Friday, November 14, 2008



Well, it appears that my Blog photographs and I are not getting along any better today!! Well, let me describe them so you can see them when they are mentioned in the Blog. One is a single TEA CUP and another is two TEAPOTS!! And, then the darker ones, is my new passion of decorating with TWIGS WITH LIGHTS, which is newest and hotest trend out in decorating magazines and decorators!! I finally go my and love them!! And, the other pictures are of my all so coveted and wanted PINK PRINCESS STYLE TELEPHONE!!

Today was my last, at least I hope, visits for pre-operation details!! Eunice was ready to scold me as I had a bunch of four letter words to say today!! My blood pressure has been totally out of whack all week, as my dear doctor continues to point out!! And, I have been IRRITATED to the very core all week by Max!!

MAX has gotten so desperate for things to do to make Deborah irritated that he finally went to my Medical Supply Store and picked up my monthly allotment of Huber needles needed for my port!! This would have irritated me, but IF he would have brought them to me it would have been fine and okay!! BUT, HE DID NOT!! These needles can not be replaced by any means each month as they are part of the FDA contract covering my medical needs!! The FDA contract has many quirks, such as you get one prescription each month and that is it, NO exceptions!! It does protect me with the amount of morphine and equipment needed to be okayed and protects the doctor in prescribing such amounts!! Thus, one shot at needles!! Max, in his all out wisdom elected to hold my needles hostage for EIGHT DAYS!!

Very simply, after a day of some additonal exasperation at the hospital I blew!! These needles are very important!! I needed very badly to have my port flushed on Monday during my doctor's appointment for pre-op evaluation!! Tomorrow would have pushed all limits!! The night Max choose to hit me he landed his punch right where my port is located. Max knows how all important this port is to my general well being!! If it is damaged, it has to be replaced!! This thought terrorizes me as some of you may remember that I came to from the anesthesia almost immediately after the start of the surgery and terrorized does not describe this scene!! My Surgeon immediately stopped the surgery and had me transferred to Davenport Genesis Hospital to have it completed, which was a 50 mile ambulance ride!! I think Max would like to have to make me go out of town and see what I shall do with out him!! Rejoice and be glad is what I would do!! But, I don't really want to have this if it can be delayed as long as possible!!

Thus, after supper tonight, Eunice asked what I intended to do!! And, I just told her watch me!!

I went to the telephone and I dialed the local police station. I told the Dispatcher my dilemma and she told me she would dispatch a squad to my home!! Within a few minutes this squad and it's officers arrived!! They told me that since Max has not removed all of his things from MY HOME that there was really little they could do!! They told me they would take a chance this evening and would see if they could help me!! They asked where Max was and I told them he was more than likely down putting on his facade at the local AA meeting and that is just where he was!! The Police Officer asked for his cell phone number. I readily gave it to them, but with the call coming from here I told them it was doubtful if he would answer as he has not the last eight days for me!! One of the Police Officers telephoned Max at the AA Meeting while the other dispatched a closer car to the AA Center and had those officers go in and tell Max he was to leave for MY HOME with their escort immediately as the Officer on the phone was telling Max. Oh, was he lividly P/Oed and ranting and raving!! First Officers brought him in here and he threw the needles!! Other Officers asked why Max had not taken the time to remove the rest of his things from MY HOME!! Max, of course, went with his dialysis plea!! The Officers asked how he could "go exert himself at the local casino for so many hours each day, spending in excess of $3,500 this month alone and dialysis did not seem to bother him"!!!! Gotcha Again Max!!!

Police Officers gave him till 6:00 P.M. tomorrow night to get his last things from here!! Well, he had surgery tomorrow and he could not do any thing!! So, they immediately asked when he could do it? Well, he did not know as he would have to find someone to do it!! I said, "Hey, my Caretaker did not have any trouble, and she is a woman, taking it all down to the basement in about a hour Max"!!! Police Officers told Max I would be deciding on a date and time and that would be it, that he either take his things or Good Will!! Hurray for our local Police Officers!!!!

Max continues to think and vainly try to "bully" me!! I am no longer afraid to let him have it right back!! He continues to owe my mother $500, but with his casino daily habit he can not quite see his way to paying her any thing, even a small payment!! And, Max is in to his eye balls with THREE different "Pay Day Loan Companys"!! I did telll the Police Officers how he went to these Pay Day Loan companies and put down the man's address and telephone number who was kind enough to give him shelter when I told him he had to leave!!! Max has sunk to all out bottom of the barrel scum and I truly do not know him any more!!

In 1999, when Max went off of his anti-psychotic drugs and his bi-polar took over he took on the very personna of a CIA AGENT working for the FBI!! How ridiculous!! And, he went about his missions, in his best three piece suits, and he got away with it all until he went about 90 miles west of us to Cedar Rapids and tried to board several planes just because he was Agent Markham and this Agent did not need a proper airline ticket!! And, he was good, as no one notified authorities until he was on his sixth attempt at boarding airlines!! Once again, I got the pre 8:00 a.m. telephone call, "Hello Mrs. Markham (that would be Ms. Jones now) are you married to Max Markham? Regretably for a bit yet!! Does he have any prior history of mental problems or substance abuse? Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, that is affirmative to all things!!

So, tonight he comes from the AA Meeting in full fatigues greens!! OMG!! I bet I am really married to the original G.I. Joe now and do not even know it, or else surely a full Colonel by now!! Wow, I shopped at Good Will today and to think I could have went to Arsenal PX!!

So, much for Max and hopefully so for a very long, long time with the police although he was not under arrest!!

And, for the rest of my day!! Eunice came to take me to the hospital for the pre-op process!! They take care of every thing now and the day of Surgery you just go and sit in a waiting room until they come for you!! Oh Boy!! They have gone high tech since getting their bedside laptop computers!! We will be more than a one-horse town any day now!!

The Nurse we drew is a "B"!! Sorry, I would like to say something nice about her, but from year's standing she is a "B"!! Well, she starts out that for my 1:00 P.M. surgery I would need to be there at 11:30 a.m.!! I told her that their Same Day Surgery Rooms could be compared with kennels and I have seen them larger!! I tell you there is not room for two nurses, the patient and their spouse in that little cubicle!! I told her flat out, that I get very claustrophobic and that I was not coming over there to sit in that "Cage" for 90 minutes as there was absolutely NO need for it!! And, she says well you need to have IVs started!! And, I told her I thought NOT as I have a fully operational Port and they would be using it!! And, this "B" says that NO ONE goes into their Operating Rooms without an IV attached!! So, I just raised my voice one more octave than her's and told her they must have just resected by bowel in the ambulance garage just in September as I did NOT have any IVS the entire ten days!! Well, was she insulted!! And, she says what was the big deal with the IV? And, I told her that if they even had ONE nurse in their entire system who knew how to start them I guess nothing, but thus far I had never seen one!!

Well, she would have to call the Surgery's Nurses Station!! It just honks me off, that they are playing this game, as it is cut and dried that I am going to stay in that "hellhole" until I am able to handle the aftermath by myself at home which may take three to five days and possibly longer!! Why can they not just put me in a private room on the Surgical floor!!!! Well, the Same Day Nurses Station told this "B" she would have to call in the anesthesiast on call and see what he had to say on their practices!! Dah, they don't see it every day here!! This is comforting and I point it out to the "B"!! So, a rather young and extremely nice anthesiast came down and in to see us!! He explained every thing to me and I liked him quite well. He then asked if I wanted him to take care of me and I told him, "Yes, I would like that"!! He tried to take over, however the "B" just would not let him!! She kept getting up and running to one phone after another calling someone else about me and got very little answers!! Eunice kept saying, "Good Grief, just let the anesthiesalogist take over and tell us the facts as he does them"!! First, he told me there was no reason for me to be there 90 minutes before "show time"!! He told me 11:30-11:45 a.m. would be just fine!! Then, he asked about the damn IV again!! I told him I had a port and that I took great pains in making sure it was flushes every 3-4 weeks whether we used it or not!! He asked why I had the port and I told him as I did not have any veins!! He looked at the "B" and said write that down!! And, he told me, to rest easy as no one would be starting an additional IV and that my port would be used for every thing as it had been for my surgery in September!! And, then the "B" said some thing to the effect of keeping me "unaware long enough" and I told her I would be out "cold" "blackened" "no being awake whatsoever" and I could see the anesthesiaologist begin to say "spinal" and I shut him off also!! I told them that my doctor had promised me I would be completely out!! And, the "B" says, "Oh, you just want your mouth deadened, that is all" and I just came unglued!! I told her I wanted to be out COLD as my doctor had promised and that was that!! She then gave me a perfect opening to bring up my surgery in 2005 where the anesthesiaologist was an idiot and I awoke right after the surgery had began"!! Oh, now she remembered!! Aw, I bet she did!! Thus, the anesthesiaologist took over again!! He started trying to talk me into a "spinal" and I told him to watch my lips and I said NO WAY IN HELL!! I WANT TO BE, AND WAS PROMISED TO BE, OUT COLD!!! He finally said, Okay, he got the picture!! Then the "B" began to question my staying in the hospital. I just also reared right up again, although Eunice tried to rub my shoulder and bring me down and I told her this was NOT her decision and to butt out!! The anesthesiaist had been looking at my record, and he told her that I had been on life support with heart failure and kidney failure and that he would be questioning if the doctors had not wanted me to stay in the hospital!!

I did see my local General Practitioner on Monday!! He assured me he was taking over my local care and that I was welcome to stay in the hospital as long as the insurance companies would allow!! Although, he presented me with another plan of his. He said, quite frankly, he was fed up with the hysteria of people's opinions about increasing my morphine dosages!! He said he could increase it substantially, and was more than willing to do this, so that I would have adequate pain control without having to have morphine pump attached to my port!! He said he would then be more than willing to again monitor me from my home!! So, he said it was totally up to how I felt as to what happens as far as my having to stay in the hospital!! This was so all reassuring to me!! I do not want Miprezious to have to go through another bout of separation anxiety as it is really too hard on that little bundle of joy!!

And, now for the conclusion!! I told this "B" that I wanted all my teeth!! She said "WHAT!!"" I wanted all my teeth!! Oh, well, gee, dah, um, ah, IIIIIIIIeeeee, nothing!! And, then she wanted to know "why in the world I wanted them"!! I then told her that I was looking to make the "big haul from the tooth fairy with that bunch of teeth"!! The Anesthesiologist has a GOOD humor!!

Even Eunice was laughing!! Then, I said, seriously, I have always vowed to leave this earth with my own teeth!! Okay, perhaps these will be in a pocket, but they will be going!! Anesthesiaolgist is rolling all but on the floor and the "B" is getting more P?oed!! Any bets my next Blog contains a picture of my teeth?!?!!!!

I truly am so very distraught and upset with every thing presently!! I need to find my serenity and peace very soon!! I do not want to go into this surgery with any negatives or hostillities in me!! I predict it will take some serious stitching going in to it and coming out of it!! I plan to have my stitching bag packed!! Oh, that was another thing with the "B"!! She kept repeating to me to bring my own tooth paste and tooth brush in an overnight bag!! Eunice kept telling her she thought this was the first of many times, that I was truly in no need of toothbrush and toothpaste!! She still did not get it!!

Well, Max has been trying to stick me with a large cell phone bill each month!! Eunice wants our cell phone companies to be compatible with hers!! She calls me the most on mine and vice versa!! So, we went cell phone shopping and when we find one, I am cancelling the "old" cell phones on the spot!! I guess it looks like I am coming into new age of camera and possibly computer on my cell phone!! I've never even text messaged or received one and certainly do not know how to!! I am still confused enough with my computer!! We went to several cell phone companies, however, it appears my I Wireless is the very best of best price out there!! Decisions, decisions, decisions,!!
Then, Eunice and I left the last cell phone store front and what do we see, but the big Good Will Thrift Store! I have never been able to really go in and see it. Eunice got me and settled very well in wheelchair so t b hat I could dangle me feet and toddle along where I wanted to. We had a blast!! And, we stayed in that store for over two hours!! I found one bargain after another!! I bought my long sought after and coveted PINK PRINCESS PHONE and for only $3.38!! There were two young men working the floor and I had a real good time with them. They loved the compliments and the more I gave the better prices our items received!! Eunice could not believe me!! Then, I found two regular teapots, one mini tea pot and a tea pot that is a candle holder. I also forgot to post over the weekend also of the great find that Wanda had made at this Good Will Store of a whole bag of stitching kits!! They were a very good find. It is wonderful to have Wanda aware of the type of stitching I am doing so she is able to pick these kind of things up for me as she spends many a lunch hour in the Good Will Store!!
And, lastly my long awaited LIGHTED TWIGS arrived this week!! I am really looking for a vase now to put them in!! Eunice actually loved them!! I am thinking on ordering another set for her for Christmas!! She is the very hardest person ever to buy for.
And, my kitchen finally got finished right down to the carpet cleaning!! It turned out really good!! Would love to try and get my Stitching Sanctuary carpet done before the Surgery, but it is simply not going to happen I am afraid!! Eunice has been having a fit lately that I must begin to pace myself!! However, it just seems so wonderful that I am on top of things finally and able to do some things I have not been able to even oversee for the last seven years. There is so much I have yet to be able to do, but I am well on my way!!
I still am very upset about my upcoming Surgery next week, but I am finding it to be less scary every day part in my nerves are calming down thanks to my ever present calming voice of Eunice. And, secondly, my teeth are beginning to actually hurt, in spite of my daily morphine, to the point of some mega discomfort!!
Well, today I will begin the posting of my new STASH TO GO!! I am not sure if I can get it on Webshots album or if I need to make an additional Blog posting, but the first will be on by noon Friday!! Now, again, my rules of STASH TO GO are each item is $1 and the actual postage and handling (actual cost of envelope and/or box, whatever it takes). I am going to allow two weeks for the postage and $1 per item to arrive after agreeing upon it!! The STASH TO GO will go to the first person who emails me PRIVATELY, not taking up space on the Main Board, on a first come first served basis!! If the payment is not received by the two weeks agreed upon the STASH TO GO will go to the next person requesting it. And, remember I know there are people in this Group who have far worse problems than myself and many others!! If this be your case and the $1 and postage is a hardship, I would much rather this money go to buying that extra gallon of milk or whatever needs are present in your family. But, as you know, my memory needs jogging much of the time. I do remember all those hurting when prompted, but sometimes I do forget so please do not feel bad at all, about gently reminding me of your problems so we can come to different agreement!! You can be sure I am totally discrete and nothing goes beyond me!!
Well, hopefully this will do it until the weekend is over!! I will be posting STASH TO GO either on my WEBSHOTS or if it does not go well there on a different BLOG right here!!
Have a wonderful weekend all!!
Love and Hugs!
Mirprezious, too!!

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Carolyn NC said...

Deborah, oh Deborah, you truly crack me up. I can picture the anesthesiologist now. He sounds like a really nice guy who understands where you are coming from. Sounds like you will be in excellent hands; hope this relieves some of your anxiety. Your little treasures are too cute. Take care.
P.S. Be sure and pack the toothbrush! (LOL - did she really not get that?)

Kathy said...

Whew. You had quite a day there girlfriend. Now you get into your stitching chair and pick up your needle and floss. Close your eyes and repeat after me "I will stitch and stitch and each one will calm and sooth."
Talk to you soon