Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Virtual Stitch In Results

I had my self a true virtual stitchathon!! I had a fabulous holiday weekend. I had started it with total dread as it was to be another "first" with out my beloved Max.

I stitched all evening Friday and most of Saturday day and evening with the exception of a quick trip to LNS to get more thread. I NEVER simply skip church, however, I just did not feel very well and decided to stay home. Eunice decided I was going to get out of my home though and sent her husband, Marion, to help me over to their home. They just live across the street, but access to their home is most difficult for me. But, I did have my needles a smoking even over there as I started some Halloween coasters on plastic canvas while there. Unfortunately, some thing is wrong and I got some hunting to do to find out what it is. Regardless, it is a complete "frog" job!! I was back in my "stitching nest" on Monday and Monday evening. Guess I got so comfy that I fell asleep in my "stitching nest" all but one of the evenings. Very comfy, however, I have about six lights all positioned right over me and they can get VERY hot. And, I am waking my self up to my head bobbing very close to these lights and this is just an accident waiting to happen!! Got to figure out a remedy for this ASAP!! Everyone keeps telling me the moment I feel like I am going to fall asleep that I should get up and go to my bed. I truly do not need to be told this as I am very well aware of this, however, I simply have no indication that I am going to fall asleep. With my large daily morphine dosage, I can easily fall asleep any where that I am sitting still.

Now, to my progress this weekend!! Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, I pretty much concentrated on new starts as I picked up the new JCS Christmas Ornament Magazine on Friday afternoon. I also picked up about a dozen pieces of fabric to do some of these new ornaments on.

I have decided to try setting a timer to rotate my extensive present rotations. I will just have to do some "trial and error" on deciding on how I plan to do rotations.

This is HALLOWEEN RULES by Lizzie Kate. I have been working on this for a few weeks now as I.L.C.S. SAL. Not getting too far, but am progressing.

Below is MERRY CHRISTMAS by Country Cottage Needleworks. It is a very simple ornament to do, I think.

This is COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS and is by La-D-Da.

Bloew is HO HO HO RIBBONS and is by Cherry Woods. I just noticed her designs and have purchased quite a few.

Below is FRESH FALLEN SNOW and is by Little House Needleworks.

I truly love this design.

This is BAD WITCH by Cherry Woods. I am also very fond of this Halloween design and she has a companion piece below this.

Below is GOOD WITCH by Cherry Woods.I have my JCS Ornament Magazine looking like it is years old as I have read and re-read these pages so many times. It must have been the third time looking through that I discovered the ornament below. I immediately LOVED it, however, shortly after beginning to stitch it the horrorific memories of "that" wedding sampler all began to come back. I am truly finding this very hard to do with the "lace" effect because of this.

But, being I want to find as many "memory" ornaments as I can find to make in memory of Max I will persevere and get it done. This is called ALWAYS IN MY HEART and it is by My Big Toe

And, that was my weekend. I can not wait till I have the final few things I need to do to have my home the way I want it done. After these few things are done, I can stitch, stitch, stitch and stitch every morning, noon and evening. This was a long standing wish of mine, BUT I wanted it to be with my husband sitting beside me and teasing me about each project.

I would much rather be working, tending to family and being with my husband, but that is just not part of my life unfortunately!! I just hope and pray that I never tire of my little "x" any time soon.

Love and Hugs!!



Nancy M said...

I am just thrilled that you are making so much progress with your stitching and all these new starts! I remember when it was difficult for you to get even 10 stitches in! Glad that you had a nice holiday weekend!

Kathy said...

You are doing so great I am thrilled for you. I too remember when you were lucky to get those ten stitches done. Now look at you. WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO. Keep those starts coming. And maybe a little progress here and there. LOL

Patches said...

My ornament issue came in the mail today, I can't wait to look through it.

Glad you got through the weekend okay. I can only imagine how hard those first are.

Keep those needles smoking. Can't wait to see more.

Nancy in IL said...

Deborah, I'm so proud of your stitching marathon!!! You're really making a comeback despite your many obstacles, bless your heart! You must have had quite a time with all your starts and WIPs. Well done! I love Halloween Rules and the My Big Toe design, which has so much personal meaning. Just promise me you'll do something about your lights, dear one! We don't want something to happen to you!!!

Oh! and I just called and renewed my subscription for another 2 years so I wouldn't miss the ornament issue after your post!

Emily in NC said...

You've got so many projects going on. Glad the weekend was not to bad and you kept yourself busy.

MaryT said...

You have made wonderful progress with your stitching. I am so sorry about Max not being with you, but it's wonderful that you're stitching pieces in his memory.
Mary Louise in IN

Shelleen said...

wow, you had a great stitchy weekend. I am impressed.

Katrien said...

You're making wonderful progress Deborah, it's great to see you stitching again :)

mdgtjulie said...

I totally agree with everyone else. Impressive. I too remember when you could barely get ten stitches in. And look at you go now!!! You're amazing!! Keep up the good work!!

Gillie said...

Hi Deborah, you won my giveaway - the Handmade Living Magazine. Please can you email me with your mailing address so that I can get it out to you!

Marexstitch said...

Great job! Your needle is smoking, keep up the good work. Hugs