Thursday, January 1, 2009


Hello Dearest Ones,

Okay!! I know this is supposed to be a Holiday Day!! I know, I have always had a big formal dinner that I pretty much cooked in recent years and totally cooked in long past years!! I know, I have always had a home full of people and life!!

Well, today was new life!! No formal dinner or lots of people!! Just my dear and beloved, Miprezious and myself!! We had visits from Granny Lou and Eunice and lots and lots of phone calls!! "I", all by myself, baked Chewey Pecan Brownies last evening and made some Potato Bacon Soup this morning. It was just right for a very cold day!! Granny Lou came over with Chocolate Fudge for us and left with Brownies and Potatoe Soup. And, later she called to tell us just how yummy every thing was and that she had plenty left for tomorrow also!! And, Eunice called that she had already been to the Casino again and that she had been there until about 3:00 a.m. last evening!! I asked why she had even made the trip home!! LOL!! Eunice said she had made Seafood Gumbo, as has been her New Year's tradition, although it was frozen and just needed to be thawed from another time when she made it!! I just don't like fish and seafood will swell my lips up over my nose in reaction to it!! She did take a plate of Brownies home to Marion as we know what a sweet tooth he has!! Miprezious was absolutely thrilled to see both Granny Lou and Eunice and, of course, demanded her belly rubbed as usual!!

It is quite cold outside with a substantial amount of ice and snow still standing!! A Group, HEARTS AND HANDS, connected with me some weeks ago!! They volunteered to put up a handicap ramp on the front of my home!! The utilities were here and have drawn all kinds of strange "funny faces" on the snow!! I will be anxious to see just how these people think they will be able to dig whatsoever though through the frosted ground!! I believe the ramp itself has been built in a warehouse and they will just be attaching it to my home!! The wrought iron railing on the front of my home on the stoop is supposed to be changed from one side to the other and the ramp built straight eight foot out my front door with it extending to the left ten more feet and ending in my driveway!! It will certainly make for much easier coming and going for me while in the wheelchairs and/or scooter!! I just hope every thing will mesh together!! So, it is show time tomorrow, with weather permitting!!

And, today, I have been doing what I sincerely hope will be the last organizing and cleaning beginning I do and have redone in my Stitching Sanctuary!! No matter how many times I have come so very close, I have never got every thing completely done!! Well, this time is the charm and I will finish no matter what!! Half the carpet has been cleaned and the other half will be done some time this week. Then, finally I can photograph for every one to see. Then, I can just center myself with my stitching, more stitching and more stitching!!

My mother called and is planning on coming down for a visit tomorrow!! That is also weather and her never ending problem permitting!! And, we will not go into that!!

Two more weeks and I will begin what I sincerely hope and pray will be a short and easy process of beginning to get me teeth again!! I am scheduled for the very first denture impressions on January 15!! I have been without teeth since November 20!! And, all things considered, I can not complain about this process whatsoever!! It will be okay!!

And, now I want to curl up and cross stitch until my eyes get heavy!! Several weeks ago Eunice began insisting that I start to get into my bed when my eyes first started to get heavy as I had the nasty habit of falling out of my chair and the last time resulted in a considerable blood loss!! We are not quite sure as to from where, but highly speculate we had few choices other than my nose, but I was clueless!! So, thus now, at the first signal of my growing tired, I must transfer from my Stitching Sanctuary into my own bed!! I have a bedside stitching stand situated right beside my bed and it contains several plastic canvas stitching projects such as my New Year Beaver!! Although, not my most favorite, some of these projects are quite cute and/or useful so I have started to stitch plastic canvas from my bedside as it is a bit more forgiving as far as mistakes!! Well, at least you can "frog" them easier!! And, every once in awhile a brand new finish suddenly emerges!!

And, I am off to stitch, stitch, stitch!! I am doing a special secret project as well as trying to continue to finish my Christmas present projects. Not long ago, Eunice had told me to "save my money and start "sewing" with all that "stuff" I had. And, if I did not get finished by Christmas people would just have to wait!!" Well, Eunice is still awaiting her Christmas gift as well as Granny Lou!! And, poor Wanda has not even gotten it's first stitch in yet, but shortly forthcoming!!

Good Night To All!!

Love and Hugs!!
Miprezious, too!!


Joy said...

Happy New Year to you Dearie! I am sooo happy to see you in good spirits and doing well. I can't wait to see pictures of your new Stitching Sanctuary!! Blessings & Hugs!!

Kathy said...

Happy New Year Girlfriend. Your day sounds a little like mine was. Talk to you soon.
Love and stitches

Carolyn NC said...

Happy New Year - sounds like things are off to a good start. Here's to a new life in 2009. :)

Nancy said...

Since I am reading this the day after... I hope you got your ramp put it today. It would really make a difference in your independence! Looking forward to seeing some of your wip from New Year's Day stitching!