Saturday, April 18, 2009


THANKFULLY, this is the end of the week, I hope!!
Totally addicted to checking my email!! Max conceded a bit as he is feeling so guilty, while he is innocent this time!!
Max put me to bed this afternoon as I could not stay awake. He evidently promptly fell asleep in the Living Room as this morning was another 5:00 a.m. Dialysis session. They totally exhaust him any more. Kathy called and we talked a bit and I hung up bedside phone fine and immediately must have fallen asleep!! About one hour later, I awoke to feeling I was falling as I slammed against the bi-fold closet doors and hit the floor. To avoid having to stay in my hospital bed at home, Max went out and bought the adjustable Thermopedic beds. They are extremely high for a "normal" bed!! I hurt very bad, but did not panic as I just knew Max would be running in any moment!! Nope, he can now sleep through any thing I believe!! I screamed till I had no more breath to waste!! Nothing!! Thankfull, I had enough sense to pull phone off the bedside table by the cord, however, I could not remember any phone numbers including ours!! With the two phone lines, I can put one on hold and call here on other, if I can remember (forget it) my own phone number, which I could not!!
Finally, decided I had to hope for "redial" and ended up getting my mother!! She immediately began calling our home until she woke Max up. She told him I had evidentally fallen again. Max said no that was a few weeks ago and Mother tells him, no, it was right then!! Max told her he had just put me in bed about two hours before!! Mother told him then I must have fallen from there then and he immediately dropped the phone and came a checking!! But, I was wedged in a two foot wide spot up against closet doors!! Eunice was not at home and not a job for Granny Lou to take on!! Thus, after some trial and error, Max and I finally got me turned and working my way back to top of bed with me pulling and Max pushing. Max can not lift any thing, even Mi, on Dialysis days!!
I am hurting mega yet. Thus, Max came in to sit and watch me checking email so I do not take another "header" again!! But, I think he wanted to keep my mind off pain as he feels real guilty he can not watch me 24/7 of all things!! Does not appear we are going to get Wanda back evenings and weekends for awhile as she is having some serious "post trauma"!!
Friends from Chicago got in last night, but plan on extending their weekend plans as Wanda's office does reopen Monday!! Going to be tough day and worse nights ahead!!
So, have to make this short and sweet!!
Above is my seventh day of progress on "Victorian Doll's House"!! Wish I was as far as Kathy K. in California, but in all honesty that is going to take a whole lot of seven days of progress!! Be lucky if this does not turn into another "lifer" in fact. I am totally mesmerised with this piece, however this is my fill for awhile. Going to transfer to "stitching nest" and take up my "Stitcher Traveling" once again. I am very close to finish and am going to try to bring her in!! Have to see how comfortable I can become with another dose of morphine and in my chair!! Am hoping with my tiredness, that I can work on night number one of getting my "days and nights" turned back around one more time!!
Well, I am out of here till hopefully another weak moment with Max!!
Love and Hugs!!


Nancy said...

Still nice progress! But are you sleep walking??? They are going to need to put a seatbelt on that bed to keep you in it. You can't be falling out of bed! Take care of yourself until Wanda can return to help you out again.

Terry said...

Great progress!

I agree with Nancy; does that bad have seat belts?? LOL

You take care of yourself. Love the stitching updates you've been doing. You are working more than I am on stitching and I'm jealous.LOL

Carolyn NC said...

My goodness, Deborah - please be careful! Stitching is looking good!