Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I began attending a brand new lady's circle meeting last week. It meets at our Pastor's home as his wife is leading this circle. The Pastor's wife suggested that I come early last week so as to assure me the best parking spot to try and accomodate my handicaps. Thus, I had some time with just the Pastor's wife prior to every one else arriving. I had taken "PSALM 23" along with me in hopes of getting some private time with her so she could view it for the first time. She LOVED it and knew exactly how small the fabric count, etc. was. I do not believe she stitches much as quiltting seems to be her favorite, but she sure knew enough about stitching to carry on quite a conversation about my piece.
I told her about Max's request of me to finish this piece and give it to the Pastor on this year's birthday of March 01. The Pastor spent his entire birthday day and evening with Max and my self as this was the day that Max announced "no more" and wanted us to get Hospice for him last year. The Pastor's wife assured me that the Pastor would absolutely NOT want me stressing out over having this piece finished on March 01 and that he was absolutely going to love it regardless of it's completion date. She told me she would love to be included on the finishing decisions and would be so honored to be part of choosing the frame, etc.

I am now quite relieved. I even began "My Stitch Angel" and have spent a few hours this past week on it. I also have "Proverbs" sitting next to me which is one I had backordered for quite some time and it just arrived complete with the Cashel linen for it. Thus, I am sure this one will also be calling out to me some time this week. Although, in my moments of pure insanity I think "I possibly could finish the Psalm if I truly put my total heart and soul in to it".

I am just verging on being about half way finished with the wording and pieces in center of the Psalm. But, I am also all too well aware of the border needing to be finished also as the Pastor's wife did LOVE the border on it.

Only time will tell.............., but I sure would not place any bets on this one!!
Love and Hugs!!


Nancy M said...

You have made some very nice progress on this piece and it's so nice to know that his wife will appreciate the stitching!

crossstitchbibs said...

You are making great progress!! This looks like a Big Toe Design. The borders go fast on their designs cause it just repeats itself. Well at least when I was working on Amazing Grace it was going pretty fast. I really need to pull it out and start stitching on it again - one of my several WIP's! Stay warm!!!

Kate said...

Great progress. Even if the framing is not done you could still show your Pastor the stitched piece on his birthday if the stitching is finished. Enjoy your stitching.

Pam in IL said...

You've made some great progress, Deborah! I've found that the more I stress about getting a piece done, the more trouble I have working on it. Try not to focus on the deadline so much.

Stay warm!

mdgtjulie said...

Wow, you've made a lot of progress on it, Deborah. It's looking really good. Keep up the good work. It sounds like the pastor is truly a nice man, and if he is, he would probably be upset at you stressing over something for him. I know if I were in his place, I would be upset over it. I'm glad you can relax and enjoy the stitching. Plus, it's nice to have someone to share the framing decisions with!!

Carolyn NC said...

It's beautiful, Deborah- great progress!

Shelleen said...

Great progress and how nice that the Pastor's wife wants to be a part of the finishing.

Anne Sans Tete said...

It looks great, Deborah! I wouldn't stress about the deadline; it seems like a piece you would want to remember as an enjoyable project.

- Lisa N. in Cambodia

Veronica said...

Wonderful progress, Deborah. It looks great. Take care!