Friday, March 25, 2011


Yes, I am still taking one step forward and two steps backward, but I am making progress!! However, if one more person tells me how "strong" I am, I actually want to show them!! No, I truly do not feel this way as I know every one is just trying to find the "right" thing to say to me and all sincerely do mean well.

This is still gut wrenching hard and so very painful. I miss my beloved Max more each day, all nineteen of them. It seems like a life time ago. I still jump when my phone rings each night thinking one it is the nursing home telling me of more troubles or two, hoping it is my dear Max going to tell me he loves me and goodnight.

It seems like my days are just crazy busy and full. I "think" I am just about done with my "to do" list and will be caught up, however, as Eunice pointed out to me this afternoon there will just be another new list awaiting for me!!

Eunice is my beloved neighbor, friend and all out caregiver. Max and I would have sunk to the very bottom years ago without her just "stepping up" and taking over here. She also happens to be a black woman who has her own ways and a bit different culture ways. I had a problem initially, but now I have learned to LOVE her macaroni and cheese, corn bread, green beans, cabbage rolls, fried cabbage, sweet potatoes and the list goes on and on. I never would touch these particular foods before I sampled them from Eunice!! And, today she came over (intent to keep me busy and my mind occupied) and did an inpromtu cooking class. I hopefully learned a lot and more hopefully pray I can remember it all. Every thing turned out very tasty and will be a wonderful dinner for taking a dish to my own mother and supper for me tomorrow.

I began this day with having to run a relatively short errand and had an appointment. Well, my appointment got re-scheduled for tomorrow and this left me with the prospect of probably my first weekend where it was not planned for me!! Thus, I did make a stop at my local LNS and ended up getting three new pillows and the new Waxing Moon "Bunny Egg Mini"!! The colors simply jumped out at me and I love them all. The wedding project nears ever so closely on May 14, but I simply had to break out and do some thing I just wanted to do cheery and fun. Thus, I planned to begin to stitch all weekend, with no regard for every thing else I have falling on me!! As I said above, Eunice arrived to cook, cook, cook and I did assist and hopefully learn. All this food has me set for the weekend and I am simply going to forget the kitchen makeover I was intent to begin until Monday. This is going to be MY TIME first weekend and I intend to make the most of it with hopefully some spring finishes!!

And, I had the furniture store come and exchange the "salmon" colored chair for an olive green chair to complete my newly redecorated living room. Also, for a few finishing touches, I added a bit of Easter to it.

Thus, I have to be going forward, at least I think I am!!

Above is Waxing Moon Designs newly released "Bunny Egg Mini" and I purchased a piece of "Chablis", "Whimsey" and "Raspberry" colored fabrics to stitch a few of my own eggs. Above is Pine Mountain April "Rick Rack Row" Pillow. I love the colors in this pillow and can not wait to get it done!!
Above is Pine Mountain April Tuck Pillow. Such bright and cheerful colors and another project I truly want to get done as soon as possible.
Above is Pine Mountain "Spring Breezes" Tie One On Pillow Kit. This will just have to brighten my mood!!

Above is one of the wedding projects I just HAVE to have done for the May 14 wedding. It is by Imaginating and is called very simply "Toile Frame". It is wanted the bride truly wanted and in those exact colors!!

And, above very side ways, (one of these days I am going to learn how to edit these pictures) is one of the three new ornament trees I had gotten.
Finally, decided to attempt to decorate one with some sort of effort.

And, I found the greatest Easter egg and nest in my all time favorite pink while shopping for doilies for the new tables. I love this find!
And, above is the final choice of chairs for my new living room redecoration project. Think I am totally in love with this project and can now just get nested in my new stitching nook and just take it all and get used to it in between those little "x's"!!
This has to be all time record, TWO Blogs in the same week!!
Love and Hugs!!


Lea Eaton said...

I pray you have a good " Me" weekend... I think it will be great for you...
Continued hugs and prayers

htimcj said...

Your new furniture and stash look gorgeous!

Emily in NC said...

Like the wedding piece and all your new goodies. Take time for you and know I love you.

crossstitchbibs said...

I love your new room!! It looks so comfy - wish I lived a little closer to visit you and stitch with you!! I so wish I had someone to stitch with - my cats don't cooperate cause all they want to do is catch the floss - lol. Hope you get lots of stitching done this weekend!! I am having a surprise birthday party for my middle daughter who turns 16 on Monday so I won't be getting a lot of stitching done!

Katrien said...

Nice new stash Deborah. Good for you for taking a ME-weekend!

Kathy said...

Love it all girlefriend!

Linda K's Creativity Works said...


I didn't realize that your beloved Max passed away....I know this has to be really hard on you not having him around but at least he is not suffering anymore and you will get through this in due time. It just takes time.

I love your chairs and your new re-arranged Living room...I love your Chairs.

Your Stitching is coming right along...keep it up....keep on stitching okay.

Take care & God Bless you
Hugs :) from Very Cold Northern Indiana USA
Linda K, Railroad

Nancy M said...

You have acquired even more cute stash. I didn't think that was possible! You're really cruising on your wedding piece and your new chair looks so inviting. I was surprised at your post in the group about me visiting! How nice of you to wish we could come again. I'm not planning any trips right now with my Dad's health. I want to stay pretty close to home. I did tell Meari I will plan another trip to Il sometime and I'll make sure we head your way too!

Wanda said...

I LOVE that Easter egg tree!