Sunday, April 6, 2008

Full Week On Harley Davidson, April 06, 2008

Well, it is Sunday night!! Proud of myself as I am sticking to Blog and my Harley Davidson project both!!

And, before I get down to far on this entry I am going to grab picture of updated Harley Davidson and a big surprise from my Mother!!
Well, there is my update on my Harley Davidson project!! I am in excruciating pain tonight, and am about to take some more fast acting morphine, and so I am going to be quick for right now and elevate!! I know it is my own fault and I am not complaining, but it still does not make it hurt any less!! I am going to get over to the left hand side before I quit stitching tonight to make absolutely sure I am not off with fabric measuring!! It looks a bit "iffy" right now. I am just over halfway across!!
And, lo and behold, my mother brought me a surprise, "just because" gift, perhaps, I am not so unattractive any more, but very much alive and living through this hell the best I can has just got through to her!! This teapot is very unique and she got all my favorite colors!! It looks awesome on top of my fireplace mantle!! I am simply not looking for the "whys". I am just admiring I have yet another beautifully awesome piece for my newly started teapot collection!!
It looks beautiful on top of my fireplace mantle!! I just LOVE it!!!
Max is gearing up to "terminate" for one thing, or another, tomorrow!! I do not know what to say or do!! I do not want to see this happen as I truly like this gal and she is too honest for her own good truly!! I wold trust her with any thing!! However, there is no employer that is going to allow that cell phone of her's to keep ringing, or vibrating, and her chatting as many times as she does!! Yes, she gets a call from school each day, but she is off at 3:00 p.m. and I know the school people are still in office at that time!! If it is bothering Max that much, then I realize something must be done, but I truly wish we had another alternative!! We have checked around this town, and many others have told us over email, they would kill for $9 CASH per hour!! She says she is not here for money, but because she "cares about us"!! Well, I really like her also, and if she is neglecting her own home and children by being here then I really think she should stay home with them. We will find some one else sooner or later for at least part-time and only pay them minimum wage as that is what even Iowa Job Service advised me to do and that will save us almost $25 per day so we may be able to get a gal for more days at minimum wage. I just don't know what to do!! I feel just awful about this whole ordeal!! But, I have vowed to myself that I will have troubles and upheaval continually here as that is simply the way things go when you have two people with the monumental medical problems we both have and the repercussions from them. However, I have vowed to take care of whatever, but not to become part of whatever!! I am through being unhappy!! From last week on I am going to be happy, happy, happy and I am for the most part presently!!
Well, all for this weekend!! I do need to elevate ASAP!!


katkiley said...

Harley is coming along. You will have this one done in no time! But remember: KEEP THOSE LEGS UP! :)

I hope all goes well today and the peace and calm and silent cell phones reign.

Love and stitches

Meari said...


The teapot is gorgeous! You're making great progress on the HD piece. Good for you! Sorry to hear that your latest in-home help isn't working out. :(

nopainforcakes... said...

What a lovely teapot! The HD is coming along nicely!! And welcome to the blogging world!:-)
Huggers, Stefanie (from Germany)