Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Blooming Miracle!! 11/20/2011

I have worked on this piece since 2000. I was never over thrilled with stitching horses, however, this is what this couple wanted for their wedding sampler.

Okie Dokey!! I did it!!

However, originally I put their names in with "and" instead of symbol "&" and the bride quite bluntly told me she hated this!! I was on verge of telling her congratulations and let me be the first to gift you your first dust rag!! But, nope I said I would try it again. I truly wanted no part of this and dragged my feet on it by burying it at bottom of my "Stitching Sanctuary". Well, I am hard at de-stashing daily and I hit "bottom" and guess what was now on top!! Once last try, love it or dust with it Cindy!!

I had to put the names and date on it "again". Thus, I began this task on Friday evening. I always end up falling asleep each evening in my "stitching nest" and once again I did. I have, or now say I HAD, a bad Coke Cola habit. I evidently opened a Coke and fell asleep with the Coke finding it's resting place right on top of my fabric!! I received a blooming miracle upon finding not one drop of Coke had got on my fabric!!

This evening I finally finished this monster piece and it is being placed in tissue paper until Cindy and Pat's arrival on Thanksgiving evening. And, then it is OUT OF HERE!!

I am in great hopes it looks good, but at this point I do not think I care!!
Love and Hugs!!


Emily in NC said...

Looks cute, as long as the bride likes it.

Nancy said...

It looks good to me. If the bride doesn't like it, I would just remind her that that is what she had picked out to have done. Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing more progress on your 58 WIPS.

Veronica said...

I think it's a lovely piece. I'm sorry the bride gave you that kind of reaction. Well, at least it's done now. Congratulations!


chrisstitches said...

I don't blame you for being upset when a piece isn't valued.....well, only 58 to go.
Warm hugs & wishes,
Chris B

Anne Sans Tete said...

It looks really good, Deborah! For some reason I had a much more bizarre picture of it in my head!

- Lisa N. in Cambodia

Jo said...

Beautiful piece, I would have thrown it at the bride so you've a lot more patience than me!

Katrien said...

It's a beautiful piece, but I can see it's not that fun to stitch. You did a fantastic job on it. I'm glad the cola did no damage. I'll try to mail you privately soon!
Katrien (Belgium)

Meari said...

I think it turned out nice. Did they like it?