Saturday, September 20, 2008


Happy Saturday!!
Well, this was too easy!! I should of had a contest of "Name This Rag"!! No, this is not a dust cloth or a rag!! It is my soon to be attached to me forever Weeks Dye Works piece of linen!! I opened my "Scream House" and was very, very skeptical about this piece of cloth!!
I immediately mailed MoM Rene and asked for clarification!! She assured me "yes, it is simply Weeks Dye Works Linen"!! And, she gave me assurance it would be all right!! Wait till her piece arrives on Monday!!
And, this my friends is the entire sum of many hours spent on "Scream House" last evening!!
I have a real darn long way to go with this project to have a dislike for the linen fabric it is to be stitched on!!
Well, 30-Count Weeks Dye Works Linen we are going to learn to be friends!!
Today, was another spectacular day for me!! I can not believe how hard it was to get to surgery and how incredibly easy it has been for me in recuperation!! I finally had to take a pain medication tonight as the actual incision is giving me a bit of the "OUCH" factor!! But, if I could just get over this extreme bout of pure exhaustion, I think I will feel real good!!
And, I got to thinking today, who in the world could get so sick and to have the main cause be that I was full of Sxxx, forget that, POOP!! Oh well, go figure!! Talk about stuffing, 5# of in a 3#............!!
I spent most of today pouring through three four-inch high three-ring binders that were just my Christmas related charts! It is downright crazy the number of duplicate charts I have acquired.
I do not even particularly care for the Just Nan's "Jolly Old Elf", however, I have found TEN of them!! And, I continue to downsize...............
Well, I am signing off tonight so I can continue "Scream House"!!
BOO to all!!
Deborah and Miprezious


Nancy said...

Hope you are becoming close friends now! Glad to hear that you are feeling better and spending just a small bit of time going thru your charts. Meari and I got a kick out of you telling us you had 10 of the same pattern. We decided you must LOVE the pattern! LOL

Kathy said...

Any progress is progress. And any stitch complete is one more towards the finish.
You CAN do it.

Beth said...

I have some 30ct WDW linen I have to make nice to, too. But it's for the "When Barnabee Met Bella" biscornu. I'm planning on doing both "Queen of the Needle" and "Common Ground" next year, as well as many other samplers in my stash. My theme for 2009 is "The Year of the Sampler."

I am so proud of you and the stregnth you continue to exhibit. We've both had some hard knocks, but it's definitely better to think on the sunny side and stay happy!

I'm glad to see you stitching away!