Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Hello All,

I am working very hard at a very special project!! However, it is just not ready for prime time yet!! I needed a break today and will start some thing else just for a change of scenery, but what? Probably another Just Another Button Company Monthly Tea Pot or Tea Cup!!

Things are going very well for me and Miprezious!! She got a new groom yesterday which turned out to be quite an adventure!! Mi's Groomer is unfortunately going through the end stages of brain cancer with her husband!! She related in tears yesterday to me, as this was her idea to suddenly just do Mi out of schedule and I had to wonder, that it would be last the time she would be doing Mi for awhile so she did trim her a bit shorter!! She had decided to close her backyard shop in order to be in the home with her beloved husband!! Mi was the last one to be picked
cked up and the poor Dear was quite tearful!! However, after a very eventful drop off of Mi, her Groomer volunteered to bring her out front and to the curb side so she did try to keep her composure for the sake of the neighbors!! I told her to forget them and let it all out, before she had to return inside her home. Ironically, I was the person who convinced this lady to drop her grooming job in Davenport, 50 miles south of us, that she got from the school she had attended and to just open her doors here in town and to forget all the travel!! I can remember days of her calling and asking me, "could she make it on her own"!! I just totally told her that she surely could, BUT what did I know as I have only dabbled in running a salon for people!! And, yesterday, I had to reassure her that all her customers, who truly mattered, would be awaiting her return when it was right for her to do so!! She also told me her husband's death was surely imminent, and that she was just glad he had made it through the holidays!! The poor man has brain cancer!!

However, we also had an eventful dropping off of Mi also!! Eunice, of course, drove me in my lift van!! And, I was truly grateful that it was Eunice driving!! We have to make a sharp turn off a city street into an alley to get to this Grooming Shop. It is a renovated garage that was turned into a beautiful Grooming Salon right in the groomer's own back yard!! However, in this area of the city the blocks are old and very long, with alleys that are only one lane and very narrow!! Our city is known as one of the very worst in the entire state of Iowa for being horrible for snow and ice removal!! Well, we turned off the street and hit side to side pure ice with no tire ruts even!! Eunice kept getting out of the van in an attempt to put things under the tires hoping for the least bit of traction to result!! Nothing!! We had slid every which way to within four lots of the Grooming Salon!! We probably had tried for about fifteen minutes to make our way either, or any, way through the alley!! Finally, Eunice said we had better cell phone the groomer!! Good trick without having a phone book or knowing the phone number!! Besides, it is also a cell number as she does not have a regular land line phone in her garage!! Thus, Eunice got out of the van again and decided to walk the four lots length through people's yards where she could. I so feared a strange dog grabbing on to her or God forbid she fall on this awful ice as I was helpless to be able to help her!! It is incidents like this, that make me question my desire to be able to get out on my own for short errands such as this!! Eunice did make it to the Grooming Salon and the groomer's brother-in-law was in the shop with her as he had just arrived to sit with his brother so she could groom her special babies one more time for awhile!! Thus, the groomer and her brother-in-law put on those sole ice cleats and started back along with Eunice with every one carrying a large pail of sand!! The brother-in-law tried to pour sand under our tires, but it proved to help very little at all!! After seeing this was not going to work, the brother-in-law walked back and got his old pick-up truck and came in the alley behind us and went around our van and he then started working trying to put a chain under the front of our van and onto his trailer hitch!! Eunice told the groomer to go back inside as it was very cold outside also!! The brother-in-law was then able to creep us along towing us out of the alley.

Thus, a two minute drop off errand took over a hour!!

And, to add to my own misery, I changned my little pink "princess" phone I so wanted into my Stitching Sanctuary as I have made great strides in getting the room completely redone and reorganized!! And, back when the "princess" phones were, there certainly was not any Caller ID attached to them!! I even went to great lengths of chaning my master bedroom Caller ID into my Stitching Sanctuary!! Wanda was here and we tested these devices out and they worked perfectly!! Then, a bit earlier this evening, Barbara Walter's Special on Patrick Swazey and his battle with pancreatic cancer was aired on television!! My mother had a very avid interest in this program as it is a subject very close to her heart, as well as my own, due to my father loosing his battle with the same pancreatic cancer!! There was a commercial interruption in the program and my phone rang. I looked at Caller ID and it indicated my mother again!! Thus, I answered the phone and it was the "A$$"!! He is still "supposedly" homeless yet!! And, I asked if he had not gotten montly rates at the Casino!! I had just spoken with some friends yesterday, and we all were in agreement that since the "A$$" had spent Christmas week at the Casino hotel at $90 per night that his "month" two incoming checks should be running out any day as his month appears to be continuing to get shorter each month!! I literally said more than "Hello" and he just went non-stop about all his woes!! Finally, he asked what did I think? And, I told him I had no opinion as nothing he had said involved me whatsoever any longer!! And, he rebegan all over again!! I still would say absolutely nothing!! Then, he started to tell me all his out-of-town appointments he had coming up in next few weeks and he finally pushed my buttons when he said, "you will have to lend me your van" to get to these as he probably was going to have his P.O.S. (don't make me say it - "Pile Of Sxxx") car was going to be reproed!! I finally just told him, I could do nothing for him, including "lending him my van", so he better be making other arrangements!! Well, "he wanted to be friends and continue to at least take me out again, until I could believe him again"!! I lost it!! I just calmly collected myself though and told him he had never told me the truth in his first thirty years, so I needed no more of my time wasted!!

I am so "pissed" at myself for relying on this darn phone to be working, as it clearly is not!! I need to get every thing together, all over again, as Wanda and I just changed every thing out last evening!! But, since 90% of my every day and evening is spent in my Stitching Sanctuary it is now imperative for me to get all this phone equipment checked and rechecked to be sure it is operating correctly!! And, the crew of church "Hearts And Hands" volunteers just started to put up my outside handicap ramp this afternoon. They are planning on cutting out a large section of the fence that protects both of my outside entrances from unwanted visitors!! They predicted it would be open for about four days!! That would be if they showed up regularly, which thus far they have not whatsoever!! I have been hard pressed to complain as this Group has purchased the over $2,000 in materials for the handicap ramp and they are simply just church volunteers which include a building contractor which simply gives of their spare time to build and install this ramp!! But, now the thought of my protective fence being a gaping hole terrifies me!! I will certainly be dressed for the extreme cold we are presently having tomorrow and will be prepared to go out and have a chat with these fellows!!


What a Pain In The A$$!!

Love and Hugs!!



Miprezious, too!!


Carolyn NC said...

Sounds like an eventful day - sorry to hear about your groomer's DH. Stay strong!

Meari said...

I'm glad you're finally getting a ramp. How exciting! I bet Mi looks cute with her new 'do' :)