Monday, May 19, 2008


Yes, I got flowers again! Red roses!! What are they to mean? NOT!!
This is an update on my "Tea Shop" Teapot!! It is beginning to look like a tea pot!!

Another Monday, another week!! Due to Max so generously giving me his two to three month old and continuing to linger cold I went down with it almost all of last week. It has been bad!! Poor little Miprezious even had it a couple of days!! I have never been so miserable with such a cold, sore throat and even cold in my eye with continual tearing and mattering closed. I am still not feeling tops from it, but I have to try and catch up on everything I can possibly do!! I intend to continue to declutter, downsize and overall Spring clean!! And, Max intends, and will do so, also!! However, come 6:30 p.m. each evening I intend to be in my stitching nest counting them off!!

I do intend to get all my updates done on this Blog this week also!! I am finding all the little and big notes I have written to myself and will be contacting everyone again saying "Did I Do That"!!
Yes, I probably did!!

Love & Hugs!
Deborah & Max & Miprezious

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