Tuesday, April 7, 2009


This is my Stitcher Traveling project!! My first 32-Count Linen ever since restarting my stitching after all the accident injuries, freaky disease I got from the injuries and stroke!! I have beautiful pieces done on my walls, but had no idea they were mine until Max showed me where I always sign and date each of my projects!! This is going to be among my most prized possessions!! I believe I have two chimneys I just noticed, more words and bottom zig zag and IT WILL BE A FINISH!!

AND, I am still saying "What in the world is this? It is large enough to cover a card table with the start of what seems to be a beautiful verse of some kind!! I don't remember it, nor can Max help me on this one!!

Tomorrow, Tuesday, April 06, is a most important appointment at the University of Iowa concerning Max's being placed back on the National Donor Transplant List!! Please offer much prayers up this day, as this trip is basically to evaluate me to see if I can be his "Support Person"!! In one hour, hopefully one of the Caregivers will come and help Max get me ready to go!! I need to be maximum dosed morphine as two hours in the van will be nothing short of excruciating!! We have to be on the road by 6:00 a.m.!! Then, beginning at 8:00 p.m. I and/or Max will be evaluated by three psychiatrists and three psychologists to see if we both can "handle" the prospect of his liver and kidney transplant!! This is not good!! I am already well into a "Flare-Up" and this is truly going to escalate it!! These A$$E$ at the University of Iowa do not care as being the "support person" I have to be available in minutes notice to make a flying trip out to University of Iowa, fully prepared to stay about six weeks and survive!! I am going to be needing additional morphine every 3-4 hours all day and the more morphine I get the "foggy" and tired I become!! I am capable of falling asleep in mid sentence!! Then, we get a break for lunch!! Then, at 2:00 p.m. I have to go through "agility and memory" tests that last two hours!! This is utterly impossible on an ideal day even!! My beloved Eunice is going for me as she and Max are not getting along again!! He will never learn, even when it could mean the difference of him dying the horrible death he is presently from end state liver and kidney diseases or possibly pull off a transplant with Eunice either backing me fully and/or taking my place!! I can't remember what I have had for breakfast most mornings!! It is going to be one of the hardest and worst days for us all, but my RSD could very well turn totally unbearable and I could very likely bet back to town to be placed in the local hospital as this could truly do me major harm!! But, University just says, "get another person" or else show up with me!! Max has absolutely no one else!! These A$$E$ will not even give us a postponement until perhaps I would be a bit better!! They have spent thousands of dollars, hundreds of thousands on this pre-screening process and I am sure excluded Max from continuing on in his pursuit of just getting on the National List, but they need the "fall guy" and they are trying to make me it!! They have come up with nothing new!! Max had the aneurysmn and lost his entire family to them, but they have done nothing!! He is 65 years old!! He refuses to give up his smoking. He is a cancer of prostrate survivor!! He is actively in end stage liver and renal failures on every other day dialysis!! He has been committed too many times to Mental Health facilities because of his bi-polar manic depression going so bad!!

And, now they can say he does not have an appropriate "support person" after tomorrow and then sooner or later get around to we are sorry to have to tell you..........

NO, Mr. Markham!!

Please all pray real hard that I can just get throught this horrendous day and that I can come back to my own home tomorrow evening to recuperate!! Eunice is insisting on going with me and will try to take care of me, but there is only so much she can do!!

I will try to post when we arrive back tomorrow night!!

Love and Hugs!!

Deborah and Max

and Miprezious, too!!


Dianne said...

Hi Deborah! My thoughts and prayers are with you and Max today. I hope you hear some good news!!!


Dianne in Texas

Carolyn NC said...

Hope everything works out for you both! Love the stitching!

Meari said...

Hi Deborah – Your stitcher traveling project looks GREAT! I’m excited for you to get it finished. :) Good luck with your trip. I know it will be strenuous on your, and I’ll keep you in my thoughts.

Nancy said...

You are doing such a great job on this linen! You are going so fast on it, so I know you must love it. I hope you made it thru today and it didn't put YOU in the hospital. Please let us know how things went when you rest up!!!