Saturday, November 15, 2008


Hello Dearest Ones,

I had a wonderful, wonderful Friday and today, Saturday, appears to to be a great day also!! It is VERY cold and frigid outside!! But, it is not likely any one is willing to take me out in this any way!

I am a bit calmer today, but then I was awake all night by one tooth that does just throb!! By Thursday, I will be ready to get rid of each and every one of them!!

I have had dozens and dozens of responses wanting my "STASH TO GO"!! This is good as it is a few less boxes to trip me and cause me to fall!!

I was able to stitch last night, but it is for an exchange that I can't talk about yet!!

Well, I am off to prepare some envelopes for mailing, piddle around the home perfecting this and that and I need an exchange finish soon so I need to get those needles smoking!!

Love and Hugs!!

Miprezious, too!!


Meari said...

Glad you had a nice weekend, Deborah! Get any snow? We did today.

Mare said...

I love your attitude! I can't wait to see you newest finish.