Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday, April 05, 2008

I will make this a habit yet!!

Needless to say, today was nothing short of BRUTAL!! I have been in excruciating pain, BUT I AM NOTcomplaining!! I have brief moments of thinking it was worth every moment of our wonderful day and evening yesterday!! Eunice, Max and I did have an absolutely wonderful time, but I way over did my time up!! I have got some very "nasty" swelling in legs, but Max says he has seen me worse!! I don't know when and prefer to keep it that way!!

I fully intended to stay in my stitching recliner and do nothing, but stitch this entire day!! I did not even want to try to move or not have my legs fully elevated!! I have had to take fast acting morphine since last night as the pain is so bad!! But, I think they will be all right or perhaps, my judgment is impaired by additional morphine!! It is hard to say, but I truly do not regret doing my little break-out and it did me a world of good just to get out finally. We just needed to not "stay out" quite as long as we did!! I did finally say we had to give it up and head for home and everyone cashed out immediately. Even the casinos have changed since I was last in them. There is hardly no need of attendants whatsoever any more!! This is too bad, as I am sure many lost their jobs!!

Unbelievably, we have a local casino right here in Clinton on the river frontage. It is only about 12 blocks from our home!! In fact, Eunice has got "GOLD" rating at the local casino!! This enables her to have all the meals and drinks she, and her guests "us", would like any time we choose to go. Eunice has chosen to go for "brunch" tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m.!! I can not believe I agreed to go when she checked on us after supper tonight!! Max was at an AA Meeting, so I can not even place blame on him!! I think I have re-created the casino "monster"
personality in me again!!

I should know better. And, locally there are too many people I can run into including my primary care physician as I know he has got the "gambling fever" also!! My whole life was ruined because of this local casino if I care to go way back to the very beginning. I won $40,000, a once in a life time fluke, April 29, 2002. It happened about midnight as Max had "asked me out" that evening and we went to casino for supper and a few hours of gambling!! Max was really tired, and he lived about 12 miles south of Clinton, back then!! He was actually at the exit doors waiting on me!! I was too lazy to walk back to the "bank" way at the rear end of the casino and I was running Keno numbers up front end of casino. I just decided to double, triple and quadruple down and all of a sudden I see 8 out of 10 numbers come in and I thought "wow, new dress I want so badly"!! Then, the 9th popped in and right at the end of round good ole 10th came up and I just about fainted!! No one ever knew what to call me when Max and I were out together. Most knew we had been married many years before, and few knew actually what our status was at this time. One of the regular gals ran over to Max and told him , "that woman he was with" me just had hit 10 out of 10 and he called her a "liar"!! She then told him I was quadrupled down!! Max then told her he was sure she was "lying"!! By this time, the crowd had surrounded me and Max could not reach me to find out just what I had done, but he soon started to realize it was something extraordinary!! The odds are one in nine million of getting these numbers!! Needless to say, it took us a very long time to clear the paper work alone!! When I finally got home, Max was actually almost in a "mad" that he could never outdo this one!! He promptly left and went back to his apartment. I just sat dazed all night long thinking of cruises, clothes, jewelry, easy street for awhile, etc., etc., etc.!! Well, reality hit early the next morning as word spread, one of the guy friends I had came by with rolls and coffee!! He just automatically said he would get me the best contractors, but I would have to travel down to big city, 50 miles south of us, to pick out building materials for home!! I thought this man does not know what he is talking about. He soon got it through to me, this was my luckiest break I was ever going to have and that I really had to use a great amount of this jackpot to bring my home up to date. Even, I cringed each time I came and went as my roofing was all curling up and flaking off the top of roof!! I was just very lucky that the roof had not started leaking yet!! So, I got new roof, house shaped up, new furnace/central air, hot water heater, you name it besides cruise, clothes and jewelry!! We went down to big city May 04, 2002, for me to pick out colors of roofing, etc. We also picked up the pond/fountain materials for secured gated area along with several hundred pounds of white marble chips to edge the Cape Cod fence with!! Miprezious was a natural digger and fence would never held her by itself!! While getting all this, a couple of teen boys started playing "chicken" with the building material's back warehouse and yard fork lifts!! They soon were yelled at by the foreman!! One got a load of river rock and started for the stock pile of it to add to it. The other boy came out of an aisle and the game re-began!! The teen with river rock load did not understand he could not stop as quickly with a full load as he did unloaded!! To make a long story short, he got me!! And, this began my steady deterioration to becoming wheelchair bound!!

Today, was a Eunice#2 day here!! She came in and was on her cell phone. She has a cell phone that announces the caller's name over and over and over until she answers or resets it!! It has been source of major stress for especially Max and truthfully me at times!! Evidentally, Max had long discussion with Eunice yesterday while enroute up north!! Eunice mentioned something about this while we were in rest room at Olive Garden, but I really had no idea of what she was talking about!! I believe, I am understanding that Eunice assured Max she would have a "chat" with Eunice#2 regarding this situation!! Obviously, we got home much too late last night!!

I had told Eunice#2 right off this morning, that it was NOT going to be a good day for me as I was in excruciating pain and I wanted to be left totally alone in my stitching room!! Max came home from his morning meeting. I had tried to approach Eunice#2 a few weeks ago, and told her Max was on his last nerve with her phone and it's non-stop ringing. Eunice#2 has to receive a call each day from a school principal in an "intervention" process with one of her six children!!
Eunice#2 feels very justified that she should be able to receive any, and all, telephone calls that continue to come in!! Eunice#2 did set her phone to "vibrate" after my "chat" with her. I was trying to warn her that Max is used to dealing with employees in a power generating station and he did not allow any phone calls short of life or death emergency while guys were on job!! He was sent to special seminars just on this subject!! Eunice#2 maintains even while she worked at hospital she was allowed to take these calls. There is no way any one would allow the number of calls she gets any given day!! I feel absolutely terrible, as I do not feel well to begin with and that I had the added stresses of Eunice#2 and Max at each other today!! Max has just had his fill today!! And, of all days possible, one of her children got locked out of their home today and had to come up here for her key!! Max really hit the roof!! I heard him before I ever saw him.
This is a rare happening!! Then, suddenly Eunice#2 comes bursting into my stitching room absolutely in full upset complete with tears while I was on phone trying to get my maiden name changed with my Internet Service Provider to my married name of Markham!! She realized I was on the phone and said she would return as she just had to "get everything off her chest"!!
I truly did not know what to do. I felt I should defend and back my husband and his decisions in his home, but yet I felt so bad for Eunice#2!! I truly wanted to say "let your hubby get these calls at his job next week and see what happens"!! I thought that might make the most sense to every one involved the easiest way possible, but knew her hubby would be fired within first day!! So, there I was!! I did not know if Eunice had chance to speak with Eunice#2 or not!!
So, I called Eunice and left a voice mail about noon that she needed to call me ASAP!! I thought she could simply de-escalate the anger and fighting between Max and Eunice#2. Eunice must have knew what I needed as she came right over without calling to ask!! I don't know who said what as I thought let the three of them come to a truce!! Eunice#2 then came in my room again and told me she was helping out here just because she cared!! She had a room full of undone laundry, but she was here. The money meant nothing, as she cared. AT $9 CASH per hour, I could not find a leg to stand on to try to explain this one to a very angry, more angry than I think I have ever seen prior, Max!! Eunice#2 then asked me to join the three of them in kitchen or did I want them to come into my room and meet? NO WAY - NO ROOM!! So, I toddled out to kitchen and Eunice#2 asked me if I wanted this to be her last day or she would continue with her phone calls!! I simply just sat there looking for "help" in any form from any one!! To tell you the truth, I honestly do not know what the end conclusion was!!

Max was "fortunately" in the hospital when Social Services showed up at our door!! Max was "fortunately" in the hospital this past February when I could not even take minimum care of Miprezious and I during awful ice storm!! Max was "fortunate" that Eunice darted across town about a month ago when he "bled out" in bathroom!! And, no I don't think "fortunate" has any thing to do with being so "unfortunate" to be needing hospitalization!! However, in these instances I would have gladly traded places with him!! I was never so scared and upset ever in my entire life!! I was alone. Eunice was in Bermuda during some of these most awful times.
Eunice#2 was the only person who came to my aid and was first to tell me "Deborah, you are going to be okay"!! And, now every part of me wants to say "Eunice#2 it will be okay", but I can not do this in this particular situation!!

I am sure my pain levels and morphine did not help my judgment of things today!! And, I guess this is why I say I have no idea if this was settled or if so "what are conditions Max feels settled and/or Eunice#2 justified"!!

Good grief, I get a Caretaker that I totally trust the household finances to and am sure she would never take so much as a penny from here!! In fact, she found a dime in washer the other day and made sure I noted she placed it on fireplace mantle for Max to pick up!!

I still think Max feels "overpaid" and Eunice#2 feels "overworked"!! And, I do not have a clue as to what to do or how to handle this whatsoever. I have not been to any "Caretaker Seminars" nor have I been told what to do or not to do!! All I can say is I have to pray real hard on this one over weekend. Eunice#2 is due back to work at 10:00 a.m. Monday morning!!

Well, I have got myself a written record of this day now and perhaps reading and re-reading may some time show me an answer!! All I can say is Lord help us!!

I do not have a picture of updated progress of today on my Harley project!! And, needless to say, I am not asking for one this night!! I may find myself being "terminated"!! So, it is off to elevate for me and hopefully loose some swelling before time for brunch tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m. This eating out is coming back to me all too well ,I am afraid ,and I REALLY LIKE IT!!

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Meari said...

Good grief, what a quandry you've been in. I'm not sure what to say because I'm wondering how many phone calls a day E#2 gets, or whether it's the fact that she gets a phone call. I do know that times have changed since Max has been in the workforce, and employers have become more flexible with employees in order to keep the good ones. It sounds as if E#2 is a good one, aside from the phone calls. I agree, though, the phone should be put on vibrate.