Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday, May 14, 2008 - Argh! I am still breathing an can move!!

The above is called Deck The Halls and is definitely going in to rotation as needle roll in my "weekly rotation"!!

This is my Spring Biscornu and I have a good share of it stitched all ready!! I found a Tutorial even I can understand, all the while I have Granny Rene as my back up instructor. It just has to be a success. I also have Summer, Fall and Winter Biscornu patterns ordered. also!!
This is my most favorite ever, Sampler and Needle Roll. This is definitely going in to my rotation real soon (like when special ordered fabric arrives) and will be Number One in my new/old rotation!! I LOVE it, LOVE it and really LOVE IT!!
The above "Red Monochrome and Scissor Fob" is my second favorite Biscornu after the JUST NAN "Rhodes Butterfly" and "Heart" sets!! I must go and rotate immediately to "rotation of the month"!!
And, these I do love also with my tea cups. I am just going to refer to them as my "Mama Bear" size of teacups, so I can also start these immediately into my rotation of Tea Cup Mug of the Month!! If, I like it, I will figure out a way to include it in my rotations!!
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One of these days, I am going to learn how to do these posts!! I just about lost all my pictures again!! I think this "contraption" knew better than to mess with me today!!
I was awaken, about 2:00 p.m., by Max, this afternoon!! He had found me about dawn asleep in my Stitching Chair with fabric in right hand and the good ole felt tip marker, thankfully, secure in the left hand!! He transferred me into my bed, as he knew I was not feeling well and decided to just let me sleep! I had wanted to get up early and really hit my Stitching Room in getting a few more things gone through, sorted, put away, reorganized and all together taken care of. Unfortunately, Mom Eunice came over and I was given large amounts of Vitamin C, Kool-Aid and lots and lots of water!! And, she forbid me to get out of my chair! She also sent Max to store to get some more cough drops. That was the end of my day's working!!
So, today has been one big series of nap after nap with bathroom trips in between!! So, such is the life and another exciting adventure day for me!!
But, there is another brand new opportunity, coming tomorrow and we can see if I can get caught up a bit!!


Nancy said...

The spring Biscornu is adorable! Good luck getting all these into a rotation!

Meari said...

Looks like you'll be keeping yourself busy with biscornus and needlerolls, Deborah!