Monday, December 12, 2011

DAY TWELVE Twelve Days of Christmas December 12, 2011

Another fabulous, and final, day to the I.L.C.S. Group "Twelve Days of Christmas"!! To begin with, my fantastic and generous "Santa" turned out to be Debbie Jo. She truly spoiled me beyond all imagination!!

Today I got a beautiful wooden laying tool. This is some thing I have always meant to get, but simply never did for one reason or another. I LOVE it!!


Love and Hugs!!


Sunday, December 11, 2011

DAY TEN and DAY ELEVEN Twelve Days of Christmas December 11, 2011

I slacked off and forgot to post yesterday's treasures. They are on bottom and today's is immediately below. I truly have had the VERY BEST Santa ever!!

This is Day Eleven!!

And, it brings a huge piece of my very favorite Cashel Linen in Summer Khaki. I now have three great Lizzie Kate's with their GAST threads and now the fabulous fabric!! How WONDERFUL!!

Below, is Day Ten, a day late!! And it was so special with beautiful recipe cards and some lovely snowflake stickers!! How special and I will always remember these when I use them for some thing special!!

I have been so very, very blessed!!

Love and Hugs!!


Friday, December 9, 2011

DAY NINE Twelve Days of Christmas

Oh, these wonderful gifts are so nice!! The tree is definitely becoming bare!!
And, this day brought another Lizzie Kate (my Fav!!) Flip-It Chart named "APRIL". All the lovely GAST threads are for stitching these fantastic Lizzie Kate charts. I now can begin a beautiful 2012 stitching year as I love to do these "monthly" things to change my decorating with each new month. I am going to strive to especially do this in coming new year in last ditch effort to truly feel I have a "home" again lonely as it is!!

Love and Hugs!!


Wednesday, December 7, 2011


The tree is looking more bare each day!! I will have to try to do some thing about this. However, I had a few "pity party" days and I bought my self a fox vest, some outrageously expensive pure leather Italian shoes and a hundred percent pure cashmere sweater that I have been wanting for years. Perhaps, I can some how lay these things under the tree!!
Here is package number eight!! Another not so tired, after being tired all day long, night so I thought "why not"!!
MORE beautiful Gentle Arts Sampler Threads!! How wonderful!!
I got Victorian Pink, Hyacinth, Spring Grass, Tropical Ocean and Daffodil. These are so exquisite in color and texture!!

AND, now to the full pictures of tree I have been promising. If I live to be 1000, I will never learn the art of this camera. I don't want to be the best as I would be most grateful for just mediocre when it comes to this camera!!

Thus. pictures are not great, but here is my totally plum purple Christmas tree!! It does not look all the plum purple and actually looks more black unless you see it in person. I was most delighted the other day when Granny Lou came to check in on me. She told me of a visitor to her home the evening before that was just so taken with my purple Christmas tree!!

Thus, I guess it surely does show from out side!!

But, first is my nativity set. You have to look closely, as the white cloth has little LED lights throughout it's inside. They shine very brightly each evening. Much more importantly, my father built this stable for me just prior to his passing. The middle of our Iowa winters, my father was outside searching for twigs and sticks to build this stable!!

Below, is my flameless candle Gingerbread village. I have two Gingerbread stocking holders ordered for this also, but they have yet to arrive. It will look much better then.

And, finally the tree. My heart was not in this at all this year and unfortunately it looks like it!!

Love and Hugs!!


DAY SEVEN Twelve Days of Christmas December 07, 2011

WoW!! On the downward spiral of the Twelve Days of Christmas or should I say upwards as I am sure the Twelfth Day is going to be so special for every one.

Again, my plum purple tree, which I promise to get some photos of soon. I had a new friend invite me out last evening to dinner and tour a local park (that goes on for acres) that is decorated with hundreds of thousands of Christmas lights and displays. I got chilled and still can not get truly warmed up and I also am very tired. I have been working on stitching since 9:00 a.m. this morning and have only gotten two letters finished. This is insanity!! However, I am very blessed and grateful as I am sure many of you will remember that soon after my accident I only got SEVEN STITCHES accomplished in a six hour stitching period!! I actually put makeup on for the first time in months and my eyes are still a bit tearing from it also. But, hopefully I will pick up towards evening!!

And, here is gift Number Seven!!

And, it is some much needed Thread Heaven!!


Love and Hugs!!


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

DAY SIX Twelve Days of Christmas December 06, 2011

AND, yet another day, another present!! Isn't this wonderful!!

And, my tree with ever decreasing presents under it.
The package of this day!!

And, it brings a beautiful and exquisite roll of wired edged metallic "Holiday Snowflake Ribbon"!! My favorite pink!! I love it!!


To my yet unknown Santa!!

Love and Hugs!!


Monday, December 5, 2011

DAY FIVE Twelve Days of Christmas December 05, 2011

I never before ever realized just how horrible loosing some one you love could possibly be prior to loosing my beloved, Max. I lost my grandparents, father, matron of honor from my wedding and my very best friend in the world. I was able to grive and go on. I felt I was doing so well and actually coping in my loosing Max. But, this has changed drastically and I am backsliding very badly during these holidays. I have no other family other than my 84-year old mother. I value my mother dearly, however, she is homebound and can not hear a word I say to her.
I have friends and my pastor says a "church family", however, they all are so busy and have so many things they must do with the holidays. I do not expect any of them to have to stop their schedules for me. And, it seems they are not. It is not easy to get me and my equipment out and I fully understand this. Unfortunately, grieving is a process and you have to go through each step of it!! Most unfortunately, this includes these holidays!!

Thankfully, I have my stitching!! It is truly a great comfort and friend. I so wish it would just talk to me!!

I started the new project by Rovaris, "All Hearts Come Home For Christmas" on Friday. I am finding it to be just way too depressing and am deciding to put it aside (at least it will be in good company with so many others) for a bit. Very undecided what to pick up this evening, but can be sure there is a huge pile to choose from!!

Well, today is Number Five in our I.L.C.S. Twelve Days of Christmas so no problem with these gifts as it is one marked "day number five"!!
I will get some better pictures of my plum purple tree and post them in next day or so.
Day Number Five

And, Day Number Five has brought Lizzie Kate Flip-It "FOURTH OF JULY" Chart!! How wonderful!! I do believe I have gotten the GAST threads for these charts in last days. I see two new starts real soon!!


I still do not know who has been so wonderful to me!!

Love and Hugs!!


Sunday, December 4, 2011

DAY FOUR Twelve Days of Christmas December 04, 2011

I have had an absolutely perfect weekend of stitching, along with "Virtual Stitch In" with I.L.C.S. I am working on Rovaris "ALL HEARTS COME HOME FOR CHRISTMAS". I should have taken a picture, but I did forget and no going back now. I will post picture tomorrow. This is longest I have ever worked continually on one piece. I have the large middle heart, two small hearts and the word "All" done. This is very large piece all stitched in DMC 815 dark burgundy.

But, today is also Day Number Four in our I.L.C.S. "12 Days of Christmas"!! I was again spoiled beyond words!!

Below is my gift all under my "Plum Purple" Christmas tree. I will also try to remember to get some good pictures of this tree also. Perhaps, a bit more of my living room also. I will definitely post master bedroom some time next week!!

I got more of the fabulous Gentle Arts Sampler Threads!! This time I received Slate, Oatmeal, Presidential Blue, Buckeye Scarlet and Midnight. What beauties they are!!

My unknown benefactor has made this "12 Days of Christmas" a real delight and pleasure for me!!

Love and Hugs!!


Saturday, December 3, 2011

DAY THREE Twelve Days of Christmas December 03, 2011

It is Saturday and Virtual Stitch In Day for I.L.C.S. Group. Thus, I will be stitching more intensely than usually!! Just did major damage at local cross stitch shop yesterday and added significantly to my existing 58 projects. I am still quite enthused about each and every one of them though. May let Halloween go to bottom of stack a bit though.

And, for more presents!! Day Three has brought exactly what I needed for a "Virtual Stitch In Day"!! CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE AND MORE CHOCOLATE!!

I truly need to get pictures of my beautifully decorated living room and attempt to capture my plum purple Christmas tree. Oh, Max must be looking down sputtering at me again!! He HATED this tree with his very being!! I think it is exquiste and gorgeous!!
And, on to present!!

And, two Reese's Peanut Butter Trees and two York Peppermint Snowflake Patties!!

I am still trying to figure out who my generous Santa is!! I sure am being SPOILED!!

Love and Hugs!!


Friday, December 2, 2011

DAY TWO Twelve Days of Christmas December 02, 2011

Another new day and another surprise!! Day TWO!!

And under the tree!!
Found Package Number Two!!

AND, it is!! Lizzie Kate Flip-It Chart ST. PATRICK'S

And, I have been spoiled oh so very well again!!

Now, to wait till tomorrow!!

Love and Hugs!!


Thursday, December 1, 2011

DAY ONE Twelve Days Of Christmas December 01, 2011

Hard to believe, but it is the first day of the "Twelve Days of Christmas"!! Sure wish this could last all month as these are most likely the only gifts I will have to open now that my dear Max is gone. This is going to be an excruciating painful holiday for me!!

However, for now, such fun doing the "Twelve Days of Christmas"!!
I got a large envelope just stuffed with presents!! I laid them all out under my PLUM PURPLE Christmas tree as shown below!!
And, I pulled present number one!!

WoW!! I think I got all twelve gifts in one!! I must have been really good this year!! I got SIX skeins of Gentle Arts Sampler Threads. The colors are Pine, Gold Leaf, Red Grape, Black Crow, Burnt Orange and Bittersweet. These are fantastic!! I love the GAST threads!

Thank You!! Thank You!! I have no name as of yet!!

Love and Hugs!!


Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Blooming Miracle!! 11/20/2011

I have worked on this piece since 2000. I was never over thrilled with stitching horses, however, this is what this couple wanted for their wedding sampler.

Okie Dokey!! I did it!!

However, originally I put their names in with "and" instead of symbol "&" and the bride quite bluntly told me she hated this!! I was on verge of telling her congratulations and let me be the first to gift you your first dust rag!! But, nope I said I would try it again. I truly wanted no part of this and dragged my feet on it by burying it at bottom of my "Stitching Sanctuary". Well, I am hard at de-stashing daily and I hit "bottom" and guess what was now on top!! Once last try, love it or dust with it Cindy!!

I had to put the names and date on it "again". Thus, I began this task on Friday evening. I always end up falling asleep each evening in my "stitching nest" and once again I did. I have, or now say I HAD, a bad Coke Cola habit. I evidently opened a Coke and fell asleep with the Coke finding it's resting place right on top of my fabric!! I received a blooming miracle upon finding not one drop of Coke had got on my fabric!!

This evening I finally finished this monster piece and it is being placed in tissue paper until Cindy and Pat's arrival on Thanksgiving evening. And, then it is OUT OF HERE!!

I am in great hopes it looks good, but at this point I do not think I care!!
Love and Hugs!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

THIS WEEK - October 15, 2011

I have finally reached my "fantasy" point of being able to do nothing, but stitch as I wish to do so. I have already had several days where I stitch from the moment I get up straight through to the moment I decide to go to bed. However, there have been very few nights that I get to bed as I have developed bad habit of falling asleep in my stitching nest till about 5:30 a.m. in the morning!! Kathy K. has made me promise to buy an alarm clock to set by my stitching nest to set so I will get up and go in to my bed. Overall, I am loving every moment of this time!!

I know some people will feel I am bragging, but I truly am not. I can not stand a person that does such and as I have said so many times before I would like to go on liking my self!! Believe me, I would much rather be complaining of little time to stitch due to having family and children, or a job and most of all my dear husband back to do things with and for!!

I have posted updates on my progress below.

First, is my MILL HILL kit called "Boo Ghost". He is finished.
Next is my SAM SARAH STUDIO called "Daily Life". It is a larger center which I am working on that is surrounded by twelve other squares that are released monthly. I have no idea why, but I simply can not put this piece down, other than I love the fabric color and that is surely no reason to stay fixed on this project!!

And, in my big effort of "de-stashing", I found an older JUST CROSS STITCH Magazine with a chart by FANCI THAT. It is called " Halloween Manor". I also love this one and can not seem to put it down!!

Another treasure unearthed in "de-stashing" was "Alphabet Doll" by THE NEEDLE'S NOTION. I choose "D" for the monogram for this doll. There are three designs to choose from and I am very sure I will be stitching many more!! I normally NEVER stitch a chart twice!! Again, I loved this one and could not put it down much all week. I just have to get one more full sunny afternoon so I can see to place the remaining two dozen beads and then figure out how I am going to put a flower in her hat. The chart calls for lazy daizy stitch for leaves and French Knots for flowers and I do not do well with either of these particular types of stitches. Think I will do regular cross stitches and perhaps add beads on flower ones. These dolls are finished by stuffing them and they then are to stand up.

I also had another finish of a small DOODLES project. It is called "Frosty Friends". I simply forgot to photograph it so it will have to wait until next posting. I stitched it for Karen so she could follow it as she purchased this same kit as her first "starter". I would be so happy to see Karen get hooked on stitching also. Although, she always brings her crocheting and/or knitting and stitches along with my cross stitching. I prepared a chair with an OTT lamp for Debra to use while she was here visiting. I decided to just leave it as it is so as to have a second stitching nest for Karen and hopefully other stitching visitors. Makes my living room look really strange, but this is a home made for stitchers and their stitchings!!

And, lastly I have to share a picture of my beloved neighbor, Granny Lou, a.k.a. Mary Lou, that was taken on Thursday. All the first of this past week, I truly wrestled with some thing I was trying to bring out of my mind. I went to sleep trying to remember and woke up resuming to try!! Finally, early on Thursday morning, I woke as I was not feeling too well, but also I finally remembered!! It was Granny Lou's 87th birthday!! I immediately went in to panic mode!! However, I first called Karen and was immediately assured every thing would be taken care of.

A few hours later, Karen arrived with a lovely ice cream birthday cake, a box of Granny Lou's favorite chocolates from me, gifts that Karen had crocheted from her and all the wrapping, cards, etc.!! We soon were on our way across my driveway to Granny Lou's and rang her doorbell. I had called Granny to ask if Karen could stop to show her the newest things she had done with her stitching just to make sure Granny had no plans and would be home earlier. Granny was so surprised and happy to see us. We went in and had cake and Granny opened her gifts. Granny insisted we then go in her living room and chat with her for awhile. Well, much to my utter embarrassment, I fell fast asleep on Granny Lou's sofa!! Karen had a lovely couple of hours visit with Granny Lou thankfully. All I can say, is I would kill to look as good as Granny Lou does at her age of 87. She still goes to Curves Exercise Salon each day as well as volunteers many hours each week at our local hospital. And, she will navigate our driveways, regardless of weather, to check on me each and every day!! She is one fabulous lady!! Her daughter came today from Des Moines and so Granny's celebrating has went on!!

Well, I am off to stitch and see how much I can accomplish this week.

I really want a finish!!

Love and Hugs!!