Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday, May 20, 2008 I'm Going To Have A Second Finish For This Year Yet


I am going to have me at least one other finish for 2008!! Am starting much earlier than usual this evening and hope to really see this come to be yet!!

Very beautiful laid back day!! I am finally going to be able to go over to my salon and get my hair cut and permed tomorrow!! I always make Max tote my stitching bag over with me, but I do not know why!! Girl talk catch up day!!!

I am getting very serious with getting my Stitching Room completely reorganized and clean!! I love seeing it come to be also!! Changing my way of keeping rotation!! I want this all done by birthday as gifts are coming in bigger in number each day!! My mother has informed me she is giving me "cash" as "I never cash any checks she gives me"!! Well, Mother is watching more than I realize!! It has been a long time when I have had a pile of 20+ gifts sitting here all patiently waiting here in recliner adjoining Max's!! Quite inaccessible to me!! But, not from my view, and I am looking at this as some thing I really do want to wait and open all on birthday morning for a change this year!! Gee, Kathy, don't you wish "Mom" upped your birthday by the two days!! You know you are really going to wonder when you are receiving gifts from the majority of the same people I am!!

And, I am off to stitch!!

Love & Hugs!
Deborah, Max and Miprezious!!

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katkiley said...

Progress on your teapot is fabulous! You go girl!

Mom won't let me open any of my packages. (big pout!)

Waaaaaaahhhhhhhh. Hey, maybe I can just turn the calendar page a couple of days early?