Sunday, December 7, 2008


I had a lot to catch up on with this Blog entry, but I am going to keep it short, but very sincerely with great sadness!

My dear friend, Kathy, lost her Mother this evening at supper time!!

This still came as a terrible shock to Kathy even though she has had to daily witness her dear Mother fail a bit more!! Mrs. Kiley had just had a pretty good day yesterday, or the day, before. This gave Kathy, as well as myself, renewed hope one more time!! Sadly, this turned out to be false hope!! Many times previously either a doctor and/or a nurse would predict Mrs. Kiley to not be able to recover, but Mrs. Kiley proved them wrong over and over!!

Mrs. Kiley has had some real severe bouts of her "bumps in the road" pretty much most of this year!! However, Kathy never failed to be right by her Mother's side!! I have never known, or heard of, any one who took better care of any one, than Kathy did for her Mother!!

Kathy very willingly got up many nights in the wee hours. This was in spite of knowing she had to be up shortly to get her Mother prepared for the new day and herself off to work.

Kathy never complained about the care of her mother and very willingly and happily saw to her every need!!

Mrs. Kiley was a very wonderful and kind lady!! It is easy to see where Kathy got her goodwill and caring of every one from!!

Kathy is absolutely the most wonderful Daughter and Caregiver that any one could ever wish for!! Kathy has my utmost respect and awe for her continued care of her Mother. Kathy did not just leave her Mother bedridden ever!! Even, when Mrs. Kiley was hospitalized, Kathy always made sure her Mother was kept clean, was up and exercised with physical therapy as she could tolerate and kept out among what was going on and with people!!

Kathy, you have my most sincerest sympathy for the loss of your dear Mother!! You also have my utmost admiration of being the very best daughter any one could ever wish for and for being the best of the best woman I have ever known!! Kathy, I am ever so glad to be able to call you my Best Friend!!

Much Love, Hugs and Tears,



Miprezious, too!!


Carolyn NC said...

Thank you so much for letting us know - I'm so sorry for Kathy!

Annie said...

I am so sorry to hear this. Thank you for letting us know. Kathy has been such a pillar of strength over the last year particularly. I do hope that her siblings are able to get to her soon.

Meari said...

Aww... poor Kathy!

kaghos said...

I'm so sorry about her mother.