Sunday, December 4, 2011

DAY FOUR Twelve Days of Christmas December 04, 2011

I have had an absolutely perfect weekend of stitching, along with "Virtual Stitch In" with I.L.C.S. I am working on Rovaris "ALL HEARTS COME HOME FOR CHRISTMAS". I should have taken a picture, but I did forget and no going back now. I will post picture tomorrow. This is longest I have ever worked continually on one piece. I have the large middle heart, two small hearts and the word "All" done. This is very large piece all stitched in DMC 815 dark burgundy.

But, today is also Day Number Four in our I.L.C.S. "12 Days of Christmas"!! I was again spoiled beyond words!!

Below is my gift all under my "Plum Purple" Christmas tree. I will also try to remember to get some good pictures of this tree also. Perhaps, a bit more of my living room also. I will definitely post master bedroom some time next week!!

I got more of the fabulous Gentle Arts Sampler Threads!! This time I received Slate, Oatmeal, Presidential Blue, Buckeye Scarlet and Midnight. What beauties they are!!

My unknown benefactor has made this "12 Days of Christmas" a real delight and pleasure for me!!

Love and Hugs!!



Anne Sans Tete said...

You've gotten some great gifts, Deborah!!!! I'm a little jealous, LOL!

- Lisa N. in Cambodia

Shelley said...

Wow!! I am so happy to see you enjoying your exchange surprises so much :)