Friday, April 17, 2009


Actually, I did make a bit more progress on my "Victorian Doll's House" yesterday and last evening!! Simply do not feel like wrestling it into "scanner" and get the picture, although it is some thing I must continue to make my self do!! It is important for me to keep my self going!!
And, my Blogs will be kind of touch and go. I have known that last fall into the wall unit did some real damage!! I think my doctor even thought not a whole lot about it UNTIL TODAY!! I had an appointment to get some "magic concoction" injected into my knees and right shoulder!! I knew some thing was very wrong when the doctor put the darn needles in and I had that vague sense "some thing" was wrong!! Unfortunately, it turned out to be "things"!! The doctor asked how upset I would be if he had to take the needles out and try another point in which to stick them!!

Part of the excruciating pain I have been having the last 5-6 weeks is because there are spots that are hardened that are "calcified arithitis"!!

I asked the doctor is this also meant I had torn my rotor cuff. He said he was not sure at this point what I have done to the rotor cuff, but I have definitely damaged it!! I have suspected this for quite some time!! But, he also added that it was "among many other miscellaneous injuries I have got in that right arm and shoulder!!
Bottom line I am to do nothing. I was told this "magic concoction" my body would try to reject in the first 24-36 hours during which I will have yet added pain and discomfort, BUT it will not last forever!! Boy, did that ever console me!! NOT!!

They called after supper to check on how I am doing!! I am to do nothing for FIVE FULL DAYS!! I did win stitching, as I told the doctor he could add nervous breakdown to lengthening list should I not be able to do it. Just can not exert any thing with right arm whatsoever!! This is just not me!!

The doctor had discussed Physical Therapy last 4-week re-check after he put in these injections of today!! That is out for awhile now!! And, he said he would be discussing raising my daily dosage of morphine during this next four-week check coming up!!

Thus, Max has been giving me the "evil eyeball" since returning home!! OH, OH!! I do have a few pictures to post!! Upon leaving the doctor's office I got a cell phone call from a lady moving from Clinton (lucky lady)!! She had a real big and pretty darn nice "stash" to give away!! She said since the truck was coming in the morning, we would have to try and figure out where to exchange the "stash"!! I told her we were on our way home from the doctor's office and that if it was convenient for her, we would be glad to stop by and pick it up. She agreed!! What a Stash!!

I did get a couple of pictures of about the first one-fourth of it that I had sorted out!! There is about three times as much more to go through!!

However, the "evil eyeball" is now threatening my computer, as well as me, so I guess this is all we will get to see for a few days!!

And, I will also be very sporatic, if at all, for next five days!! If you really need me for any thing, perhaps Kathy Kiley, if you can catch her from her wonderful gardening, or Carolyn Anderson will be so kind as to pass any thing urgent along!! I have long explicit notes of magazines so I will get to them yet and Sadie and Tracy W. your on the list and in fact just sitting here, and many others. I am going to buckle down and get all my "to be sent out" finally done before things get any worse here!! Hang in there with me until I think I am at least caught up and then please send any reminders of what I have left undone!!

Will try to get some one to scan my progress each day and get them posted whenever I find the "evil eye-ball" gone!! I sure do not want him messing with my computer as surely he will have to die!!

Love and Hugs!!
Miprezious, too!!


Mel said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you can't stitch for a few days. That is tragic!

The stash you got it absolutely lovely! :)
Best wishes.

Carolyn NC said...

Hope you are better soon - make sure to rest, now!

Carolyn's Crafts said...

Hope you are feeling some relief soon. Stay well my friend! Talk to you soon!

Nancy said...

Holy cow woman!!! You really need to ADD to your stash?? I thought you were trying to clear it out! LOL Really sorry to hear you are having more trouble and that it's going to effect your stitching. You were making nice progress on the Dollhouse. Hopefully you'll return to it soon.

Louisiana Momma said...

that certainly is some wonderful stash - but what stash isn't!!! :-)