Monday, February 20, 2012


I simply can not find a position to get even a "decent" picture of my "Psalm 23" at this point. It is HUGE!!

I am on the downward home stretch now!! I am so excited!! I have ten days!! I have cleared my days and evenings to having to do almost nothing, but "Psalm 23".

The Pastor's wife, Melanie, met me last week at my local LNS to choose the frame for this. It is beautiful, but huge also. My LNS owner has assured me the frame will be delivered to her this Wednesday (two more days) and she will be awaiting me and the finished "Psalm 23". This gal knows how important this is to me and has assured me she will do every thing she can to help make March 01.

It may take a miracle as this border is very slow for me. But, I overcome much worse obstacles previously and won!! Please be in prayer and good vibes for me. I plan on sun up to sun rise. I have even resorted to getting my kitchen timer set by me and have it set to ring every thirty minutes to "try" and keep me awake. My "drowsiness" is still going very much against me!!

Here, again time will tell!!

Love and Hugs!!