Monday, May 16, 2011

WALL OF SHAME - May 16, 2011

Here is the "first drop in the bucket" of my wall of shame!!

This is the last corner and dab of floor that I have yet to re-organize in my "Stitching Sanctuary"!! And, I am vowing to get it done before I hit the sheets tonight!!

Now, I have approximately three times again number of boxes yet to be placed!! I finally just shared this photo with Kathy K. while we were having our daily chat. First thing she advised was get rid of the tables as they are taking up valuable box space.

As usual, she is probably right, but you have to see this thing as I do from my chair up and my chair down. I can rarely do well with seeing or reaching any thing below my chair height!!

And, I also have to figure out more wall space!!

Well, you are viewing a blooming miracle as far as progress has been made!! THE wedding was this weekend so I was a whole lot preoccupied with things away from this room.

I am thanking the good Lord for Kathy's brain cells as she has figured out a phenominal process for me to downsize with. I will be listing 20 items per week. Going to post office is a major, major problem and obstacle for me as things need to be carried to van, then from van to post office, etc. and it is almost impossible for me to accomplish it twice. Thus, every thing will be figured for flat-rate containers, either small or large envelopes or boxes. I can store these containers for a few weeks to make sure they can go as full as possible, but that will be up to person getting items. Things will go at very low prices, but I am going to have to have ALL purchases plus postage within a set period or they will be going to next interested party. Can not say for sure when I will be starting this process, and it will be a LONG process, but quite managable for me, within the near future. I will simply post on a new separate Blog when I am fully prepared and just 20 items per week.

Now, take a good look at this last corner of my "Stitching Sanctuary".
Up until Max's passing on March 07, I made this room my stitching nest and it was quite usable. Across the immediate hallway sits "THAT" room!! Okay, HOARDERS television show I am giving you your last chance!! That particular room has not been usable since some time prior of May, 2002. Can you even begin to imagine?!! I would attempt a photo, but value what legs I do have left and will not venture in there without lots of help. Several, including my long lost brother of Max's and his signifcant other some four hours away, are planning on coming to start this room some time early this summer.

I will absolutely take full photographs of the "Stitching Sanctuary" in the next day or two as it will finally be pretty!!

Love and Hugs!!


Lea Eaton said...

At least your wall of shame is organized! Mine is stuff away so I can't look at it and remind me its a WIP!
Glad you had a wonderful time at the wedding

Meari said...

You're almost there. I was mentally trying to figure out which corner of the room that was. Didn't you have shelving in there?

Pam in IL said...

I don't even have a wall of shame! Mine are all in a box, buried deep in the back corner of a storage area upstairs. Great progress on your room.

htimcj said...

You have made great progress! I am sure your wall of shame will be whittled down in time!

mdgtjulie said...

Gosh, your wall of shame is more organized than my stitching closet, which is much smaller, lol. Grats to you for going through and organizing everything!!

Donna said...

YOu are making great progress!! Using flat rate or priority boxes will eliminate the trip to the Post Office, print your postage on your computer and the mailman will pick them up!!

Kathy said...

I wouldn't call it Wall of Shame but Wall of determination. All those boxes will be empty one day. :)

Katrien said...

Your wall of 'shame' isn't looking that bad!! Soon you'll have a wonderfully looking stitching-santuary!
Great idea of putting 20 items per week for sale. I'll be on the lookout for it :)
Katrien - Belgium

Carolyn NC said...

WOS - you crack me up! - doesn't look too bad to me! But keep it up - you'll be so glad you did!