Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Hello All Dearest Ones,

The early bird catches the worm!! My most devote followers of my Blog have seen the 185 iteems I have posted on my Webshots album!! I do not know what will really be left, but I will open it up to the entire Group after my surgery and when all the first round things have been sent out!!

I have two way larger than I can lift tubs of full sized kits. There are probably close to 200 of them!! This will be the next spot I hit!! Then, I will be going in to "That Room", that Eunice and Wanda have vowed to move my "Stitching Sanctuary" into this winter, and I will be going through about 300 small kits and a five shelf bookcase of nothing but older charts from before my accident time!! I think I will again handle them each in the same manner as I did this "STASH TO GO"!!

I sure am getting a bit more nervous, if that is truly possible to do, about my surgery on Thursday!! I am well covered with many prayers and good vibrations!! I sincerely hope you all really say special prayers at about noon till 3:00 p.m. ish!! I just have to some how get a hold of my self so I can concentrate on letting my pain medications work!! As soon as I feel confident that my pain is under control I can be discharged from the hospital. Eunice took Miprezious to the Groomer today. Eunice was a bit late, so instead of the usual hour, the groomer said she would have to keep Mi for a few hours to work her in between other dogs!! I was not happy, but I could not have done better!! The groomer's husband is very near end of his battle with brain cancer!! The groomer is cutting to half days through the holidays and then she is not sure what will happen. For the past few months, she has slightly "razor burned" Mi!! It was bad enough it really upset me, but today was absolutely a crime!! Poor little Mi is burned all the way down her stomach and her private parts!! I am absolutely PISSED OFF!! LIVIDLY PISSED OFF!!
Consequently, it is going to be harder than ever for me to leave the little one!! I have been applying corn starch to her as often as she lets me know it needs redoing. The little sweetie had soft little cries all the way home and after!! Initially, I thought this was just her upset that Eunice had taken her without Mommy. However, late afternoon Wanda arrived and for some reason Mi went right to her and rolled over to show her!! Now, I really do not want to leave my little darling, as no one will keep applying the corn starch like Mommy!! Consequently, I will be wanting to come home immediately for her!! I realize I just can not do so until I am sure I have reached adequate pain control levels as I will be no good to either Mi or my self if I am in more pain than usual!!

I really have to hit my "12 Days of Christmas" Exchange hard the next 24-36 hours!! I would love to have it all complete and shipped out before I leave for the hospital ideally. However, I do have Plan B in the works with Wanda able to handle it for me if necessary!!

Thus, I do not know if it will be possible to get postage rates and envelopes readied before I go in to the hospital. I will try though!! If not, it will be first on top of my list of "To Do" List when I get home again!!

Well, I did finish all 185 items on Webshots!! Enjoy!! And, I hope every one will be able to get every thing they wanted!! Thanks for replies!!

Love and Hugs!!
Miprezious, too!!


Meari said...

Poor little Mi! I hope she feels better soon.

Kathy said...

Poor, poor baby. I hope her little tummy is better today. And you will be fine Thursday. Keep thinking positive.