Saturday, January 3, 2009


Hello Dearest All,

Well, as soon as I can finish a second one of these "GOOD NEIGHBOR" Samplers, I will be almost done with Christmas, 2008 Stitching. I have a duplicate Sampler I need to do, except where the "S" is, I need to make an "A". This Sampler is for Eunice and Marion Short and the one in progress will be for Granny Lou Adkins!! So close, but yet so far!!

I am thinking, I want to make these into Flatfolds, but am truly open to any better ideas!!

I have several pieces of fabric which I have purchased online that will do nicely!! However, I would love to get to a store which sells finishing materials such as braids, cording and different edgings. I have a whole large plastic bin of ribbons, but not exactly what is needed for many ornaments and flatfolds. Some day, I will get to one of these type stores and look out trimming department!! I am definitely on a Stash Embargo myself, but I do have a big need for trimming options. I have such a yen and desire to try every thing this year, like Altoids Boxes, Paper Mache Boxes, Ornaments, Bell Pulls, Biscornus, Fobs and hopefully some absolutely awesome Pinkeeps and Cubes!! I have binders of Tutorials and I plan to just "jump in" and begin to try new things this stitching year!!

AND, I truly would like to begin my making Eunice and Marion Short's and Granny Lou Adkin's Samplers absolutely awesome being they are LATE, LATE, LATE!! I also have a small African-American little angel that I have to stitch and finish for Wanda's Christmas gift!! Thankfully, all three have expressed complete patience as all "seem" thrilled at getting a piece stitched especially for each of them.

We are having another freezing ice storm looming over us that may or may not come tonight!! I hope it does not, as Eunice and I had just got into the habit of going to church on Sunday. If the weather is nasty outside in the morning, Eunice will not attempt to take me out!!

And, for some unknown reason, all the happy faces still remain in my snow out front. No one did show up yesterday to begin my handicap ramp, but when it is being done all by volunteer help, I surely can not complain!! Nor, am I in any real hurry for it to be done either. Funny, last night, I laid awake thinking just how I could decorate it with summer flowers come this Spring, even though I have not even seen it yet!! I just pictured those metal brackets you can place over railings which will hold flower vases that you can plant real flowers in or even put silk flowers in I suppose!! WHOA!! Guess, I will wait for winter snow to clear up a whole lot first!!

I have done nothing to speak of!! Received lots and lots of phone calls last night and today!! I did a whole bunch of reorganizing and putting stitching "Stash" away!! So many little pieces, skeins of floss, pieces of ribbon and buttons that needed to be put in their appropriate places!! My cleaning Motto: Must have a Purpose and must have a place to be kept or IT IS OUT OF HERE!! For weeks, my garbage tote was absolutely overflowing with bags of things with no purpose or was dragged across the street to Eunice's garage for her Spring Sale!! Now, about a bag per week is thrown away and the rest is put away!! I just love to sit in my Stitching Sanctuary and view another shelf suddenly appearing absolutely perfect. Another few days, and this entire Stitching Sanctuary will be absolutely PERFECT!!

And, I am still pondering the article in Funk & Weber's Newsletter that arrived yesterday!! A new start every single week!! Oh, how very, very tempting!! I believe I read that Wanda is actually considering starting some thing every other week!! I look at all the beautiful dozens and dozens of things I have looking at me in my Stitching Sanctuary and am tempted!! As the Newsletter stated, it is start some thing new every single week or probably NEVER get these things even started!! I also keep running through my head some very good advice that Mare gave me several weeks ago. I was relating to her that I had such a large rotation, that I would either NEVER get it all done or else I would suddenly start having finish after finish as many things should get nearer and closer to done each time I work on them!! But, Mare pointed out to me that I seemed so much happier than I had been with my stitching in quite a long time!! She pointed out to me, even way back then, that I was getting pure pleasure from just stitching and that it truly mattered little if, or when, if I ever got any of my things finished!! However, some how I feel like I have the need for "finishes" at some point!! However, I am thinking of grouping my things into groups of about the same size stitching areas!! Thus, I would have Small, Mediium, Large and simply Big A$$ Projects all in separate groups or perhaps intermixed for the surprise finish every now and then. And, then I am considering the possibility of really taking an exceptional liking to some of the projects and giving them some extra special time!! Well, you can only check back and see how my list goes!! First, I need to gather all my black "green" bags and make a total list of just what I have started already and simply add to it!!!

And, of course, in trying to keep up this List, I am going to have to learn how to do such lists on this computer along with trying to get along with my digital camera to try and take pictures along with this list!!

Well, all I can really say I know for sure is above is Finish Number One for 2009 GOOD NEIGHBOR by Erica Michaels!!

Love and Hugs!

Deborah and Miprezious


Carolyn NC said...

Love this sampler - I'm sure your neighbors will be thrilled with it when you're done!

Kathy said...

And finish number two will be here before your know. That will be followed by three, four, five.......... You can do it!

Beth said...

Oh, Miss D! You sound SO much happier, Mare is right! How great that you already have a finish this year! Everyone is ahead of me! LoL!

Take care & call soon!