Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Hello All,
My Daily, ALL DAY, Affirmation, - I AM OKAY, I AM OKAY, I AM OKAY!! I say it enough I will believe it, or is it if you say it you claim it!!
Who knows at this point?!!
I just had to put down my three Christmas presents and special secret project (have not even shared with best friends) and get a change of scenery in my stitching!! I am close to finishes on two of the Christmas gifts and secret project of my own and I do not know why I just can not pick them up and finish them!! Well, I know why on the two Christmas gifts as they are to the point they MUST be Flatfolds and my last Flatfold and I were a complete diaster!! And, I have a third Christmas gift that I have to get with the person receiving it and find out her favorite of the collection. This collection is baby angels and two of the eight had black skin. Wanda has seen them and loved them all, but thought she had to choose between the two that were shown in black skin. Dah!! Blonde roots glowing again!! At least until, many of you suggested that I just change the color of skin on all of them, as I have the color numbers right in front of me with the chart, it is child's play!! Evidently, not for me until it was pointed out!! And, I am not talking Christmas presents for 2009, OH NO these are still for 2008!! Very thankful for patient friends!!
So, I thought, okay, my perfect head start on Valentine's Day!! A simple Valentine Biscornu!! Well, actually I stitched the top of the Biscornu quite well and with some nice time to do it!! However, Monday night I got to these little heart "thingys" backstitched in each corner - as you can see they are faint in red on pattern and absent on my fabric!! I hated them when I first saw the first one!! Okay, very late at night, take look see by the light of day!! Oh, no better!! Herd of froggies entered!! This is "metallic" floss and not too easy to work with!! I stitched these in and the frogs took over taking them out more times on Tuesday and Tuesday night then I could keep count of!! Finally, chatted with Kathy K. Tuesday afternoon and she said, "leave them out"!! Another fine blonde moment!!
So, I did one more attempt and thought LEAVE THEM OUT DUMMIE!!
And, that is DUMMIE, not DEBBIE!! So, as this picture reflects I have two sides of straight border line to back stitch in and this Biscornu top is finished and I truly do not think it will be missed when finished!!
So, to say the least, Tuesday was a tense stitching day!! And, our weather has continued to worsen!! I believe, Kathy B. posted about not being able to get to an important doctor's appointment and she lives in Davenport the town next largest to me 50 miles south and is having the same weather!! It is the very worse I can remember ever!! And, we have not hit the worst yet!! That is predicted to hit mid-Thursday, tomorrow, afternoon!! Just about the same time, I was scheduled for my first dental impressions for my teeth. It will take weeks to get into this dental office if I have to cancel out tomorrow!! They are very understanding with my being handicapped, but they are also a very busy office!! Eunice has forbid my canceling yet as of yesterday!! She just says, "we will dress warmer"!! My mother brainwashed me to being quite fearful of bad ice storms and extra cold weather such as we are having. I am very fearful of being homebound by snow and/or ice and loosing power in my home alone!! I have prepared my bed to be a "refuge" for Mi and I if such happens until some one can get to me!! But, I truly worry about going out in this as I simply can not move fast enough!! Given, in my day, I would have simply made a mad dash for the entrance and then back to vehicle, but this is not going to happent, at least during this storm!!
AND, like the proverbial old penny, Max is back with me!! This is NOT permanent!! He is very well aware of this and accepts that this is for this storm and extraordinary below zero cold bout!! He also is aware, and agrees, one foul word or act, he has an instant exit to the local shelter, which is some where I would not even place an animal!!
Thus, far it has been total peace!! Although, today was Dialysis and it totally beats him down to nothing!! He is below one hundred pounds and simply can not get warm enough!! No one should ever freeze to death, but it has happened to way too many people!! He is certainly NOT one of my favorite people now, nor ever will be, but I can not stand to think of any one homeless in this awful weather!! I have had very strong words of advice for him to take his checks the first of February and get, at the very least, another room or efficiency apartment!! I am NOT going to continue to do this!!
He immediately got into recliner and went into almost comatose sleep!!
I was so tired all day also!! I went into my bedroom and took Mi with me and fell asleep mysleep late in the afternoon. Mi woke me about 7:00 p.m. HUNGRY!! I went to kitchen and placed dinner in oven and cleaned out refrigerator of leftovers to add to the hamballs that were in the oven.
Truly made quite a nice potluck!! I truly had been intent on my Biscornu stitching and then television show HOPKINS came on. I was watching this in kitchen and Max finally woke up and came to the kitchen. He did take over making the rest of dinner and helped with clean-up!! He immediately went right back to sleep again and I am sure will sleep the night through, in the living room, and may even sleep in morning!! Today will tell if peace prevails as he should be a bit more "spunky" as he does not have dialysis!! Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are dialysis days!! He simply is going to have to do some thing very soon as he can hardly put one foot in front of the other!! He will be needing the Caregiver, and sorry it is NOT going to be me!! Eunice, and most others are quite upset with me now, for relenting this much. I do realize, very well, he is "not my problem any more"!! But, he has helped me over the thirty years we were together different times!! Had he not got totally "bullheaded" and decided to "take another person against their will" as police tried to charge him with, I would probably be, most likely, still sitting in that "hellhole" Nursing Home rotting away till day I passed!! But, on the other side, he has done a whole lot of not so good things to me over the past thirty years also!! And, unlike most things, I have not forgotten a single one!!
Thus, it will either be a very short or long day today!! I will try to put on short posting at some point today!!
Any ideas on my Valentine Biscornu? Think it will look okay with out the squiggly "thingys" that I think are supposed to look like double hearts?
Till Later,
Love and Hugs,
Miprezious, too!!


Kathy said...

I think your stitching looks perfect! So are we counting this as your first FINISH of 09??

Joy said...

I LOVE it!!! You go girl! :-)

Rene la Frog said...

I think the Biscornu looks perfect without the backstitched hearts. No one but you will know they are missing. Hope you can keep warm and the storm passes quickly and you warm up.

Nancy said...

They are fine the way they are, they might even look too busy it you added them. It's cold and snowy here, I hate going out in it, but I have to work! I will not say anything about Max being back...it's your choice and you must do what you think is right and live with those choices.