Wednesday, December 7, 2011


The tree is looking more bare each day!! I will have to try to do some thing about this. However, I had a few "pity party" days and I bought my self a fox vest, some outrageously expensive pure leather Italian shoes and a hundred percent pure cashmere sweater that I have been wanting for years. Perhaps, I can some how lay these things under the tree!!
Here is package number eight!! Another not so tired, after being tired all day long, night so I thought "why not"!!
MORE beautiful Gentle Arts Sampler Threads!! How wonderful!!
I got Victorian Pink, Hyacinth, Spring Grass, Tropical Ocean and Daffodil. These are so exquisite in color and texture!!

AND, now to the full pictures of tree I have been promising. If I live to be 1000, I will never learn the art of this camera. I don't want to be the best as I would be most grateful for just mediocre when it comes to this camera!!

Thus. pictures are not great, but here is my totally plum purple Christmas tree!! It does not look all the plum purple and actually looks more black unless you see it in person. I was most delighted the other day when Granny Lou came to check in on me. She told me of a visitor to her home the evening before that was just so taken with my purple Christmas tree!!

Thus, I guess it surely does show from out side!!

But, first is my nativity set. You have to look closely, as the white cloth has little LED lights throughout it's inside. They shine very brightly each evening. Much more importantly, my father built this stable for me just prior to his passing. The middle of our Iowa winters, my father was outside searching for twigs and sticks to build this stable!!

Below, is my flameless candle Gingerbread village. I have two Gingerbread stocking holders ordered for this also, but they have yet to arrive. It will look much better then.

And, finally the tree. My heart was not in this at all this year and unfortunately it looks like it!!

Love and Hugs!!



Denise SA said...

Even though I do not celebrate Christmas I did enjoy the photos of your christmas tree such a delightful colour.

Loves Christmas said...

I wish we could have set the tree up while I was there. We talked about it, but ran out of time. Our tree is green, but we have the same tree skirt. Not sure when I'll get to the PO as I either have Whooping Cough or A-Typical Pneumonia so staying in for a while, but you and Karen both have a package coming before Christmas. Love ya and I miss our stitching days. Debra

Nancy said...

Your tree is beautiful! And as for your items that you bought for yourself, you should have asked for them to be gift wrapped and then you could have put them under the tree and you would have had to open them to see which gift was in the box.

chrisstitches said...

Very elegant....see where you stitch also....glad you got yourself some gifts also.

chrisstitches said...

Glad you got some Thread heaven on Day the nativity set also.

Nancy M said...

Your tree looks Awesome!! Love the purple and so would Amberlyn! Your nativity that your Dad made is so special too. Your gifts to yourself sound wonderful and well deserved!!!

Wanda said...

LOVE that tree!