Monday, March 31, 2008

Still Trying To Get Ahold Of This

Today, started out as a very slow day!! Poor Eunice#2 came to work this morning and no one was available to let the poor woman in. It was a torrential downpour coming down outside!! I rarely wake up to a doorbell. Max left much earlier this morning for a meeting. Protocol for this is setting the wireless phone and automatic garage door opener in the bed with me. The phone awoke me and it was Eunice#2 all cheery saying she was here. I replied "that's good" and went right back to sleep!! Eunice#2 telephoned again and said Deborah I am here you have to push the button to let her in!! I promptly went right back to sleep!! Telephone rang again and Eunice#2 yells, Deborah push the button as she was getting soaking wet!! I finally pushed the button, but went right back to sleep!! Usually, Eunice is home across the street and has an opener in her picture window. She will open door to any one she recognizes without any one having to bother me!! However, Eunice was again in Chicago and so Eunice#2 had no back up today!!

Max loves to tell the story of trying to leave in the morning before a Caretaker arrives!! He will wake me and put the automatic garage door opener in my hand. He says he has me awake enough that I am "grunting" and "groaning" to him. He usually will make sure I have at least my morphine in me so I will move without excruciating pain when it is time for me to sit up and get out of bed. He will then ask, "Deborah, are you able to stay awake until I get outside and in the van. I will honk for you to shut the door"!! Max says he is out in driveway honking, and honking, and honking!! He says he gets half the neighborhood up before he gets me to wake up and close the door!! He says many days it takes him two or three times to come back in home and make his way to our bedroom and ask me to try it again!! I stitch until he can unclench the fabric from my hand in to wee hours of morning, so I sleep in!!

I was finally got out of bed, bathed and dressed. I am not sure just what all I got done this morning. Right after lunch, I oversaw getting 13 parcels packaged and sent out!! I truly do not remember who these packages went to, but I am sure it was members of ILCS!!

I have been doing a lot of the cooking since Easter Sunday. I made a really good escalloped potatoes and ham all day on Friday!! Max always takes at least one hot meal over to my mother every day!! All of us, and also Granny Lou who is trying to recover from very nasty bronchitis, had regular "pig out" on this Friday and Saturday. Then, on Sunday it was last ditch effort to be rid of rest of Easter ham. My father's specialty was "boiled dinner"!! I decided it was time to resurrect the family tradition of boiled dinner!!

I have made this several years ago for my singles group!! They either loved or hated it. It sometimes does not look quite so apetizing!! You boil the ham until all the meat falls off it and you take all the meat and bone out. You trim and dice meat and return it to boiling broth. Then you add carrots, about 45 minutes later you add potatoes, then about 40 minutes later you add cabbage heads quartered and then you mix up and add the "hard" dumplings!! It was a fantastic batch and we had lots left over for today. Mother came down and had dinner with us tonight.
This afternoon I had to mix up another batch of batter for more "hard" dumplings!!

Max has a golden rule that as of 6:30 p.m. I am in my lift recliner and stitching!! I know he will especially since I began his beloved "Harley Davidson"!! I am seeing burnt orange, black and snow white from sun up to sun down!! I have so many other things in my rotation I truly love and want to stitch, however, this is very important to a whole lot of people so I am going to do my best to get it done!! I am going to try now to add a picture to update my progress!!

But, I guess I will go try and figure out how do I post pictures!! Dah, I knew there had to be more to this!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008



Yes, I am finally blogging!!

Today is Day Two of my Harley Davidson project. Pictures tomorrow!