Monday, February 2, 2009


Hello Dearest All,
Miprezious and I have got all kinds of news, but not that kind of time required to remember and tell it all!! But, just to let you know we are both around and doing fairly well we are giving you just a peak into what we have been up to!!
Two weeks ago, I started a new project EVERY day of the week!! Guess, no one has to ask "have you been on edge, jittery or nervous" lately!!
And, this is just one of the starts of them and the continuing WIPS I have out and get to put a few stitches in here and there!!
Above is "Paper Dolls Boy/Girl Tri-Lingual"!! It is my very first 28-Count Evenweave fabric that I can remember!! I have been struggling, but yet very much enjoying stitching this. This got the majority of my time during the last two weeks!!
After discussing the fractual stitches at some length with Kathy Kiley yesterday and today, she has convinced me after hearing and looking at the stitching progress picture, that I am doing okay!! I think she may have even dared to utter "terrific"!! I am much more at ease with it after her explaining the "fractuals" to me!!
In fact, I love this fabric so much, I ordered 4 Yards more of it on E-Bay this evening!!
I was really a good lady over the Super Bowl!! Well, I had a three page list comprised of new releases I want already!! BUT, I have vowed to buy no more "stash" until I can at least see some real finishes first!! Should have vowed for this year of 2009, as I would have been further ahead!!
Being, the too overly honest person I am, I will have to admit I probably did not buy these new releases for two main reasons over the Super Bowl Sales!!
FIRST, the "SUPER BOWL" SALES drove me crazy!! Well take 10%, 20%, 25%, Name Winning Team, Take Amount of Winning Points, OFF, with the EXCEPTION of all their individual small prints!! I may have my attorneys on retainer, however, I probably would have been very disappointed to try to have found one on "Super Bowl" Sunday to interpret ALL the small prints of each individual online shop!! Sorry, God knows, I love you all online stores, BUT these "SUPER BOWL" SALES' fine print, exceptions, etc. drove me right over the edge!!
SECONDLY, my dear friend, Ms. Kathy K., reminded me that the "PRESIDENT BIRTHDAYS" SALES are only a few weeks away!! And, by this time, the "Nashville Market Days" will be old news and not be made part of the "fine print"!!
But, the far more important and major deterent from "stash" shopping was my beloved little Miprezious was having a not so good day!! To put it as delicately as possible, the little "sweetie" was left alone with her "daddy" last Tuesday while I went back to the dentist for another set of impressions!! Not my teeth, as Eunice had promised me, but another set of impressions!! And, for the record, I go back in next week, for yet another set of impressions!! And, every thing that could go wrong did!! I was gone for quite a long time. Miprezious has a "limp" back right leg that she obviously "favors" all the time. Once in awhile, she will get off balance and start to tumble, however, my little "darling" is smart enough to simply just sit her butt down hard and "plop" where ever she lands!! Well, to make a long story short and neatly as possible, Mi promptly had to have "plopped" right on top of her "daily pile" she had just done!! The dentist had my sinus, nasal, you name it so plugged up after he completed his pulling, pushing, pinching, etc. that upon coming home, and until the next morning, I "could not smell Sxxx, if it was under my nose" quite literally for this "incident"!! Promptly, upon waking up in my "stitching nest" recliner the following morning, I knew instantly "something" was wrong!! It was one time, I literally said a prayer of gratitude that I had not awakened and got into bed with Mi going with me!! Nothing, else would take care of this situation, but a full bath for Miprezious!!
I got down on both knees and hung over the edge of my bath tub after placing Mi in the tub!! I was in instant pain, but let me tell you 90 minutes later I had actual tears in my eyes and I was not nearly done yet!!
I have no knowledge of what Mi had ingested or the workings of a poodle's digestion system, but what was the after "leaving" was comparable to pure cement!! I finally could take it no longer, so I positioned myself upon the closed toilet seat to rest a bit and Mi's "daddy" took over this bath time!! After he declared her as clean as she was going to ever be, he handed her off to me, so she could be "blowed dried" with my hair dryer!!
I could feel something way high on Mi's stomach and sort of in her right hip joint that felt strange!! I thought about it for quite some time and thought there could be no way that she was still "dirty"!! I then decided this spot had to be an ulcerated scrape or worse!! Well, "Daddy" just accused me of being "over protective" for about the thousandeth time of Mi's young eight years!! Mi had never been complaining or had I ever seen her trying to itch this area, so for once I thought I might have been a bit paranoid!! Mi was just very happy to be a clean little girl again!!
By Saturday night, I was in my Stitching Sanctuary, as usual, trying to work my way through some quarter stitches on this evenweave. Suddenly, I was aware that some one was standing looking over me again!! I am not used to this and about jumped out of my chair!! It was Mi and "Daddy"!! Then, I notice "that look" and could only wonder what curse had been bestowed upon us then!! "Well, you are right again"!! Good Lord, what in the world has happened? "Mi, came whinning a little bit and was trying to get at her back right leg"!! He would get a hold of her Vet first thing Monday morning!! Mi did have a fairly good area that looked scraped and perhaps ulcerated!! Immediately, all I could think was that it looked exactly like my melanoma cancer looked like!! A good friend just had to have her dog put down due to melanoma cancer not too long ago!! I was bezerk immediately and right up until that Vet patted me on the shoulder this afternoon and assured me that Mi has a "superficial scrape" on her belly and right hip!! Praise The Lord!!
Mi had an injection to get antibiotics immediately in to her system and we have a new bottle of Amoxicillen pills we now have to beg and plead for Mi to take every morning and evening beginning tomorrow morning!! My part-time Caregiver, Wanda, can simply hand Mi a pill and she gulps it down like candy or her favorite treat, BUT no one else can, including her own Vet!! I got a feeling my beloved Wanda will be getting several extra hours on her paycheck this week and I am more glad than ever before that she only lives three blocks away from me!!
Okay, all is calm!! Well, almost!! Mi got a T-Bone steak bone after her supper this evening!! She was just beside herself with anxiety all the way to the Vet's office and absolutely in total panic attack the whole time we were there!! This all adds up to vomitting over the moon!! And, vomit is what this little one has done for the last hour!! I am remaining calm so far, as I can easily see the combination for potential of this happening was certainly all there!! Coupled with the new antibiotics, in hindsight, I should have prepared for it, if such a preparedness could be done!! She is resting quite well right beside me presently, so I am hoping she has got over every thing by now!!
And, I did just decide, "Oh, what the heck" and I ordered the new Shepherd's Bush "Be My Valentine" and Cat's Whiskar's "Cupcakes, Glorious Cupcakes"!! I did not buy the Silk Pack though, as my dear friend, Kathy K. (she is so helpful) convinced me "we" could figure these out without the benefit of silks for the tops!! Now, if Granny Rene just jumps in here, I am sure we can figure this out!!
My legs are just on the "edge" of doing some thing!! Given their poor judgment in the past, I have done my utmost to stay off them and keep them elevated in my "stitching nest"!! So, hopefully, I can get all my new starts and my WIPS that are on top of surface organized enough to put a posting of each on this Blog and keep them updated!! Are you allowed over 200 Albums in Webshots?!!
And, with a little luck, and successful photographing, irregardless of how many "takes" it takes, I will have a Blog on giving a wall by wall, shelf by shelf, bin by bin tour of my new and improved "Stitching Sanctuary"!!
And, I have promised, and re-promised so many, the pictures of our "Trial Two Day Move To Assisted Living" last April 1 and 2 will finally get published so I can file those nightmare pictures away once and for all!!
Amazing, what you can unearth when you clean every single inch of a room!!
So, possibly there is finally some interest and possible humor will again appear in this space very soon!!
Love and Hugs!!
Miprezious, too!!