Thursday, April 10, 2008

Same Old, Same Old April 09, 2008

Another day, another stitch!! Good ole "Mr. Sand Man" beat me again last night!!

Today was a wonderful day!! Eunice#2 and Max, worked somewhat nicely together, on "That" Room!! I worked very slowly and intermitently on my Stitching Room while supervising Eunice and Max also!! And, tried to referee, before any fur flew again!!

Eunice came over today to take Max to his Nephrologist that comes down to our local Dialysis Unit, but he is from specialists 120 miles north of us!! He said Max was doing "okay" yet, but was glad to see this "fistula" seemed to be a success!! Max has been bleeding from his incision almost since he came home from the surgery two weeks ago tomorrow!! The blood and "fluid" as Nephrologist called it is forming a large ball right in middle of his arm and just suddenly lets go!! Max dresses like a street person with at least six layers of clothing on almost all the time. For bed he will go down to tee shirt, sweat shirt and very heavy turkish towel type robe and sleeps in all three. His "beloved Thermopedic" bed is supposed to warm you within minutes of getting into it and we have a Velux blanket on it and it definitely warms you immediately upon getting under it!! I wake up soaking wet most nights!! Miprezious demands a floor fan blowing on her all night (another thank you for teaching her Max) and I am instantly frozen should I have to get up in the middle of the night!! However, Max lays there and continues to just shiver!! Well, he has not went near his "beloved Thermopedic" (for those who don't know, I was just livid with Max for getting rid of my beloved Pillow Top mattress for this $6.003.00 monster Thermopedic bed he had to have) bed in about ten days and has stayed sleeping in his recliner!!

He does not sleep more than two hour periods without getting up and pacing through house for a period of time, however!! Three nights ago, he awoke in his chair and you literally could ring out his sweatshirt with the amount of blood it had taken on!! He has bled through one bandage after another!! But, yet the Nephrologist said every thing was okay today!! Our darling Beth, who has been on dialysis a number of years, called me this evening and I was telling her about what was going on. She said she would get the Surgeon on the phone immediately as this indicates infection the way it forms ball and lets go!! I don't know what was wrong with Nephrologist today, but as Beth pointed out it was not his expertise and the Surgeon should handle this. Max has two doctors who attend AA with him each morning. The one is like a family friend as he was the only doctor who would come to the Emergency Room and take care of me the night I ended up on life support. This doctor directed full code and stabilizing so Medic Evac would finally accept me for transport. I will always have a large debt and gratitude to this man, but I would not like him as my primary care physician!! I tried as he wanted to see me immediately upon my return back to Clinton, however, his dad (also a doctor) was Max's AA sponsor, and after 45 minutes of patting himself on the back for saving me that night he went into about 4 hour rendition of AA with Max. I was tired and bored!! I did not want to go through this as often as I need a doctor so I passed on making him primary care physician. Max did go to him for some time!! Now, Max and him still discuss his "save" with me!! I think it might have been his only one in his lifetime!! But, even so I am ever more thankful for him. I told Max to get his opinion of this bleeding at morning's AA meeting!! As for me, Beth has gone through enough of this that I will take her opinion above and beyond the locals!!

Eunice came in after going to Nephrologist with Max today!! I knew she had some thing on her mind. I also knew that yesterday she was checking out the condition of "That" Room!! Seemed funny that Max was so adamant about cleaning up "That" Room, also, but he soon became bored with it and tried to sit in front of the boob tube as usual!! I thought, "Oh, No"!! I have decided that this entire home is going to be scoured and every thing must have a purpose and must have a place to be kept here!! I am so tired of clutter, that it is driving me back into a full-blooded, nit-picking perfectionist again!! I want every thing so shined that you can see yourself in it, the carpets absolutely spotless and every thing in it's place!! Eunice#2 keeps her own home this way in spite of having six children!! She had a day off from here yesterday as she had to go to college course and do thirteen loads of laundry!!

Well, it turns out that Eunice has a possibility for us to become our full time live-in Caretaker!!

Eunice is going to have her come over and just spend an afternoon with us and see what we think of her. Eunice said that giving her board and room in our beautiful home would be adequate compensation for taking full time care of us!! But, she also added that this gal would have to get a part-time job in order for her to have her own money!! Eunice has brought this gal over to visit a couple of times and she also invited her to have brunch with us this past Saturday morning!! Eunice had instructed Max to just let me off at the main entrance of the casino were we were having brunch and that Max should come back to where she was parked and she would give him the parking place as it was one of only two handicapp places in entire area!! This gal suddenly appeared out of no where and had a white blouse and black slacks on like the casino employees. Casino is very alert and good to handicapped customers!! I suddenly had a gal straightening out my legs, but then propping me up on pillow so I did not lean too far over on my right side as I naturally do now!! I thought how did this casion emploee know to do this as I had not been down there in a few years at all!! Here, this gal, was Tony, Eunice's long time friend and prospective full time Caretaker for us!! She immediately knew I had not recognized her and began to apologize for getting me arranged in wheelchair without me realizing it was her!! I said it was no problem, but I thought the gal was psychic to know just how Eunice or Max always would put me while getting me transferred into wheelchair!! Tony was very pleasant during brunch and she made a special effort to come find us and say Eunice and her were needing to leave, but she hoped to see us again soon!!

Well, now I have been praying, and praying, for a live-in Caretaker to suddenly emerge and take over here!! I am trying to now figure this out as to if this was answered prayer or what!!

I do not think I will be jumping right one this, as I am so skeptical after dealing with all our regular eight hour shift gals and three of them robbing us blind!! But, this gal has been always been very pleasant. Eunice says all this gal does is go to work (which she just lost her job) and go to church every time some thing is going on at it!!

All I can do is hope, and look for a sign she is the right person we need!!

Well, I will attempt to retrieve the smidgen of stitching I progressed with last night!!

Tomorrow, I am going to elevate all day as I have to go to doctor on Friday, JUST so he can fill out Medicare papers to their liking so I can be approved for an electric wheel chair!! I don't want my legs looking as rough as they do now, so tomorrow is make up day for rest of week!! I know I will hit that left side by tomorrow night's posting!!

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Meari said...

It seems to me that Max's bleeding is NOT normal two weeks after surgery. And this "letting loose" doesn't sound right either! Max needs to get it looked at by the doctor who put the fistula in.

It's great to know you're back to stitching again! :)