Sunday, September 21, 2008


Well, it appears that the photos and my editing still leave a whole lot to be desired!!

I had a real wonderful day today!! I continued to sort and reorganize my chart three-ring binders. I am seeing real good progress!! It will be a slow process!!

Well, the pictures above show "Scream House" in various views. Also, there is a picture of actual progress on my fabric.

Also, I have a photo of a Thank You note that I received in the mail. This Thank You note is from the "the Nurse's and Staff-Surgical Unit" of the hospital that I was in for my surgery. I was absolutely stunned!! I have never heard of such a thing!! I was as kind and considerate as I possibly could be, but I felt I left a whole lot to be desired, especially during the horrific pain time!! The card says, "Dear Mrs. Markham It was a pleasure to take care of you during your stay on the Surgical Unit. Best wishes as you complete your recovery at home. Sincerely, The Nurses and Staff-Surgical Unit".

This card brought on a lot of emotions for me!! These nurses and staff of this Surgical Unit were my whole life line, both physically and emotionally. Of course, this surgery was not planned or expected in any way!! Essentially, I did this surgery alone!! Granny Lou never failed to come by each day and this was a great comfort. Eunice's husband, Marion, came in place of Eunice as she was at home with complete bed rest from illness herself. Marion was very pleasant company and it was so comforting of him!! And, my mother, did come the night of the actual surgery, after ordering my brother to bring her to the hospital in that very, very late hour of the night!! My mother was kept downstairs at the hospital in a waiting room as my brother convinced my mother that this was the proper place to wait!! All this while, I was upstairs in my room yet being comforted by the nurses and staff of the Surgical Unit!! The Anaesthesiologist found my mother and "brother" in a front lobby of the hospital quite by accident as he was enroute to my room upstairs to assist staff in transporting me down to Surgery Suite. Thankfully, he inquired who they were as it seemed unusual for any one to be in the lobby at that late hour. He did put my mother in a wheelchair and brought her up to my room!! I don't know what happened to my brother during this time, nor do I care!! My mother was able to see me for a few minutes, before I was taken down to Surgery Suite as this Anaesthesiologist arranged for this!! He also allowed my mother to go with me down to the Surgery Suite and stay with him and I until I was taken to the Operating Room. My brother was seen lurking in the Holding Area. My mother was allowed to wait and speak to the Surgeon after the operation, but my brother insisted she go home immediately after speaking to him. I awoke to all strangers!! It was a very scary and uncomforting feeling!! The NG tube needed repositioning, a very painful process, and I was aware some one was holding my hand. It turned out this was an X-Ray Tech that was an ex-friend of my sister. (My sister robbed our home while I was hospitalized and connected to full life support in 2004 and I have had NO contact with her since.)

My mother, very carelessly for herself, managed to get out to her car and drove back to the hospital the next day after the surgery. She was in horrible shape upon reaching my room. It was a strained visit as she was in such bad shape from taking this trip that I had to figure out a way to make her return trip safer. My mother insisted she would make it home by her self and essentially did!! I was able to call and get a volunteer to come up to my room with a wheelchair and wheel her down to her car at least so she was not so out of breath!!

My mother was able to make my brother bring her back to the hospital again on Thursday night. However, he put her in a wheelchair to bring her the long distance from the front lobby to my room. Upon reaching my room, my "brother" simply stopped the wheelchair outside my door threshold and gave the wheelchair a shove to get my mother actually in my room!! He allowed her about fifteen minutes to be with me and then came to entry of room and whistled for my mother to edge her way towards him with her feet on the floor and pushing herself in the wheelchair!! How very juvenile!! I have no idea what in the world is wrong with him, and quite frankly, I don't give a damn!! My mother says she does not know, but I do not know whether to believe her. I was in a "hellhole" Nursing Home in 2006. Max found my brother attempting to make a deal with the Nursing Home Director to keep me forever, instead of agreed upon rehabilitation time. I think my brother is VERY upset with the fact I am still "Executor" of my mother's

affairs!! Max found out what was going on and he just up and took me out of that Nursing Home immediately!! My brother threatened to never speak to either of us or help either of us again. It was not like he had ever helped us before!!

But, nevertheless, I had a good visit with my mother!! Other than this, my only communication with my mother was over the phone.

I did not want my name printed in the local paper as a hospital admission as my home was simply occupied by Miprezious. After my own sister, breaking in and robbing our home for drugs, I did not want my hospitalization to be news!! Consequently, very few of my friends knew I was hospitalized. I was really too tired and in too much pain to notify them either!! Thus, there were few visitors the entire ten days I was hospitalized.

It truly was Nancy and Meari's visit that turned things around for me!! I truly felt like I was human once again!! And, it was the lovely tea cup full of beautiful flowers from Debra Hall!! And, it was the many, many emails and personal telephone calls from so many of my I.L.C.S. Group that kept my spirits up!!

However, when it came right down to it, I felt it was "the nurses and staff" that truly kept me going day to day!! But, yet, I received this Thank You note from them!! This brought on a whole lot of emotion for me!! Then, I received another telephone call from Kathy K. and she pointed out to me that I have come along so far. She told me that if this surgery had taken place about two years ago, about when she and I became such good friends, that I would never have made it through it like I have. I had never stopped to think about this all. I really have had a very successful recuperation thus far, and I foresee absolutely no further problems!! I am just thoroughly exhausted all the time, however, I continue to put one foot in front of the other in making progress, yet not doing any thing too over taxing!! But, I do have to admit Kathy was absolutely right and I have come a long way!! This feels just like a start in my fight for my independence from my handicapping legs!!

Well, I must get a sincere "Thank You" gathered in my thoughts for all the wonderful members of the I.L.C.S. Group who were such good friends and family to me in place of having my own!! But, I do intend to post each day from now on so no one has to worry about "how I am doing"!! It is impossible for me to write every one so I hope for at least awhile this Blog will suffice in allowing every one know where and how I am!! This is also going to make me responsible for some progress each day with my project "Scream House" or some other one, as I will have to post some progress picture!!

Enough rambling!!

Love and Hugs!!

Deborah and Miprezious


Kathy said...

That Scream House is going to be fantastic. :) And you are making progress. Just think. Last year if someone had told you that you would be stitching on linen you would have said a flat out no. Now look. LOL I'm looking forward to seeing your continues progress on Scream House.

Terry said...

Pictures you took look good. Can't wait to see more progress shots of the Scream House. Last, but not least, I'm so glad that you are home and in better spirits. We all were worried about you and I know a lot of us tried to "stop by" and drop you a card while you were in the hospital. I just wish we were closer so it could have been a real visit.

Meari said...

What an interesting project Scream House is going to be. I can't wait to see more progress, and finally when it's finished. Yay for you stitching on linen!

Both Nancy and I enjoyed our visit with you, and I'm glad it made your day. :)