Saturday, April 12, 2008

It's Saturday - April 11, 2008

The little sweet corn eater!!

Great progress!!

I truly had just a lovely day again, just putzing around my Stitching Room a bit!! I have taken on Max's awful cold and it is miserable, but I am not going to let it bother me, although it is starting to win as my sinus and glands are swollen. I feel like my ears are plugged and the congestion is overwhelming!! I think I am about to try my oxygen up a notch and see if it will make a difference in my getting a good deep breath!!

I HAVE PROGRESS on my Harley Davidson project. Although, I have not gotten over to the left edge yet, and I am beginning to sweat a bit!! I "think" it may all go on my fabric, but it sure is way off center!! But, centering does not mean a whole lot on this project. It is going to be matted and framed hopefully if there is enough fabric when I get to left edge!! I AM going to get to that darn edge tonight!! The last four nights I have fallen asleep about as quick as I transfer into my lift recliner and get comfy!! I will put picture above!! I think the good Lord is smiling on this project as it originally was planned to be needed on April 19, but being this AA Group is celebrating it's anniversary they decided to have a pig roast and since our weather has turned so "nasty" again they rescheduled it for May 25. They sure would have had my vote!! However, my beloved, Max, asked if any of the grocery stores had ketchup in their sales flyer's this week.
I could not imagine why this question came up!! Max said he had told every one about my father's fantastic sweet barbecue sauce recipe and pretty soon several asked about getting some made for the pig!! Max says we will be needing lots of ketchup as Max now has volunteered me to make gallons of my barbecue sauce!! I asked if that was before, or after, my last little "x"!!
I understand people volunteered to help, if I would give up my recipe, but I don't have a recipe and I only make it in small batches!! I just, very amazingly know, you put so much of this and that in it!! I sure am going to be sooooooooo happy when this is completed as I want back to my railroad tracks, whoa, something I thought I never would say!! Well, my doll houses are awaiting plumbing also!!

One of our grocery stores, Hy-Vee, a national chain, had Peaches n' Cream Sweet Corn in this past week. I would never have bought it when I was doing grocery shopping, irregardless of the Produce Manager, however, he convinced Max that this particular load was selling out as quick as he put it out at 3 ears for $1. Max bought it the first day, and it was amazingly, very good. So, he bought more the next time he was in the store. Miprezious loves anything with butter on it, but especially corn!! That little stinker had 2 ears each night we had it this week!! Max has a stack of old beach towels from our cabin days that he puts down on the floor to keep the carpet clean when Mi gets something we know is going to be messy!! Well, we had barbecued baby back pork ribs one night along with the corn and I know she out eats me when it comes to meat!! However, when it comes to barbecue Mi sits at the oven and stands guard all day long!!

We let her have rib bones, but we closely supervise these and "trade" each time she even begins to break off bone. That beach towel was so soiled with barbecue sauce and butter you could hardly tell what color it actually started out to be. Max has to take a first bite out of Mi's ear of corn to start it for her and then she eats it row by row!! Max got pictures of her enjoying the first 2008 ears of corn!
I have had a strange week with Eunice and Max!! When Max threatened, and tried, to "terminate" Eunice #2 last week, Eunice very definitely sided with Max and against her own niece!! Max and Eunice have had some real long periods of time for chat without my presence like on the many trips they made to hospital and Surgeon's pre-op appointments and day of surgery. This is in addition, to several brief local appointments. Eunice came over one night last week and seemed only interested in our "That Room" and what shape it was in. Pretty poor, in fact, very bad, but, Max got on Eunice#2 to get on getting all the clutter removed from that room almost the first thing the very next morning. Then, we had the surprise guest at our outing Saturday for brunch!!
I very much believe that Antoinette is a done deal. I got a strange call from Eunice yesterday, as she was in Chicago, and she said she did not have a good cell reception was she cut the call very short. I was not quite sure I heard her correctly. I thought she said, "she would have "her", at our home, either Sunday afternoon or first thing Monday morning"!! Eunice#2 immediately became quite upset and really pressed me for exactly what did she say. And, I repeated myself again. Eunice#2 immediately hit "redial" and called Eunice back. Eunice told her to put me on the phone and she repeated herself again and told me to tell Eunice#2 not to redial her again!! I did ask for clarification as to who "her" was. It was Antoinette!! In fact, Antoinette went back to Chicago with Eunice to "tie up all loose ends and close every thing up" that she had left needing attention to!!
I have never been so confused in my life!! I have hoped, and prayed, for months for the "needle in the haystack" full-time live-in Caretaker for us and our home!! The very first time I ever met Antoinette, I said a prayer, at that time, could she possibly be here to chat about our job opening!! Well, I guess she loves our beautiful home, Miprezious, us and, of course, our neighborhood. Antoinette is going to be 52 in September!! She is a very quiet speaking and very mannered lady. She has been going to work (12 hour mandatory day entering data in computer. She was in Emergency Room twice in last few weeks as she started having severe muscle spasms in neck and shoulder!) and to church every time it's doors were open for any reason. She volunteered for kitchen duty and pitched in where ever she was needed!! She is divorced. When we all met for brunch on Saturday, "Tony", was first to get to me while Eunice and Max parked vehicles. She immediately propped me up the way I need to be to avoid leaning out of chair and straightened my legs out and made sure my feet were securely placed on foot rests. I did not even know it was her, at first, and as soon as she realized this, she was quick to apologize for startling me!! I told her I should have been more alert!!
This gal is very nice, but Eunice#2 is dead set against her, but I feel this is some what a "Job Security" problem for her. Eunice#2 got her own mother, to rent her a room in her home when she was needing a place to stay 5-6 weeks ago!! And, Antoinette also has lost her job in the past ten days or so. I can some what understand this also as the company she was working for is known for being very hard to work for and if you miss a set quota of "strokes" on keyboard per day you are "history"!! I am thinking she may be getting some unemployment benefits for at least a short time, however, she hits the job seeking each and every day. I think she may have to find a very minimum part-time job to supplement her income needs here. However, finding some work like this will be a bit hard, as I need her most definitely every morning to get me awake, out of that "darn" bed, bathed and dressed. I am usually good till noon and may, or may not, need help navigating my way to bath room. I don't usually want any lunch, especially if I have eaten breakfast!! However, there is always something needing cleaning in the home and laundry!! However, she might have to rearrange her keeping this home clean and shining during early evening if she is working out of this home afternoons. We usually have our big meal each evening. I usually try to arrange fixing a plate for my mother and Max runs it up to her. She lives straight up from our home eighteen blocks. Max will take in her mail and bring home (we have a tote dumpster) her garbage which amounts to very little!! On recycling day Max will carry her newspaper buckets to the curb. He usually takes covers off her meal and gets her set up at her dining room table!
Tony also seemed to get along with Miprezious quite well. That is of utmost importance to me!! And, Miprezious does demand the Caretaker's to pay attention to her!!
I guess I should go with my "gut instinct", and not question Eunice's judgment, however, after being robbed of such large amounts by the old day Caretaker I am nothing, but very skeptical and overly critical of each new gal we have interviewed recently!!
I wonder if Tony will stitch!! This could give her extra points with me!!
Well, once again I am off to elevate and see orange and black all evening and well into tomorrow!!


katkiley said...

Hey Girlfriend.

Your Harley progress is nothing short of amazing! At this rate you will definitely get it finished in time.


Rene la Frog said...

vetjtauaMiprezious with her corn reminds me of a dog I had who loved Watermelon and would spit out the seeds.

The Harley project looks GREAT!! I bet it will be a long time before you'll want to use orange or black again.

I sure hope eveything works out with your new caretaker.

Meari said...

I hope "Tony" works out for you if you decide to hire her. Seems like a whirlwind of people coming and going at your house, and with all that's happened you have a right to be skeptical and on guard about people you don't really know. Stay safe. :)