Saturday, January 10, 2009


Hello All,

I have just had one of those rare, but still power packed, migraines!! I just "thought" again, (there is my trouble just in thinking!!) that the un-named "A$$" could bother me no more, but as you read in my Wednesday evening's Blog he got the jump on me again and I did answer the phone by mistake!! Well, this headache just vasculates from migraine to tension and it is just plain became a pain in my "arse"!! NO MORE!!

However, the phone continue to rings!! It is quite hard for me to race to a phone before my darn answering machine picks it up, but I have now warned most, that you probably will be getting the answering machine as I can not beat it to the phone nor will I try. I have taken two "tumbles" in the last few days and will suffice to consider myself lucky and will not be repeating this again!!

Today, he finally decided to talk to the answering machine!! Well, it is just like I am a call for "carry-out money" that he is ordering and will be direct to pick it up!! "Well, em, uh, eh, ah, finally found an apartment and you need to give me $100 to hold it for me!!" Oh NO, NO, NO, NO!! You, my detested, need to budget, and begin by staying out of just taking a room and staying at the local Casino to celebrate your Christmas through New Year's holidays!! I have been just telling every one that each month his cash continues to get less for these months that just suddenly continue to get longer!! "Well, you know how hard it has been to find a place and you got to put $100 on it to keep it!!" Yeah, I will do that the same day I will NOT loan you my van to go to the VA in Davenport and then Iowa City!!

E N O U G H ! ! ! !

Last night Eunice called to say "Good Night" as one of us normally do most late evenings!! She mentioned we should all go to a movie this weekend!! Eunice's husband, Marion, usually even enjoys going along and doing this, but his type of movies are just not my real favorite types at all. But, it is great effort to get me in and out of a movie theater, so I will not complain whatsoever!! So, I thought this would be the plan of the weekend, and I am assuming it still will be, although Eunice says we WILL make church this coming Sunday as we are fast falling out of practice!!

However, Eunice decided to add a slight change of planning also!! Eunice decided it was time for me to get out of these four walls and go out with her this evening!! And, she called and awaken me this morning about 10:30 a.m. to tell me we would be going by her hubby's restaurant for their famous and yummy Friday Fish Fry night and then while we were out in this area we would stop by the local Casino!! Not my favorite night out, but it was time to go any where and it really did not matter where!!

Well, as the afternoon went on, I was trying to get myself out of my "funk" and get myself together!! Eunice called again and asked if I really wanted to go out for fish or would I rather go directly over to the Casino and have dinner in their restaurant!! Well, I much, much more prefer the fabulous fish (I dislike fish, except for these yummy all white fish fried fillets) and their famous fantastic cole slaw!! Also, I knew I could "gum" these items and did not think I could do so well on the Casino's Friday's Prime Rib and Seafood (as I hate seafood and it hates me as my lips and mouth swell up from some allergy to some thing of it, that I really could care less what is doing it, as I dislike it all)!! However, as Eunice pointed out, the Casino dinner would be absolutely free with Eunice's "GOLD" Card. Thus, we decided on the Casino. And, our weather has dropped a few more levels into more deep freeze and cold!! The Casino had pull up to the door Valet Service to Eunice and her "GOLD" Card!! So, this was yet another "No-Brainer"!! But, I was so set on starting some thing new in my new 2009 Stitching Rotation, I have yet to even get a good start on yet. I ordered the Country Cottage Needleworks "PRETTY IN PINK" and The Sampler Girl's "WONDERFUL LIFE PILLOW" Patterns as gifts (hopefully to me, does not that count in Stash Diet/Embargo!!) from Wasatch Needlecrafts 25% off sale this past weekend and they did arrive today!!

However, Eunice and I planned on leaving for the Casino at 5:00 P.m.!! Well, I tried, but I had a number of phone calls, the toilet was plugged with toilet paper and I took a direct hit with my hair spray in my left eye and glass lens all the while I continued to stand in my underwear unsteadily!! I immediately started splashing my eye with water, not thinking about my glasses lens!! Don't ever let hair spray, at least that thick, dry on your glass lens!! And, Mi needed to have her Budding Turkey Meat cut up and water refilled, as well as darn Cartoon Channel I can never remember number of turned on television over fireplace so she thought some one was still here with her!! Thus, Eunice came in, took out two large bags of garbage, one large bag of recycables and put my handicap equipment needed in her truck while I finished securing my blouse buttons and jeans!! But, we were finally off by 5:15 p.m. The Restaurant was slow, so we had a nice quiet and leisurely lovely dinner!! If things were too hard for me to chew, Eunice promptly ordered the waitress to try and get it all changed to softer version. Thus, I ended up with a very tasty and edible dinner!! Then, we went into the Casino and Eunice promptly took me over to my beloved KENO section!! I was consumed with problem of what "if" we ran into any one else we knew and how I could, or rather could not behave!! But, it was a very slow night!! Sat next to a gal, who soon got the idea I had problems and needed help with most things!! This was because each time Eunice changed her seat and area she had an attendant come over to me and inform me she had moved and that if I needed any thing that I should just hit her button on my cell phone!! Wonder what this dear woman really thought!! However, I was well taken care of and I had a simply wonderful time just with the change of scenery to begin with. Then, I won two Jackpots of $75 each and things just kept getting better. About 10:00 p.m., Eunice came over and decided to try to learn KENO and so we played another 30-45 minutes and finally decided to order the truck be started to get warmed and to then be brought over to us!! We had a nice drive back into and across our town with lovely conversation as we usually have!!

As, I have said, and thanked God several times each day, I do not know what I would do, or more importantly where I would be, without my beloved and dear friend Eunice. I think every one around here looks upon her as just my "Caregiver"!! And, the good Lord know she is all that!! But, Eunice is far more importantly my friend and neighbor first and foremost!! I value her beyond words I have!! She is God's true angel and gift to me and this world!!

Thus, after doing almost nothing, but nursing and sleeping off headaches, I am WIDE awake at almost 4:00 a.m. NOW and truly would love to just be able to go into my bed and go to sleep!! I may take half an Ambien and give it a try!! It it happens to work, I may take a whole Ambien for a few nights and really try to get my nights and days straightened out yet one more time!!

My mother informs me that beginning Tuesday through the entire weekend our weather is to really drop to a deep freeze condition!! And, par to course, I have to have my very first dental impressions done on Thursday and my good ole port catheter has to be flushed on Friday already again. My morphine pick-up and Port Flush are always on different weeks and require separate trips all the way across town to the doctor's office!! Sure seems like each month rolls around sooner and sooner each month!!

Well, perhaps I can share some pics of my latest stitching for this year in the next coming days and perhaps this Blog will end it's B O R I N G phase of days it seems to be having lately!!

Love and Hugs To All!!
Miprezious, too!!


Carolyn NC said...

Sounds like a busy time - glad you were able to get out of the house. :)

Meari said...

Sounds like a fun evening for you. :)

I can releate to the seafood allergy. My lips get all itchy whenever I eat boiled shell on shrimp. I love the stuff, tho!