Saturday, April 5, 2008

Saturday 05, 2008 - And, Away We Go Again!!

First, I am going to try and retrieve my picture of Harley Davidson that I progressed on yesterday and last night!! Okay, got it, but it just naturally always appears at top of my composition!! Okay, now this is P R O G R E S S!! That is, especially for me!!
I was so tired last night that I was actually too tired to sleep!! Anyone else have these gawd awful nights? I was also so angry yet, that I could not sleep!! I am so tired tonight I am going to take any sleep any way I can get it!! I am about to warn Max, if he finds me in stitching nest just to leave me there, but shut off both OTT lights and make sure he locates BOTH FELT TIPPED PENS with hopefully caps INTACT!! Throw my angel quilt over me and let me sleep away!!
Last night, I think he was going through big case of "guilts", however, only because he did not "terminate" Eunice#2 yesterday, instead, of prolonging the agony!! I just don't know!! Now, he also brings to my attention, did any, even one, especially one with very special need's child, ever be even seen on the phone?
We did meet Eunice promptly at 11:00 a.m. this morning, and she suggested we take separate vehicles as she had a meeting to be at by 1:00 p.m.!! Thought this was kind of funny as we could have been home in plenty of time!! However, we thought little of it!! I, of course, was already falling asleep from the van ride down to river frontage, about 12 blocks away!! Max had just rushed home from his meeting this morning and come right in to where I did crash in my recliner in my stitching room about 5:00 a.m. this morning!! Max came right in and had the lift on the recliner moving me up and about dumping me out of recliner even before I was really woke up. He plops me in the bathroom and begins to run bath and find me clothes for day. I got quickest bath in history and was dressed in record time. He just kept me going straight for the kitchen outside door only stopping to give me my meds for the day!!
I knew nothing really of Eunice's plans to meet us at casino for brunch!! I was really about half awake and I thought Eunice was holding the closest handicap parking spot near the casino, but still quite a way out!! She yelled at Max to take me down and drop me in wheelchair at entrance and then to come back and get that parking space and she would go over to regular parking lot!! My wheelchair, and I, were almost immediately taken control of and it really startled me as I could not conceive Eunice getting to another parking spot and down to entrance so soon. I knew it was a black woman who had taken my chair and me, but I really was not awake enough to question it. This lady was extremely nice to me and I thought wait a minute!!
She then asked if I remembered her and apologized if she had scared me!! It was Eunice's friend she had brought over to the house about 4-6 weeks ago to meet us! This was the lady suddenly homeless then. Now, suddenly she has also lost her 12-hour a day job!! I think I may be smelling a rat, however, I also believe very much to listen when God is speaking to you!! Could we have found our "needle in a haystack" 24/7 Caretaker?!!
We had an extremely pleasant brunch. However, this eating out has to stop!! I ate like a true, full fledged hog today, forget those little piggies!! I will be needing extra wide tires on my "locomotion" soon if this keeps up!!
After brunch we all played slots "again" for about a hour, but I had to put hammer down on Max as these few day's of fun are fast re-emerging as another "addiction" to him!! I consider the casino and gambling as nothing, but a rare form of entertainment and I have had my fill for quite some time to come again!! We all did leave at the end of the hour. However, Eunice and her friend left a bit earlier, but not before her friend came and found us to say how she enjoyed seeing us again and having brunch with us!! She said goodbye and really hoped she could get to know us much better!! ???!!!!
On our way home, I asked Max to drive through our local downtown area. It used to be such a busy little three blocks with stores lined up right next to each other, abutting side by side on both sides of the streets!! However, there was even more gone than last time I was even drove through down there which I can not even begin to estimate was!! I wanted to find some "local" picture post cards for our exchange in the worst way!! So, we got parked right in front of the only store that I could remotely hope would have them. I convinced Max it could be no more than 20 feet in to the entrance from the car and the store was not that big, nor would Max tolerate me looking at the little gift lines and numerous series figurine sets with new additions fronted for great Mother's Day gifts!! I knew a friend's mother always worked weekends there and tended just to ask her if they carried picture post cards and either look or leave!! So, after much groveling, I got Max to let me "toddle" on my big walker (my physical therapist will let me go 300 feet on walker at times) ,with the seat attached, just in case, into the store with walker and his assistance!! Not the brightest idea I ever had in hindsight!!
I am in beyond excruciating pain tonight!! I am just watching clock for three hours to elapse so I can take an additional 3mg of fast acting morphine, and probably will all night long or till I collapse in sleep!! Again, I have only one crazy fool to blame for these complications and she is sitting right her e in my seat at keyboard!! However, I am going to cut this short, make a bath room toddle, and going back to stitching room recliner to elevate until I fall asleep!! I fully intend to stay this way ALL day tomorrow, and I am not letting any thing or any one change these plans!! I could not go any where or do any thing if I wanted it more than any thing else in this world until I get some major swelling and pain relief from these legs!!
And, after going into downtown gift shop and finding no Clinton picture post cards my friend's mother said she had seen some in our Italian restaurant located way up past our home even, in what we call or north end shopping area which I think has a whole lot more going for it than our old down town!! We ran into one of Max's old employees and he gave Max the best suggestion Max had ever even given thought to!! He told Max just to hit all of our local motels and "help himself" to all the post cards they had laying out any where!! If left to the two of them, they would have went room to room until they had achieved the amount needed!! I said, "thanks, but no thanks"!! I told Max we would just check the Italian restaurant and lo and behold they did have them. So, Max came out just skipping back to the van with his little shopping bag in his hand!! So, guess I have got some real work to do to start getting these out. My handwriting is very bad!! So bad, the bank has called questioning my check's signatures!! I can write really beautifully for about two signatures and then it goes to scribble!! Max now brags he can sign my checks if he wants as no one can tell the difference. Now, that is a scary, scary thing!!
Possibly, Monday, I will finish trying to put away the last (Max swears for sure this time) two boxes of surprise unopened stash to me away!! I then have some patterns promised to a few different people and will try to get them enveloped and sent. I had major error in Caretaker and/or Max mixing up part of shipping packages the time before last!! Just glad they went to three of our most understanding gals who have interchanged the mix ups with each other thankfully!! Learned a real valuable lesson, however, and that is to NOT let any one else put things in packages without my direct supervision!! But, I am still going to plan on the absolute easiest week I possibly can for the entire duration of this coming week.
Max grilled a couple, like four, rib eye steaks!! I don't know who he thought was coming. Mother actually got fed today without benefit of us!! I really was not even ready to look at food after the brunch I poked down!! I do not like grilled taste after it has had chance to "marinade" in refrig over night. I am sure Miprezious will be glad to eat fourth one as she did a fine job on the third one tonight!!
Well, I am out to bath room and then elevate!! I am going to have some real progress tomorrow on that Harley!! For something, that I was so sure would take a life time it is so far been going well, in spite of frogs real long visit last Saturday evening!! Hope it continues, but am afraid I am going to learn real meaning of "9853 Black stitches" here all too soon!!
And, click on tomorrow for another day in the life of "As A Stomach Turns"!!


katkiley said...

Your progress is nothing short of AMAZING!! Keep up the fabulous work. I am so happy for you that you are stitching again. I knew you could.

Love and stitches

Meari said...

I'm with you... Casino gambling holds my interest for about an hour and then I'm done for another year. Those ribeyes sounded yummy! As for postcards, you could have Max go around and take pics of your town and then print them out on the computer, in postcard size. Just a thought..