Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Hello My Dear Ones,

I had a real pleasant surprise today!! This sure took my mind off "the countdown"!!

I got a totally awesome and wonderful Bourse and Fob from dear XSGranny Rene!!

I absolutely love it!! It will surely be on my most cherished shelf!! Thank you so very much Rene!! This is the picture above for you all to see!!

Oh, this reminds me, I got a fantastic RAK from Kathy K. also that I have not yet pictured on here!! I will definitely make a note to do this ASAP!! Kathy sent a truly awesome and beautiful Halloween Fob several days ago!! Thank you so much Kathy!!

I must keep this update short!! One, I don't really have much to update on and Two, I have to spend every moment I can beg, borrow or steal on my "12 Days of Christmas" Exchange stitched piece!! I am very close to being finished with the actual stitching, but I need to "finish" it to complete it. This could prove to be a real challenge to me!!

All of my "STASH TO GO" has been finally posted!! It goes without saying that I do not think I will be able to do too much as far as getting it out before my hospitalization and surgery!! It will be top on my list to do when I get going again though. I truly want to "finally" get my "Stitching Sanctuary" completely done!! I have discovered I need to do the big closet space in this room before I can truly call it done. I have about 200 big kits in two very, very large plastic tubs in this closet space and they are overflowing mega lot!! I want this all clean, organized and sorted out!!

I plan on continuing my quest to rid every thing in MY HOME of "Mad Max"!! I have a foyer and it's closet, large built in shelves and drawers in connecting hall, bathroom and, unfortunately, "THAT Room" that is going to be turned into my new "Stitching Sanctuary" this winter according to Eunice and Wanda to finish yet!! The kitchen's carpet is clean and that room is absolutely PERFECTION!! Soon I will have MY HOME and all is going to be fine!! I then intend to stitch, stitch, stitch and stitch some more then!!

Please continue the good vibrations and prayers for my nerves to calm down and that I can fly through Thursday's surgery even better than I did the surgery in September!!

Love and Hugs!!



Miprezious, too!!


Kathy said...

The bourse is gorgeous. And I love that fob. Perfect colors. :)

Mare said...

What lovely and thoughtful gifts from the very talented Rene!

Gabi said...

Beautiful gifts from Rene. She did a lovely job :)