Thursday, November 26, 2009

THANKSGIVING DAY - November 26, 2009

We had a lovely Turkey Day!!

Some how, some way, Max and I were invited to have Turkey Day with the pastor of our church. The priest asked us a few weeks ago, if we had plans, and if not, would we come to their private home. I have been quite apprehensive about this for about ten days, so much to worry about, my teeth behaving, Max either misbehaving or behaving, etc., etc., etc. However, every thing went off fine and we had a wonderful day.

Mi is still pretty lisless, but she does not seem to be having any more episodes!! Mi has got hundreds of people praying for her and you will never get me to go against the power of our Lord. I am truly trying to prepare my self for what is to come, but you never know, as this would not be the first miracle I have been granted. The priest, extended family and church family have all put her at top of their Prayer Lists.

I did get two finishes, by the very tip of my all, to take to the priest's home. I just had decided to do TWO BISCORNUS about ten days ago to take as hostess gifts in Thanksgiving pattern. Max went to my LNS to pick up some threads I needed and a piece of fabric for these when Kathy K. called me. And, she ever so tactfully, told me, Forget It!! I thought what is she thinking, as I have had some successes with my stitching speed as of late and I was primed and geared to do these two Biscornus. Thank God, for Kathy K. She even had a website for me to go to pick up a "freebie"
Thanksgiving chart for a FOB. Talk about planning ahead. I just barely finished my second stitched piece as we were leaving to go to Turkey Day dinner!! I still would be struggling through my first Biscornu wondering now what would I do!!

Max had dialysis and was actually too tired to do any thing, but sit very quietly while with priest and family. I guess that was some what of another miracle in it self!! The church is having it's first annual soup supper next Sunday. There were "sign-up" sheets placed out in church hall and every one was asked to pick some thing they could do to contribute to it. Max signed us up for serving the soup!! Good Lord, can you see him pushing my wheelchair with me holding a tray of bowls filled with soup!! Another of his "what was he NOT thinking days"!!

I am looking forward to a slightly more slowed down week this coming weekend and the following week. We have only one appointment on one of the week days thus far. Last week, we were tripled up on appointments almost every single day!! Slowed down will be ever so nice!!

Love and Hugs!!
Deborah and Max
Miprezious, too!!


Carolyn NC said...

Thinking of you - glad the day went well.

Mel said...

Sounds like a great day! :)

Nancy M said...

Sounds like it was a Thankful day. I know how tiring those Dr. appts can be. Seems like my parents are always going to one every week and they look forward to the weeks they don't have to go to one.

Shelley said...

Happy to hear Thanksgiving was a success. You and Max have so much to be thankful for, especially each other...or should I say he should be so thankful for you!