Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Good Morning All,
Another Morning, Another Dig Out!! Fun is Fun, but this is More Than Enough!! This used to be Miprezious' play yard!! Her first step, would turn her up Missing!!
We are still having bitter cold below zero temperatures with wind chills that make you shiver just hearing about them!! We still have not hit the height of this storm!! It is not due until mid-afternoon tomorrow!! They are predicting complete white outs tonight on a majority of this area. The winds have not picked up at all as of yet. They are expected to start again during this night and be up to 30-50 M.P.H. again and the wind chills will then go off the charts!!
Many of you up north probably think this is every day stuff, but Iowa hardly ever has hit these lows and snowfalls all at once!! This happens about once in every ten years here!! Our entire town borders it's entire east side with the Mississippi River. I do not even begin to understand the logistics, but every one says it is the Mississippi River abuting us that makes us safe from the brunt of most storms and supposedly exempt for tornados, but I have seen the damage here from those, although it has been exceptionally mild to what I have seen on the news in other places.
So, I am well aware many are worst off, but this town is literally shut down with this one!!
I have not checked in with Eunice across the street yet to see if she is still saying we are going to continue to "brave this" and just "dress warmer" and still plans to take me out to dental appointment tomorrow. I am sure she must be starting to have reservations and may be changing her mind.
I am hoping the dental clinic calls and changes it for us in telling me they simply are not even going to try to open in the morning!!
Well, this is definitely another sit back and stitch day!! I did have breakfast made for me this morning, so it looks like we are trying to have a good day!! But. looking out may be just the right incentive also!!
Hopefully, will have a Valentine Biscornu already for finishing by bed time tonight!! Who knows!!
Love and Hugs!!
Miprezious, too!!


Gabi said...

Wow, that's a lot of snow. Hope you'll have better weather soon.

Nancy said...

Yep, looks like that here too! Now if you can take nice pictures of the snow, why do we get scanned pictures of your cross stitch???

kaghos said...

yes i can she were she would disappear in the snow it is deep
your cross stitching is looking good

Carolyn NC said...

What beautiful pics of your snow!

Kathy said...

Stay warm dear friend. I hope you can reschedule your appointment for warmer days. Like May or June. LOL

Emily said...

Just love the way the sun is shining on that snow, it looks lovely.

Cynimin said...

Hi Deborah! I finally found your blog! Love the snow. I've enjoyed your postings.