Sunday, January 4, 2009


Hello Dearest Ones,

Yes, it is yet another Sunday!! As much as I am trying, I have not had success yet, in making one day be different from the next, especially Sundays!!

Eunice and I began "church shopping" a few months ago!! We found most to be quite unfriendly and down right cold!! However, we did go back to my "home" church, the Episcopal Church!! I "think", ideally, that Eunice would like to find comfort in the Catholic Church as this is where she was raised!! Personally, the Catholic faith does not set well with me as I am a divorced woman and divorce makes you some thing "less" than human in the Catholic faith!! I can give all I can give monetarily, and I can donate all the crafts I can stitch to their annual bazaars and fund raisers and I can work as long as my body can do at these fund raisers and bazaars to keep them running and their dishes washed!! But, I can not take Communion or even have the last rites of anoiting as I am that same divorced and less than human woman!! And, Eunice is this same status as a divorced woman also!! So, this leaves me totally confused as to "WHY" she would want to go some where that automatically will "mark" us as less than adequate and "unholy" women that we can not receive the sacraments of this church!! I tend to call my home Episcopal Church as "Catholic Lite" as if you would not see a sign indicating you were entering an Episcopal Church you could easily think you were in a full Catholic Church minus the "confessionals", of which I never believed in, and would be fully accepted as the fine women that we are!! And, we were both rewelcomed and welcomed into this Episcopal Congregation with such warmth and geniune caring that was quite hard to believe. I was ready to hang up our efforts to "shop" further on, but Eunice wants to continue on evidently!! And, Eunice and I had a bargain and I will not try to even begin to renege and say I do not want to "shop" any further. As long as Eunice is not comfortable where we find, it is perfectly all right with me to continue looking until she does!! I just don't understand what else we could possibly be searching for other than a later start time than 9:30 A.M.!! But, that I will leave up to Eunice!!

And, the days of my cooking a big Sunday special dinner are also appearing to be over for now!! I sincerely hope this is just a short term thing, but with my mother not being able to come down to my home any longer there is little need for me to cook a big and special dinner just for myself just because it is Sunday!! But, if nothing else changes perhaps this is exactly what I need to do, but perhaps just down scaled a bit!!

I used to love to cook and especially try new recipes!! But, now it hardly seems worth it!! If, I cook an omelet and hash browns, I now consider them to be one of my bigger meals of the week!! However, perhaps after my getting teeth again this will all change again!! For right now, I guess things are okay, but it sure makes for a real long week!!

And, I guess I could make Sundays as a new start for a new project day, but I would soon run out of storage space and run into some room fast becoming a disorganized mess!! I sure do not want to backslide on this!!

I guess it all comes down to my need to find a live-in full-time Caregiver and Companion!! It would be so nice to have some one who can actually carry on an adult conversation be here and just have some one to chat with. And, to simply have some adult companionship would mean so very much any more. It is not that I so direly need some one to take care of my personal needs any longer, as I am becoming more self sufficient each day!! It is just darn lonely day in and day out here. All I can say, is I thank God daily for Miprezious!!

I did have a bit of excitement, such as it was, here this day!! Eunice and I talked late last evening about getting up this morning to go to some church!! However, Eunice expressed she was very tired and needed to catch up on her sleep!! Eunice has been going to the Casino quite often lately and since she does not go until quite late she usually stays until 2-3:00 A.M. each time!! Thus, Eunice is dragging every day yet!! Thus, we had pretty much decided we would probably be sleeping in this morning, however, Eunice did call me about 7:30 A.M. to check and see if I felt like getting up myself this morning. Since I had a rough night of not being able to fall to sleep last night, I was more than ready to roll back over and go back to sleep when she telephoned and I did!! However, I also just layed the telephone receiver down on the night stand and did not get it hung up again correctly!! Thus, my telephone was off the hood and appeared busy to any one trying to call. And, per each day, Granny Lou did start about noon, after she had gotten back from church, telephoning me to check and make sure I was okay and had been able to get out of my bed alone!! And, Granny Lou continued to get a busy signal on my telephone!! And, thus Granny Lou did begin to try my cell phone, however, I had forgotten to give Granny Lou the new cell phone number after some "A$$" had my old cell phone shut off without any prior notice and I had gotten a new cell phone and number!! Granny Lou continued to try calling for quite some time and soon became alarmed that some thing was wrong with me!! Thus, Granny Lou telephoned Eunice and asked if she had talked to me this day yet!! And, Eunice assured Granny she had and that I had been quite tired when we had spoke and that I probably had not got the telephone hung up correctly as was just what had happened!! Eunice told Granny to just use her "Clicker" and let herself in my home and check to see if I was sleeping and that if I was to just leave knowing every thing was okay!! However, I was awake and up by this time and suddenly heard my automatic door opening!! I knew it had to have been either Eunice, Marion or Granny!! I wondered who and why they were coming in!! As soon as I saw Granny come through my door I knew why she was here!! I immediately went in to check my phone and there it layed right on top of my night stand off the hook!! And, thus was the excitement for this day!!

I then just straightened some more and more in my "Stitching Sanctuary" today a bit!! And, I will probably do the same thing tomorrow, minus the telephone problem I hope!! One of these days, I will surprise myself and have my "Stitching Sanctuary" back to PERFECT and can have the rest of the carpeting cleaned and declare this room DONE!!

Mare called earlier this evening and talked for a few hours!! And, now for the rest of my evening, at least until I tire, I will stitch and only hopoe for another finish!!

Love and Hugs!!
Miprezious, too!!


Carolyn NC said...

Well, I'm glad you're doing ok & your sanctuary is looking good. Hang in there.

Nancy said...

Glad to know that all your friends continue to check on you, even if it is a phone off the hook! I was thinking I might see a stitching update this time???? Come on Deborah, you're slacking.... LOL