Sunday, April 5, 2009


These pictures are horrible, as usual, at least I did not take them!! But, can not say I could do any better. I spent most of yesterday and a great deal of time today preparing the way for the newly found bins of fabric to have a shelf as it's new home!! What a job!! Then, I next began laying each piece out on my ironing board, was not sure if I still actually had one, and pressing it flat again!! I found the most wonderful large piece of white with gold fleck fabric that had been very carefully gridded out with basting every two holes across and down in grids of ten by ten!! Something had to be planned, but nothing I could think of!! Max says he remembers me well spending a week to ten days just gridding this fabric!! But, neither of us had a clue as for what so I am taking the basting stitces out in hopes that his beautiful fabric can have a new life with some thing else!! Then, there is a piece with a label called "Cadet Blue, but I would call it a very deep teal. It has some beautiful lettering which I have no idea of what it is or was meant to be, nor does Max!!
Although these two pictures are of the same table top full, it does not begin to show the beauty of the opalescent white and light blue and the other wonderful over dyes!! Lots of beautiful colors!!
And, lots and lots and lots more to unfold, try to figure out it's history and how it got in these bins!! And, Wanda has not even been able to stop yet and bring the bin downstairs up yet!!
It things like this that just peak my wondering what else I have forgotten!! I don't know if I want to know or not!!
My mind is clear as ever on many of my childhood times, but I have no memory whatsoever of my first big church wedding on Valentines Day, 1969!! A friend reminded my the other day, about that wedding!! I was very tall and a size 0!! And, at the time, mini dress lengths were quite in style. However, as my friend reminded me, I had one of the most beautiful wedding gowns ever, however, it was mini in length. She told me of my grandmother having every thing, but a stroke the afternoon of my wedding!! It was an evening ceremony. My grandmother got ahold of that gown and spent the afternoon "redesigning" it for all she was worth as I "could not walk down that aisle in such a dress"!! That old woman let out all the silk underlay she could budge out!! The dress was designed to have about two inches of chantel lace overhanging the silk that morning!! Nothing else she could tell me even brought back so much as a spark!!
And, then I discovered myself a few months ago, I have no recollection of even being at my father's wake and funeral in 1991!! I have forgotten almost every thing, except that it happened of my ovarian cancer in 1992!!
Present things are sort of "hit and miss"!! Given enough information to spark any brain cells will usually bring back many things, but then others are gone!!
Eerie and very strange feelings!! Just wonder what else "that room" is going to reveal or not reveal!! All this makes me truly want to get downstars again!! Well, at least that will not be for awhile until this present RSD flare-up subsides a bit!! But, this does give me new incentive to dig deeper in "that room" and get it done PERFECT once and for all!!
I had wanted to get up this morning and got to Palm Sunday services!! However, last night Max started out with too cold of temperatures to expecting a full fledged blizzard with an occasional earthquake, flood and tornados!! Bottom line, Max was NOT wanting to attend Palm Sunday services!! He finally offered to get me new palms for my home IF I did not continue on insisting to go!! Well, this was finally some thing, I could live with and finally agreed!! However, Max some how "forgot" to stop by the church to pick up some palms so he can just do it tomorrow!! And, if not tomorrow, I may get the urge to attend Holy Thursday and Good Friday's services!! I think this will be enough of a reminder for him!! He usually does not mind taking me to church, but he sure does not like Palm Sunday!! And, if he had just not been trying to hard, I would have told him hours earlier that I simply was not feeling well enough to get up and go to church at all myself!!
We truly did have a "nasty" wet cold for weather today with an occasional snow flurry!! Mi insisted on being dressed in her little "hoodie" again, but immediately upon seeing the new deck and ramp she changed her mind about going outside. However, she got carried across the deck and down the steps and did play for a few minutes in her play yard!! Then, she got carried back up the steps, but was made to walk across the deck to get to me inside the front door!! Max thinks if he just keeps taking her out daily she will get used to the newness of it all!! My bet, would be Max better get use to carrying little Mi across the deck and down and up the stairs!!
Well, I am off to do another bit on "Stitcher Traveling"!!
I truly feel I may finally have a finish coming up real soon!!
Love and Hugs!!


Gabi said...

Wow...that's quite a big amount of fabric. If you still have the gridding lines in the fabric, why not leave them. Gridding lines are universal and can be used for any design. Plus, taking out you can do at any time, but putting back in is quite some work.

Nancy said...

We may not see the beautiful colors, but we can certainly see the amount there and can imagine the beauty that lays there!

Kathy said...

Oh my goodness. I am in awe of your collection of fabric!!!

Meari said...

That’s a lotta fabric, Deborah! Soon, you’re going to be able to open your very own LNS! :) Mi will get used to the ramp if you make her walk down it every time you take her out. Celeste is always leery of changes too, but if she’s exposed to things enough she’s fine.

sales said...

You have made wonderful progress on your first linen piece. It will look fantastic.

Good luck with the exams with Max. I hope all goes well for you.