Thursday, April 10, 2008

Nothing - April 11, 2008

Well, it was a wonderful day even though it was raining which turned to thunder and lightning storms this evening!!

Max has had a terrible cold. He is worse than a child about covering his mouth and washing his hands which drives me crazy!! I say any thing, then I am Nag!! I guess I will be Nag then, but, unfortunately, I started coming down with severe cold myself today. Thus, basically all I did was fall to sleep in my chair, so I am up half the night tonight!! I so intended to get my Harley Davidson done to at least left edge!! Do not know what I am going to do, except eliminate every frog on the face of this earth, but I am turning out to be real close to left edge and I am not speaking of finishing!! I know I centered this when starting, but something sure got messed up as it is going to be too close for comfort!! I did not even bother taking a picture today as I am sure you would not notice a bit of change as I was stuck in "black out" today!!

Thankfully, Max's cold appears to be subsiding today!!

Am going to cut this short, and go work on Mr. Harley Davidson, hoping it will bore me enough back to sleep!! Max is actually starting out at least in "his" bed tonight!! He announced before going to bed that he is not going to take in meeting tomorrow as I have to be at doctor's office at 10:30 a.m. This trip is just a fiasco to get me approved my "hover-round" electric wheel chair!!
So, I am just to see the Physician's Assistant, who we have not had the pleasure of meeting yet, and am not too sure of this fellow!! My legs are really bad, but if he is like general "locals" he will not even notice any difference or he will go running for my primary care physician who will agree legs are really bad, but they have been worse!! And, my dear Eunice#2 will be going with us to help transfer me, as Eunice#1 is back in Chicago tomorrow again!! The gal, Tony, she would like to see us take on as a full-time live-in Caretaker is going with her to keep her company and I believe they are due back tomorrow night or Saturday!! I still have made no decision as to trying Tony or not!! Caretakers have been generally like "looking for a needle in a haystack" and full-time live-in are even worse!! Eunice would not put some one in here with us if she did not have 100% faith in this gal, but then we are all unfortunately guilty of poor judgment at some time or another!! I had a "gut instinct" the first day I met her, that God had answered my prayer through this woman and our search was over!! Max and I do want to meet with her and set some house "rules" and see how she is with them and probably go from there!!

Well, I am onward to see a whole lot of burnt orange and black again. God is, however, smiling on me with this project. The AA Group originally planned their anniversary celebration for April 19, but since it is going to be a hog roast they have rescheduled it for May 25!! Praise The Lord!!
I hope this is done, and history, by May 25, however, I don't think I have a chance of completion by April 19, but I plan to stitch like it is still April due date so I will be assured of being done by May 25!! Got a big rotation of about ten and I have added another two dollhouses and another Memorial to these, but yet to be started!! It will be pure pleasure to have one finish after another finally come in once I get that far!!

Tomorrow, you. and I, will see the left margin and I pray to God we don't get too close a view!!


Annie said...

Good luck with Harley and I hope those froggies keep away tonight!. Good luck for all tomorrow's happenings too. I will keep you and Max in my thoughts.

Terry said...

Hope you are both feeling better and that you can get some stitching done. Send those frogs packing!

Meari said...

I hope you and Max are feeling better with your colds. *knock on wood* I haven't been sick at all this winter, a big change from last year! Can't decided whether it's from being out in the elements shoveling/snowblowing, taking vitamins, or having my tonsils out. Maybe a combo of all three! (hugs) You take care.