or Max caught me!! I got back in the van, and attempted to start to stitch again, however, I was loosing the daylight quite quickly!! Eunice also took my needle away the second time she found me slumped over the board I use to steady my hands while stitching as she said it was a serious accident just waiting to happen!! And, always true to form, since Mi was left home those two weeks during my surgery in September where Granny Lou and Eunice's husband, Marion, both took turns in coming in to sit with Mi and feed her and/or just visit her several times each day and evening Mi has had the most severe "separation anxiety" you can imagine!! She gets herself so worked up that she vomits yellow foam all over our home!! Max must have spent a good hour spot cleaning all the carpets once again, while I held her swadled in a blanket and talked her down from her just terrorized state!!
I have no idea of what happened, as we did leave in plenty of time, but we arrived in "the city" fifteen minutes late!! If you are not in a parking space by 8:00 a.m. at this VA facility you are simply in a world of troubles!! I would venture to bet most Wal-Marts, and even most simple local grocery stores have more parking spots than this major VA hospital!! It faces a major highway that has nothing, but a deep ravine on the other side of it. You either get on the lot and luck out finding a spot to park or you circle, some times for hours!!
Eunice and I had discussed her need to stay with me prior to this morning. I told her unless she was prepared to get "sucked in" to what was sure to be quite some serious drama that she should just drop us at the hospital entrance and drive on to a brand new gambling casino she adores about 20-30 minutes further than the hospital!! And, besides there was no parking as usual!!
Max and I got into the hospital and I was quite shocked to see Max stop at the Information Desk and actually ask for directions as to where we were first to go. This jolly man, who just volunteers his time there, told us we should have turned into Coralville!! I told him "very funny, but afraid we are running a bit late, and could he just give us the most direct instructions for getting to where we needed to be"!! When I observed him writing down directions and showing Max a map, I suddenly got the sinking feeling he was not trying to be funny any longer!! I immediately got on my cell phone, which I do not know how to operate whatsoever and attempted to call Eunice to turn around, hopefully, before she had gotten back on the Interstate which would have taken quite some time for her to find the next exit and work her way back to us!!
Well, I dialed correctly, but did not place the "blue tooth" on my ear, so I could hear absolutly nothing!!
Well, the Psychiatrists/Psychologists had been moved out of the hospital and over into adjoining town of Corralville two weeks prior to this day!! Thankfully, Eunice knows enough about me and all "electronics" that she simply turned around right where she was at that time as she simply knew there had to be having troubles of some kind for me to call her this quickly!!
Eunice arrived back at the VA Hospital in about ten minutes and we again transferred me and away we went to find "Corralville"!! We did find it within about 12 minutes, but by now we are running a good 45 minutes late!! The three of us were all livid, that no one thought about sending any information about this change or even said any thing yesterday when they made the "reminder of appointment" phone call yesterday!!
Upon arriving at the "Corralville Annex" Eunice told Max to go on ahead and inform some one we were there and she would get my wheelchair out and transfer me and then she would bring me inside the "Annex" herself!! And, she did, and she had much to say to these two receptionists!! Eunice had taken Max's cell phone and attempted to call this "Annex" at the number which was on Max's telephone list of calls received from yesterday, but got no answer!! And, these receptionists did confirm Eunice had the right telephone number, but had no reason as to why the phone had not been answered!! These receptionists assured Eunice the appropriate doctors would be notified that we we had arrived and she was free to go back to her errands as I would be watched by them if necessary!!
We were to each see three different psychiatrists before 2:00 p.m. to evaluate whether I could be considered as Max's "Support Person"!! I had told every one, and I believe even mentioned on here, that this day would be nothing more than a "set-up" fiasco to make my physical limitations and me be the "fall person" for the VA to get out of paying one million dollars for a donor transplant for Max!! The VA does not have that kind of budget to spend on one "lowly" Vietnam Veteran!! And, that is truly what the entire purpose of this "three-ring" circus act was today!!
I was prepared for this agenda and I made it quite clear almost immediately that these three all wise and wonderful Psychiatrists had never prior, nor probably ever will again meet another woman as headstrong and independent as I am!! Every question was met with the same answer of "I am a survivor and I have survived far worse situations that what we were facing with Max receiving a transplant and that any thing needed could and would be done"!! They quite frankly soon began looking at each other for one of the others to take over and try to strike the same questions over simply just phrased differently in an attempt to get a different reply from me, which did not come from my mouth whatsoever!! At one point, they went into "whispers" and "notes to each other" and asked if I would mind taking a short lunch break and we would restart after this!! I told them that was perfectly fine with me, but that my mind would not be changed, regardless of any reason or method of same questions asked yet another way in some kind of other words!! Oh, how I wanted to add that this would also include "Pig Latin", but I stayed the sweet and pig-headed woman I can so often be!!
Next question, where in this wonderful new facility would a cafeteria or lunch deli or shop be located!! Oh, well there was not even a place really to even get a cup of coffee!! Did we not have transportation or had the hospital van brought us over to the "Annex"!! No, our van had brought us there, but it was away on other business!! Well, we could go up a block and turn right and there was a coffee shop!! As the agenda was written, we had 20 minutes prior to the next round of "fun and games"!! Max was absolutely beside himself that we could not go that far with me in the wheelchair, have some thing to eat and be returned to the "Annex" in time!! I told Max that "agenda" was "null and void" by 8:30 a.m. earlier in this day, had he not already noticed!! So, I insisted we go to the "Coffee Shop" simply to have a private place to trade notes on what Max had told way too much information about and what his general take on this entire interviewing process was? I also asked about the possibility of his lying to the "good shrinks", as now I would have to swear to them all!! Well, he "Never said a single word that was not true"!! Oh, how I do know that man after thirty years!! This is even a real good chuckle to a good many of you, "Max, has NEVER missed a single dose of his medications or ever taken any drugs except which had been precisely prescribed for him"!! Okay, left me wide open Max when I got questioned about Max's "anger and agression" during his bi-polar incidents AND any and all details I knew regarding Max's two hospitalizations for overdosing himself on Morphine, a drug which has NEVER been prescribed for him before!!
Right after lunch, the inquisition restarted on me again!! Well, Max indicated that a Eunice, who was a Caretaker for me, would also be a "Support Person" for me, being I was Max's "Support Person" for the Transplant and that Eunice would be required to attend the week's training session we have to present our selves for right after Max is accepted into the VA Transplant Program!! I simply replied, that Max and I had no other relatives, nor did he have any other friends who would be willing to act as the "Support Person" or the "Support Person for the Support Person"!! They at least got an "E" for effort in trying to confuse me, but I kept on top of my Plan to the very letter!! I would see that Max was taken care of regardless of what this required!! I was a Survivor and I would go into "Survivor Mode" if necessary, but I could and would do any thing required of me!! Finally, they agreed I was a very determined woman who was able to describe to them every thing that would be required of me with the exception of one thing!! And, even this, I did not give them, but merely was adamant it would be no problem whatsoever!! I will be required to to out to Iowa City with Max the week prior to his getting near the top of the Donor List and we would be required to stay at a hotel quite a ways across town from the hospital until we got "the call" since we live so far from Iowa City!! As soon as "the call" comes, I would then have to commute, all on my own, to and from this hotel, any where from a minimum of three weeks and more than likely with Max's many other medical complications, it would be more likely like six weeks totally alone!! The hospital will pay for the motel costs, but will not pay for food or any thing else!! I was very surprised that the motel would be paid for!! Then, after Max was discharged from the hospital, we would be required to go stay at this same hotel for another minimum of three weeks and up to again six weeks with Max with me providing he did not have any complications!! There is no way in "Hell" that I can be away from my home for a solid thirteen weeks or more, with most of this time being totally alone!! But, I swore to them it would be NO problem!!
I mean what are they going to do to me? Tie me to the visitor's chair or lock my wheelchair to some fixed object?!! I do not think so!! And, what are they going to do to Max if I do not stay with him every single day after the surgery is completed? Do they think they can take back the kidney and/or liver? I highly do not think so!! So, "Of course, I can stay as long as required doctors!! What in the world would I possibly need to get home for during all that time?"
We did go from there to "agility and memory" testing!!
I told them that I was quite capable of playing building blocks with Max if he wanted to do so while recuperating and I did not need, nor would I prove it to any of them, that I could!! It was absolutely ridiculous!!
As for memory, was this going to be an "Open Book" test? I pulled out my hospital discharge orders from my last surgery which are always part of my purse contents!! Do they not issue the same type of "Discharge Instructions" from this VA Hospital as they seem to do from every other hospital I have ever seen?
Well, yes they did!! Well, if they wanted to prove to me where my entire four page list was not followed to the very letter, than why would they think I could not do the same for Max's discharge plans? Touche, Mrs. Markham!! Good, now can we go home finally? Well, no Max had about another hour's worth of building blocks and repeating back stories they told him and then he was to retell them back to them!! Okie Dokie!!
I then got out my "blue tooth" and cell phone and called Eunice to see where she was at, was she winning and would she like to come back and sit with me until Max was finally released? Well, Eunice had come back and was simply sitting and working cross word puzzles in our van for the previous hour waiting for us!! So, she asked if she should come in and get me and I told her that it was truly not necessary, but after three attempts of trying to line my wheelchair up door a very small entry onto an elevator three unsuccessful times, a very nice man stepped up behind me and wanted to know if it was okay to push my wheelchair from the back of me!! I told him that would be just very nice of him if he was willing to do so!! He took me all the way to the van and helped transfer into the van and placed the wheelchair back into the van for Eunice and I also!! There was at least one very nice man in that "Annex" after all!!
And, here is where I yawn off for this evening, but will continue tomorrow morning!!
Love and Hugs!!


Kathy said...

Oh my girlfriend. You had DAY. I hope today will be a quiet one so you can get some rest.

Mel said...

That is quite the day for sure. I'm glad you were able to stick to your guns and get what you wanted from them. Nice job. :)

And the new ramp sounds so cool at your place! What a great donation from the church for you.

Carolyn's Crafts said...

That is beautiful stitching there!
And yes you had quite the day. I hope you are resting now and not stitching in your stitching nest!
Hugs and much love!

Carolyn NC said...

What a day, but you survived! Hope you have good news about Max. Love your stitching!