Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tuesday, MAY 13, 2008 - I Really Am A Housewife!!

Thanks to Max, deciding to terminate Eunice#2, I was again a real housewife all weekend and in to today yet!! I do not think that I am too good to do such work, but, I think every one in this entire country should be confined to a wheel chair and blindfolded at least for a day!! This is the only way people can be appreciative of their health and more considerate of the handicapped!!

Thus, I did not get a lot of stitching done, but I did add to my roatation yet another one!!

A very wise and wonderful member of the ILCS Group and I were chatting over the weekend and I made the remark that I did not think I would ever get my rotation finished as it has to be biggest one on this earth at this time!! But, I also told Mare, that I had never have had so much fun and enjoyment from any thing in quite some time!! Mare replied, "then it is all worth every single one I add to my rotation and whether it is ever finished is not important. It is far more important that I so thoroughly enjoy this so much!! Very wise woman!!

So, I am going to add a picture of my newest rotation which is Chouettalors "Tea Room"!! I am doing it all in a single color of DMC 3837 which is a medium dark royal purple. My fabric is fabulous hand dyed of lavenders with wisps of light teal!! I love it!! But, I have some other real "finds" yet to come!! And for the picture it will probably be above!!

Along with Assisted Living pictures and story, private sanuctuary Stitching Room tour and I plan to add rotation list and possible picture progress!!

Till next time!

Love & Hugs,

Deborah, Max and Mirprezious

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jlblake said...

Deborah, you have a great start on your Tea Pot. I'm sure one day soon you'll find a caregiver that will please both you and Max.