Wednesday, September 14, 2011

DAH!! 30 Minute Rotations Does Not Make It!!

It appears right from the start of this I have made errors. This was to have been in context of post with other pictures, but it did not quite work out that way!!
Below is Blue Ribbon Designs MOONLIGHT MIDNIGHT. The top picture was the progress before it's three hour rotation. I made adequate progress.

This has been a strange week!! I was overwhelmed with invitations to join six different social groups. I have been told people are beginning to feel it is "okay" to approach me now that my dear Max has been gone six months. I choose one of the "four" different church circles with all vying for my picking their group while at church last Sunday!! My LNS owner also invited me to attend the local chapter of EGA Stitching Guild meeting. I went to EGA meeting last night and thoroughly enjoyed it!!

However, they have a rule that you must wear a name tag and you must stitch it!! You are given a length of time to finish a name tag, but from then on you must have it done and wear it to each function or you are assessed a fine!! Good Lord, I don't stitch that fast and it is going to take many days for me to find some sort of chart to follow for this!! Better be shaking down the piggy bank!! I also attended the church guild meeting this afternoon and enjoyed it much!!

I had an excellent week, and particularly weekend, of stitching again!!

Woo Hoo - Two weeks in a row now.

And, I know now, you absolutely can not just do 30 minutes per rotation. That only allows setting up chart, pulling thread out and threading the needle!! I have a very short attention span that goes along with my illness. Thus, I thought keep rotating of this ever growing pile would take care of this!! Another great moment, in my "I thinks" that were grossly wrong!! I easily got through the entire pile with this 30 minute idea, but hardly got any stitches done to even consider or be able to see. Thus, I finally have went to doing three hour rotation times and it seems to be working beautifully. Now, if I can just cure my constant need to start new projects and more to point to quit purchasing new products. I go in to my LNS with firm resolve to just pick up the threads I am needing, but never come out without dropping $100-$200!! This has got to stop!!

But, once again, I am so very, very much enjoying every single "x" and hope all the more that I can get the few things left to be done on my home finished and be able to devote each day and evening to just stitching!! I can not foresee ever getting bored with this, but I suppose it could be possible. However, if I truly get involved in all the social groups that I have become involved with since Max's passing it they should be a welcome diversion.

The picture below is yet another new start. I had ordered this kit from Herschners and had forgotten about it. It arrived, and I LOVE tea cups, and I had to instantly being to sort it all out and stitch on it. It is by Alma Lynne and is called CHRISTMAS COFFEE CUP TABLE TOPPER.

Not quite which Christmas this will be done for, but am sure I will keep it in rotation. Thinking of doing three-hour one and then stitch on this for remaining time till bed each evening. I LOVE it! Below is Little House Needleworks HALLEUJAH. I have to say, I am a bit disappointed in this "ornament" as I think it too big and it should have some brighter color. But, since I am completely anal about changing any thing it is what it is.

The top picture is my progress with rotation this week!!

Below is my Bent Creek THE HAUNTED HOUSE MANTLE. The fabric is a very coarse and stiff linen and the entire project is stitched with Perle cotton. This has taken me some extreme adjustment, but I am now okay with this.
The top picture shows progress of this week.

The next photos show Lizzie Kate WHEN WE DO. I am quite fond of this picture and it's companion pieces, one is pictured below these also.

I forgot to take a photo of this piece prior to stitching this week.

It truly helps to be able to compare before progress and after to see there is progress!!

Below is yet another new start!! I am not particularly fond of snow men, but you have to have snowmen and snow ladies in your holiday decorations!! I just was drawn to this piece and spent an entire evening stitching on it. It is by Sam Sarah Studio and is called SNOWFLAKE.

It has words "just another snow flake" on it. I kept staring and thinking on this all day and evening and I guess that was my draw to it. I suddenly discovered it is a pregnant snow lady and it is ultimately an ornament for some one expecting a new baby!! Granny Lou, my beloved 87-year old neighbor who lives directly next door and comes over to check on me every day, has a granddaughter expecting a baby in February so this piece has her name on it.

Below is the Lizzie Kate I KNOW GOD which is a companion piece for WHEN WE DO above. I very much like this piece also.
The top picture shows this week's progress!!

Well, this was this past week's progress and I am back to stitching every day and evening thus far this week!!

Any one know of any charts I can get for making my self a name tag for my EGA meetings? I simply am not that talented to just start some thing.

And, I am still on count down to Debra Hall's arrival next week, now just down to one week away after tomorrow!! I am so excited!!

Love and Hugs!!



Nancy M said...

You have so many things going on Deborah!!I think a 3 hour rotation would work much better. I just get settled in at the 30 minute mark! Hope you find a nice name tag pattern and don't have to pay too many fine!! Have a great visit with Debra!

MaryT said...

Deborah enjoyed our talk hope you enjoy your visit with Debra, Really lovely stitching and I think the 3 hour rotation is the best:)

Mary Louise in IN

Shelley said...

Wow!! You are really busy with your stitching...I don't think a 30 minute rotation would work for anyone, lol!!

Katrien said...

30 minutes is short, I often have no more than that that a day, and progress is reaaaaaaaaaaaal slow. I'm just loving watching your stitching! Enjoy your visit with Debra.

Carolyn NC said...

Wow - you are stitching up a storm! So glad to hear you're doing well and keeping busy!