Friday, September 19, 2008

BOO WEEKEND!!! September 19, 2008


I have just had a major "bump in my road", unfortunately again!! But, I am a survivor and I have just set my mind that this is going to be a perfect recuperation period for me and my beloved Miprezious!! Yes, Miprezious needs recuperation time also as she was severely traumatized by being left alone for these eleven days!! So, we are going to have some real bonding time, just the two of us, this entire weekend!!

I have a million thank yous that are long over due, but I need to think on this just another day or so and I will be making a hopefully more correct post the first time through!! So, please do not feel each, and every one of you are ever so dearly appreciated!! I will try to be making a long story as short as I can also so every one understands just what did happen!! So, please just know I have not forgotten a single one of you!!

I received my "SCREAM HOUSE" by Just Nan about a hour ago!! It is detailed, detailed and more detailed!! I tried to take some pictures as I ever so carefully unwrapped each lovely piece!! However, the pictures turned out very poorly!! Not going to take the time to fret over them as I have a whole lot of stitching to do, after hours and hours of instructions!!

Okay, this calls for 30-Count Weeks Dye Works Tin Roof Linen for exterior of house and 30-Count Weeks Dye Works Peoria Purple Linen for the interior of house!! It also needs DMC White, 209, 310, 581, 947, 971, 972, 971/972, 3032/3782, 3787, 3819, 3828, 3833, and 3837 floss. It needs Weeks Dye Works Molasses, Basil, Charcoal, Taffeta, and Fire threads. And, it needs DMC #12 Perle Cotton in 310, and Striped Pumpkin Bead, Spider Bead and Halloween Moon Visions Charm Embellishments!!

There is pages and pages of instructions and "warnings"!! There is a regular Just Nan chart for "SCREAM HOUSE". There is a large booklet that is Stitch Guide and another very large booklet of "Pamela's Final Touch Finishing Instructions"!! This list requirements needed of Skirtex,

Fusible Interfacing, Snap, Weeks Dye Works overdyed wool in Chartreuse, Pumpkin, and Terra Cotta, Template Page, more finishing instructions, Aleene's Tacky Glue, Black Nail Polish (available at Walgreen's or WalMart), fiberfill, DMC Floss 581, 971 and 310, DMC Perle Cotton 310, Basic Sewing Supplies, Manual cording drill for twisted cord. It also calls for Mourning Pins!!

And, all I can say to all this is EEK, BOO-HOO, and a general "Oh, Good Lord, Girlfriend what have you gotten your self in to?"!!!!! I may be calling in all spook lovers to help me get this house constructed!!

I will attempt to post what pictures I did get, such as they are!!

And, I had much more worry this past two-three weeks than my self!! My Best Friend, Best Ever Neighbor and beloved Caregiver, Eunice, went down into bed very ill!! She has went through endless tests continously during this time!! Nothing, was being found and she continued to get worse each new day!!

Yesterday, I will tell you I raised a whole lot of concern with my friends and neighbors!! Eunice, at first hearing this rumor told me she knew it could not be true and that if it was she was absolutely forbiding me to carry out a plan I had formed. I needed to get my staples and stitches taken out yesterday at a Clinic I absolutely hate!! My Surgeon just has the misfortune of being connected with this "know nothing" group of medical providers!! I knew that Granny Lou (85-year old neighbor right next door) had been on a bus trip that kept her away from 5:00 a.m. till 10:00 p.m. the day preceding yesterday and I knew she would need to sleep in to get enough proper rest to catch up again as she would be quite upset if she missed her daily workout at Curves Fitness Center!! She also forbid me and said she would get up to take me to Surgeon.

Eunice had to have another round of tests and she was "XXXX bent" to get a bit of strength as she is adamant she is going to leave tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. for a 7-day Bahamas Islands cruise again!! And, as of now she is still saying she is going!! And, she told me I was forbidden to "break out" yesterday and that she also would be home between tests and would take me to my Surgeon!!

Well, I had already decided that I had pretty much made it through those ten horrific days of my surgery and hospitalization alone and SURVIVED!! Thus, I called this city's Municipal Transit System and arranged for a handicapped bus/van come to my driveway and pick me up in my wheelchair and transport me, yes alone, to my Surgeon's office!! And, much to dismay of all, I did do just this!!

I had very pleasant transports both to and from by two different very nice van drivers!! It went very smooth and I just took another huge step towards my INDEPENDNESS once again!! Every thing just went absolute perfect!!

Upon arriving on my street in the return home trip I noticed Eunice's garage door up. This garage is like the closet you would like to nail shut!! It is FULL side to side and top to bottom!! It is down right dangerous to open that door!! I wondered why!! Well, one very nervous "MOM" was sitting in the doorway and was over in my driveway giving the van driver instructions on how to handle my wheelchair faster than a speeding bullet!! I could not believe she could make it across the street that fast!! But, you know, I honestly was completely apprehensive about whether I actually could make this trip alone yesterday and was ever so relieved and happy to know my beloved Eunice's hands were once again in control of my wheelchair and I knew I was again safe in transferring over my two steps into kitchen doorway!!

But, I had SUCCESS, I DID IT, and I am ever so proud of my climb from crawling on the basement floor to do a load of wash to actually scheduling and using public transportation for the first time in my entire life!! Something, about this, had me panic stricken and I was quite unsure of what would take place yesterday!! This made this victory just all the sweeter!!

After getting me transferred and in the house Eunice told me the doctor had just called and that they thought they "finally" knew what was the matter with her!! Praise the Lord, I thought, but only ever so briefly!! Eunice said, "the doctor says she has a blockage to her heart"!! My heart sank!! Oh, how I wanted a reason, but not particularly that one for her!! All I could think was the many, many times she had wrestled my wheelchairs, and me, to the point of exhaustion!!

She said the doctor wanted her to see a local Cardiologist immediately yesterday, but Eunice said "No way a local"!! She told him she wanted my Quad-City Cardiologist who has been caring for me for some 40 years and had gotten me through my heart failure and life support in 2005!! Eunice has seen this Cardiologist work with me several times and she really liked him from first time!! Eunice said her local doctor said she would have to make a long drive to see my Cardiologist and Eunice said "well some things are worth the extra effort and she wanted an appointment set with my Cardiologist"!! So, the local doctor said his office would be in touch!!

Well, about 8:00 p.m. last evening, Eunice got a call from my Quad-City Cardiologist and she was to be seen by him at 8:15 a.m. this morning!! Eunice and our "family" a.k.a. as neighborhood began immediate chats on this!! Eunice was quite cool, calm and collected!! But, she was extemely apprehensive about locating the hospital where she was to be seen at!! I finally got another "brain fart" and said, "forget all the different directions, as she was going my route as I was going to make sure she got there in calm shape without a single wrong turn"!! I was still a bit frazzled from the 50+ staples that had just been removed that morning and no one was really letting me move very much even!! I got looks like my morphine was peaking out again!! I then added that I fully intended to just ride along with Eunice and keep her company as well as for once finally being able to tell her what to do, even if it only amounted to left, right, right!!! Eunice asked "now, how do you think you are going to travel with that belly being barely a week out from post-surgery"?? I told her she was going to telephone me after she got out of her morning shower, as I can not shower yet, and wake me to just ride along and getting a full hour for private chat to catch up these last ten days!!

And, I did get up at 6:30 a.m. this morning after Eunice's wake-up call, although I really slept none as I was so panic stricken for Eunice as I truly felt this Cardiologist was just not seeing her this morning for simple fact of her wanting to leave for Bahamas tomorrow!! And, Eunice did come over and helped me out of house and we were off to Quad-Cities, U.S.A.!!!

We had very pleasant drive and arrived only ten minutes late!! Eunice simply brought my light transport wheelchair, which is great for ease in handling, but I have no control over it at all and Eunice must push it!! It was quite funny as all the nurses were just naturally starting for me to assist me in getting out of chair!! One asked could I stand by myself and I told her "Yes, I can and thank you for asking"!! She looked very strange!! Then, she said, "Well, do you think you can stand on this scale for just one minute"? I told her, "Well, yes I probably could, but if she thought I was a bit heavy that perhaps she should just say so, instead of picking me out of this office to want to weigh"!! She looked at me again, and said "have she offended me or some thing"? and I told her "No, not at all"!! Then, she said "Was there a problem and poor Eunice is just back of me cracking up"!! I told her "No problem, but she should be a little more careful in asking some one what they weighed as some one could take offense"!! And, she just looked at us so strange and darn Eunice burst out laughing!! Then, nurse says, "Oh, are you not the patient"? I told her, "Poor Save"!! And, then the nurse suddenly started apologizing as "she just thought I was the patient"!! And, I simply told her "Yeah, just pick on the handicapped one of the bunch"!! We all just laughed like idiots who knew no better!! Sure broke ice for Eunice though!!

Cardiologist came in and he could not understand the "north locals" we deal with here a.k.a. our doctors!! He said he had not been sent any of the important tests results, but he thought he wanted to see test results him self as he did not feel Clintonian could maybe read them correctly!! After much ado to try to get records faxed the doctor came back in and said he from what he did have and after checking Eunice out that he feels her problems are "muscular and not cardiac"!! Oh, I sure hope we have answered prayer right there!! The doctor is to call her prior to some time this evening and see if he gets her help for this or would she need an angiogram!!

We then left Quad-Cities and came back to Village Inn and had a great big and wonderful breakfast!!

I just hope my dear friend gets much rest on cruise and comes back ready to hit Physical Therapy and get feeling better again!! Or, if she needs an angiogram she feels stronger to get through it and get her feeling better again!! Eunice has seen all the Islands and hates shopping!!

She intends to stay on cruise ship in bed!! She even says she is planning on ordering "room service" and stay in bed!! Sounds like fun to me - NOT!!! But, whatever it takes for her!!

Her best friend from Clinton and from Chicago are going on this cruise as well as her favorite son from Chicago so I think she will be gently nudged from that bed before she knows it!!

I am feeling quite well with needing NO additional pain meds than my usual daily morphine dosage that I must take for any quality of life!! So, I feel right now that life is good!!

I have my darling little Miprezious who is much overdo for a grooming and is ever so cuddly!! I plan to just let her sit on the leg rest of my lift recliner while I try to get through all the "SCREAM HOUSE" instructions!!

I Am Going To Be Okay!! I Am A Survivor!! I have my darling Miprezious to cuddle!! I see much improvement in my dear friend Eunice!! So, my life is great and I can just blame this "SCREAM HOUSE" for any thing that can possibly go wrong this weekend!!

Now, let's see about these very less than adequate pictures!!

Much Love and Hugs!!



Miprezious Dee Dee II


Meari said...

I'm so proud of you taking the transit by yourself. Good for you... although, I do hope you're being careful until you heal up properly. LOL @ bikini comments!

Kathy said...

You go girlfriend! It's Indeoendence day for you!!
But please do so with caution. :) Remember there is no rush in getting everything done. It will still be there tomorrow.

Kathy said...

oops.. That's Independence. :) not indeoendence
Blasted laptop. LOL

Patricia said...

Take good care of yourself HUGS
Patty Smith

Trecie said...

Kylynn said to give yourself a big hug as she is so proud of you. Glad to hear Eunice will be Ok Have a wonderful weekend Your projects sound like they will keep you ocupied Hugs to you and Miprezious Your Stitching friend Trecie

Joy said...

You go girl on the 30ct!! It is wonderful to see you back in good spirits and stitching again. Keep us posted on your Halloween goodies!

Nancy said...

I was so glad to see you were out of the hospital. I thoroughly enjoyed our meeting, although I do wish it wasn't under those circumstances. I'm glad our visit was a turning point. I get very concerned that you try and do too much too soon! Please take care of yourself and don't overdo things too fast! Good for you taking advantage of the public transportation. And I also got a kick out of the belly button comments!