Monday, December 5, 2011

DAY FIVE Twelve Days of Christmas December 05, 2011

I never before ever realized just how horrible loosing some one you love could possibly be prior to loosing my beloved, Max. I lost my grandparents, father, matron of honor from my wedding and my very best friend in the world. I was able to grive and go on. I felt I was doing so well and actually coping in my loosing Max. But, this has changed drastically and I am backsliding very badly during these holidays. I have no other family other than my 84-year old mother. I value my mother dearly, however, she is homebound and can not hear a word I say to her.
I have friends and my pastor says a "church family", however, they all are so busy and have so many things they must do with the holidays. I do not expect any of them to have to stop their schedules for me. And, it seems they are not. It is not easy to get me and my equipment out and I fully understand this. Unfortunately, grieving is a process and you have to go through each step of it!! Most unfortunately, this includes these holidays!!

Thankfully, I have my stitching!! It is truly a great comfort and friend. I so wish it would just talk to me!!

I started the new project by Rovaris, "All Hearts Come Home For Christmas" on Friday. I am finding it to be just way too depressing and am deciding to put it aside (at least it will be in good company with so many others) for a bit. Very undecided what to pick up this evening, but can be sure there is a huge pile to choose from!!

Well, today is Number Five in our I.L.C.S. Twelve Days of Christmas so no problem with these gifts as it is one marked "day number five"!!
I will get some better pictures of my plum purple tree and post them in next day or so.
Day Number Five

And, Day Number Five has brought Lizzie Kate Flip-It "FOURTH OF JULY" Chart!! How wonderful!! I do believe I have gotten the GAST threads for these charts in last days. I see two new starts real soon!!


I still do not know who has been so wonderful to me!!

Love and Hugs!!



Emily in NC said...

That is a great pattern so patriotic, have it in my stash.

Nancy M said...

You've gotten some thoughtful and wonderful gifts from you Secret Santa. This will be my mom's 1st Christmas without my Dad, so I can understand where you are coming from. She has often said how grateful she is that she has us kids. It's nice you have your stitching and all your online cross stitch friends!!!