Monday, September 19, 2011

And, Another Week Goes By - September 19, 2011

Once again, I had another thoroughly enjoyable week of stitching. Just did not have as much time as the week before. Still so yearning and aiming for time I am caught up and can stitch all day and all evening till I can not stand to do it any more!! Oh no, that can not happen or I truly will be one very bored woman!!

I was just plain all out tired this week. Also, I got invited to several different functions out this week. I did go and enjoyed my self immensely, however, it truly takes so much out of me to transfer and get my self settled and then re-settled. I think almost every evening this past week, I would collapse in my stitching nest and promptly go to asleep!!
Still have the "nasty" problem of lights surrounding my face each time I do this and it is a bit too much chance of extreme danger that I have to remedy ASAP.

AND, falling asleep can cause a multitude of other problems such as below on my Little House Needleworks "Fresh Fallen Snow". I evidently fell asleep with my darn marker in my hand. I woke with it smeared all over a favorite night gown. I kept praying "okay God, just not............."!!
My luck had run out and my beautiful project became instant dust rag!!
Oh, I was so mad!! Oh well, perhaps it will give me more incentive to try and stay awake while in my stitching nest!! I can only hope!! However, I have started making sure I set my marker down immediately after each use on the table beside my chair.
Many "old-timers" can remember my last encounter with my marker. I was in the hospital and out of my mind on morphine. Max's friends came in to visit me to find me putting my needle through my working copy and very boldly marking my fabric!! They were scared and did not know what to do as Max evidently had fallen asleep while I was stitching. I am sure Max fell asleep and I decided I had a clear chance at stitching as he usually would not let me have a needle and/or scissors when I am that out of it as I was. I was less than 100 stitches from finishing "She who dies with the most patterns"!! I did re-stitch that one and it is hanging in my Stitching Sanctuary and I will re-stitch "Fresh Fallen Snow".
I have learned to not "sweat" the little things!!
Below is a new start by Plum Street Samplers entitled "Yuletide".
I really like this and it will be a very cute ornament!

Below is the before rotation and after of Lizzie Kate's "Halloween Rules". It is coming along very slowly, but nicely. It will ultimately be a bell pull I think.Next is another Lizzie Kate called "6 Fat Men". It is going to be a darling snowman piece and every home needs some snowmen.

The next rotated this past week was by Bent Creek and it is called "The Haunted House". It is a three part series before it is completed. I love doll's houses and any kind of type building to stitch.

The following is by Cherry Wood and it is called "Good Witch". It has a couple of "google" eye buttons for finishing. I love the colors.

This is what I did this past week!!

Two More Days!! Two more days and I am going to go to the area airport, about one hour away, and meet Debra Hall's plane. I am so excited and so looking forward to our visit. Surely, I will have a whole lot to update next week!!

I want to thank every one for all their help in assisting me to find a chart for me to stitch my EGA Guild Name Tag. I ended up with several to choose from. And, yet another new start!!

Love and Hugs!!



Emily in NC said...

A very busy week indeed. Can you try to using a washable marker or pencil and then it won't ruin your projects if you happen to fall asleep.

Shelley said...

Sorry to hear about your marker mishap!

Your stitching is coming along great!!

Nancy M said...

All your projects are coming along nicely! Sorry about the marker, but at least you weren't putting your final stitches in! I hope you have a great week with Debra! We want lots of photos! I bought the first 3 patterns in the Fat Snowmen series too!

Sparkles 'n' Stitching said...

Wow what a lot of stitching projects, I'd get confused with all those on the go lol.

I hope you have a great time with Debra and cant wait to see what you both get up to

Katrien said...

You've accomplished a lot! You have so many beautiful projects going on.
Sorry to hear about the mishap.
Enjoy your visit with Debra!

Carolyn NC said...

Sounds super busy and so exciting! Enjoy your week with Debra! And hope the markers stay gone. Nice progress on your stitching, too!

MaryT said...

Hi Deborah hope you're having a good visit. You know you're not the first one to have a marker mishap I have done it too,I now use the retractable markers which is much better. Love the Halloween Rules especially.

Mary Louise in IN