Thursday, September 25, 2008


Hello All My Dear Friends and Family,

I don't have much to post today, but have promised so many of you to keep up daily via my Blog as to how I am doing!!

I am feeling okay, but all appears quite unwell!! My stomach is very extended and hurts very badly when poked or prodded!! My Nurse tried to get through to my Surgeon today, but his office personel did not think it worth their mentioning to the doctor!!! He told me, if there were any changes or concerns that I was to call him immediately!! Well, we tried and as long as I am not in pain, I am in no big hurry to see him as it irregardless is going to mean further hospitalizations!! I can't stand the thought of this and it will surely just push me over the very edge!! Next week's re-check was moved up from next Thursday to this Monday!! Oh, please pray that this turns itself around!!

But, I am just following Nurse's orders of doing nothing!! I am SITTING in my "Stitching Sanctuary" and either sorting things, reorganizing and/or just simply stitching!! I am making slow progress just straighting my chart binders and re-organizing my threads!! Then, I have about four very large plastic storage bins of kits to sort and organize. All that will be left is getting this carpet cleaned and then I will have both my "Stitching Sanctuary" and my kitchen absolutely perfect and just the way I want them!!

So, all I can say is "I am okay"!!

Love and Hugs!!

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Terry said...

Take it easy Deborah and enjoy the stitching time. We will keep you in our prayers that things work out without surgery (if possible).