Sunday, May 11, 2008

MOTHER'S DAY - MAY 11, 2008

And, guess who got new "wheels" since we last chatted here? I need special ramps installed, before I can really be outside mobile yet!! I also need much more extended "Driver's Education" before I attempt my outside debut!!
And, the above are a Year of Monthly Biscornus. These are my plan to create!!

These are my "BIG" tea cups!! I only wish Max would learn background, background, background!! These are going to be filled with Needlerolls and Biscornus!! That is if I have enough brain cells left to figure them out!! And, for my non-stiching readers, Needlerolls are just useless pretties that will fill the inside of the tea cup and Biscornus are French eight-sided pin cushions which I plan on putting on edge of saucer. Then, the tea cups will be placed out of harm's way in my Stitching Room!!

I do plan on Stitching Room and Assisted Living "Rooms" will be pictured and toured thoroughly later in this week!!

1 comment:

Rene la Frog said...

Love the Tea Cups, they are going to look really cute with the Biscornu's and Needle Rolls. You could even put the Fobs on the handles to finish them off.