Monday, April 7, 2008

I Can Only See Black and Orange - April 07, 2008

Another Monday, and I was awaken by Max from my snuggy and comfy lift recliner in Stitching Room at 5:00 a.m.!! He promptly directed me into bath room, saw my legs and went crazy!! He demanded I go to bed until Eunice got here!!

Eunice arrived and rang, and rang, and rang our doorbell, as I pushed the automatic opener from my bed over, and over, and over!! Almost immediately, my phone rang and it was Eunice. She said, the garage door was only opening about 1/4 of the way up!! Max hit it the morning after his surgery!! I told him I did not feel he should be driving. He knows the doctor has stated that as long as he follows my discretion, the doctor would not have State of Iowa questioning his ability to drive!! However, I was to report any incidents where he would not listen to me!! I hate to do this, but if he so much as even says one word next time that will be it!! He just does not get he really does not want the State involved in any other areas of his life, I guess!! I am letting this one go, but not so much as taking it out of garage if I say "don't think so" one more time and he fails to listen!! So, with door not opening, I had to struggle out of the darn bed again and was absolutely exhausted when I got to door to try to hit other button!!

Eunice saw my legs also and said, she was getting me bathed and was just going to put on a clean night gown as I was going no further than my recliner in Stitching Room today!! She did not really have to tell me this. I was ready, willing and just waiting to get bath, breakfast, meds and to Stitching Room chair!! However, all I got accomplished was another box of stash sorted and my post cards addressed. Early this evening, I began getting on and offline to catch up and "think" I am except for dozens of emails I just left "opened" and needing responses!! Two nights ago, my computer shut down and flashed "out of memory"! Oh, my gawd, my computer's memory gone along with mine - this can be nothing, but BIG TROUBLE!! Note - Call Private Tutor and tell him to bring new memory!!

I was really nervous as to what was going to happen between Max and Eunice today. He still is unhappy and is blaming a real bad cold on her now!! Lord she will be his new scapegoat!! But, perhaps, it will be job security for her with him!! They had no confrontations today and I pray this continues at least until l can get back on my legs and be able to referee a bit!!

I got 4 big envelopes of stash, but I can't remember what any of it was!! Eunice helped me get it put away as we opened it!! That is the way I want everything done in this home from now on!!

I tried so hard to keep my eyes opened last night to get my Harley Davidson project done at least to left side edge!! But, I think I made very little progress, I am so sorry to say as I just finally "hit the wall" dead tired and I really went into deep and totally relaxed sleep in my comfy recliner. I will try to post picture above and hope I can see some thing new added to it.

We had wonderful weekend in 60's!! It was open windows and air out winter from home!! However, it went cold again today!! Miprezious insisted her heavy coat be put on her this morning, but got tired of waiting for Max to put on his usual six layers as he is always cold due to his liver failure!! Mi finally went to her alcove with "Piddle Pads" down and squatted!! I did not raise any dummy!! So, Max then got to undress himself. Mi went to Eunice as she was hot and tired of waiting!! Then, Max had to pick up "Piddle Pad" and put down clean one!!

But, I truly had just an excellent day again!!

I now plan to get offline and stitch till I do hit the left edge!!


Terry said...

Keep those legs elevated and enjoy the stitching you have already accomplished on HD. Teapot is beautiful.

Nancy said...

Wow Deborah!!! Thats great progress on the Harley pattern for Max!!!